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  1. MemphisMechanic, you are right about spring , heavy bullet, and fast burn powder. But, I have expiermented with that combo of fast powder with 125 and 147 projectiles but didn't like the snappy feel. I'm in the WSF camp. I found WSF is perfect for me in 9mm. It has a push feel that i like, and I agree with Blackhand that a WSF load is very accurate. I believe it's all subjective, so use what you feel confortable with
  2. 122 coated 1.030 oal was the oal that produced the best accuracy at 25 yds was with 4.2 WSF 131 pf. Best accuracy at 50 yd 1.030 oal 3.6 TG 130 pf. Shot out of springfield 5 and 6 inch 1911's. Also shot the same loads out of 5.25 xdm and the loads produced the same pf as the springfield 1911's. Groups out of the springfields were just over 2 inches at 50 and 1 inch at 25 yds. The xdm groups were slightly larger but not by much. The tg load was a lot more smokey than the wsf load. I prefer the wsf load, less smoke and accurate.
  3. You can order a single stack .40 through the Springfield Armory custom shop. Not cheap, but they are available....I know because I bought one last year. It's a single stack classic in .40
  4. That's total BS. You can't absorb lead by handling while the lead is solid
  5. Funny that this thread pop'd up. I have a Performance Center 5 inch 5906 that I bought from the Performance Center in 2006. I used the gun for a short while to shoot stock auto in PPC. Recently I decided to shoot this gun in Production and Idpa ssp. I put a LPA rear adjustable sight and a EGW fiber optic front sight on. The only problem I'm having now is finding a legal holster for the gun. The holtser makers don't make holsters for 5906's any more. Anybody have recommedations for a holster..? Thanks, Paul
  6. Band of Brothers Lonsome Dove Game of Thrones
  7. Kim, If your still interested in shooting PPC, check this link out: capolicepistol.org The 2010 PPC match dates are posted. Most of the matches are held at the Sacrmento Sheriff's Range, which is not far from you. The first match is March 21. They shoot dual 1500 matches, so you can shoot 2 revolver 1500 and 2 semi-auto 1500, plus you can also shoot distiguished matches. I think there is 7 or 8 match dates at the Sacramento Sheriff range and two mathces at the CHP range. Also Chabot Gun Club has a PPC match the 2nd Sunday of every month. So if your into PPC I wouldn't mess up your PPC revolver to shoot other sports. There are plenty of PPC matches close to you shoot your gun as is. Paul4895
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