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  1. Anyone seen a before and after target with this bushing?
  2. Short sprints are fantastic training, great post.
  3. I shoot competitions because it's fun, it beats shooting paper, and the combination of nerves/movement/accuracy and draw mechanics help me become a better shooter I just don't get to do it enough
  4. I have one like this and it's from the late 1980s still going strong
  5. Have you tried this case feeder for the 550, does it work well?
  6. I had an RIA in 9mm with adjustable sights. Wished I'd have kept it. Seems like a great option for getting into single stack steel shooting.
  7. Thanks these are really great for indoor home use
  8. I really enjoyed all of Malcolm's books they make you think
  9. Light gathering capability matters. Spend the bit extra on a mid-high end. You won't regret it.
  10. I've done better with an airbrush than with a spray gun.
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