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  1. This is not a bash against Dillon - I have two (650 and 1050) and if I needed another one (who doesn't) it would be a Dillon. Having said that I have issues and I wonder if anyone else has them, and what the solutions are. I realize that some issues are caused by the me (the operator). Please point that out, but let me know what to change to avoid them. Brass / Casefeeder At the casfeeder end: I get a lot of upside down brass in the tube (around 10 - 15 per 100) Bunshing up a the mouth of the tube is a very common issue At the press end (Station 1): The case jams between the shellplate and the reloader (As the case is being loaded onto the shellplate) Sometimes, as the case is being loaded to the shell plate, it jumps out of the shell plate. Priming: Depriming station (Station 1): primers don't always fall out (into the spent primer cup), they stick to the case and move to the swaging station Priming station (station 4): Sometimes the primer does not seat all the way the way (raised primer) this happens once is in 200 - 300 Sometimes the primer gets smooshed as it is seated Again, I am not trying to bash Dillon - I just would love to have it running smooth. Thanks in advance.
  2. Is this something that comes with the powder check or is it a separate purchase? Thanks for the picture - make things clear.
  3. When this happened consistently the cause was a relatively loose shell plate - once I tightened it enough the problem was resolved.
  4. I called Dillon about this, but they were not able to address my issue. I am not able to install the Dillon Powder Check (Stock Number: 21044) on the 1050 properly (station 6) - I know this has to be an operator error. I just can't figure it out and I hope that someone here can help. The black rod on the powder check does not contact the base (the are that the shell holder sits in). Can someone help (pictures would be perfect) Thank you in advance.
  5. After around 80k rounds I sent my 650 to Dillon because I could not fix it's issues - it came back like new. I put through it over 7k rounds in three weeks. Worked like a charm. I dedicated the 650 to loading .45acp (single stack USPSA) and bought a 1050 for my 9s. Good machines backed up by a good company.
  6. First time I hear of it - bought it. Thanks,
  7. I have to focus on the front sight - that's what allows me to call my shots. As you get used to it, you will be able to shoot better faster - if you have to take head shots, you will not need to slow down as much to be more accurate. That's what works for me.
  8. Here are some pictures from Handgun 1 (Fundamentals of marksmanship): http://tylerfirearmsinstruction.net/Gallery-Handgun-1.aspx Looking forward to Handgun 3 (Fundamentals of movement)
  9. I took my second class (Handgun 2) with Keith Tyler two days ago (Sunday) - it was great - so was the first. Keith started teaching again. He has been praised in several posts on this forum for his shooting and teaching ability (http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23836&hl=keith+tyler#entry430305) His prices are very reasonable and his ability to pass on his knowledge is impressive. If you are in the Portland, OR metro area and you're looking for some solid training contact Keith Tyler - his websites is: http://tylerfirearmsinstruction.net/
  10. Beautiful gun. Enjoy... I love my RO
  11. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Focus on proper technique and don't rush it. Good things will start happening to you.
  12. Welcome back to the game indeed. The match director at my club comes up with challenging stages - extreme fun
  13. My primary competition gun is S&W 1911 PC. My primary carry gun is Springfield 1911 Range Officer (or TRP. or SW 1911 E series. Or one of the other 1911s)
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