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  1. Travtastik


    There are several episodes of Power Factor Show on YouTube on 40 open. May be worth a look for you.
  2. The banners Ken makes are awesome. Ken also has a book that breaks down stages and training. It called something like I fell the need for speed.
  3. That’s for sure. I ordered on Feb 13th from Mark 7. With them only being able to get 3 out a month I doubt I see it anytime soon.
  4. I don’t think they have a clue. Only thing they can say for sure is “maybe next month.”
  5. What orders are not being honored? This is the first I have heard of this.
  6. I ordered manual evolution from mark7 feb 13th and still waiting. Here is the update I got at the first of August when I checked on it. We should be shipping your machine this month. It really does all depend parts coming in. We noticed one part that was out of spec which caused a slight delay. Almost there brother….
  7. Nice. This gives me some hope that I will see mine soon. Was told last week I should see it at the end of the month or first of next month.
  8. I was not a fan of the 1050 to be honest and I got offered crazy money for it so I took it. Fell for the hype on the evolution so now I’m stuck waiting. Like I said I fell like a total sucker.
  9. I went with the handle version. I got a 9 year motor for it already, and two more for when he decides to move out.
  10. Well played. I got nothing. At this point I do kind of fell like a sucker.
  11. Your in better shape then me. We were moving and had a guy make a nice offer on my 1050 so I went ahead and sold it. Only thing I got currently is a single stage.
  12. My buddy runs a 2011 open gun and recently set up a 34 for CO he was having the issue of having to bring the muzzle down to find the dot. He picked up some extra back straps and experimented with cutting the bottom half off and finding a sweet spot for him. He is running a 34 with a vortex and I didn’t get to try it with the full strap. I had to hunt for the dot with his set up. It might be something for you to try out.
  13. I ordered a evolution on Feb 13th straight from mark7.
  14. So has anyone who ordered from mark7 received their press yet? Curious if I might actually see mine in August.
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