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  1. US1

    Replacing Dillon press.

    After around 80k rounds I sent my 650 to Dillon because I could not fix it's issues - it came back like new. I put through it over 7k rounds in three weeks. Worked like a charm. I dedicated the 650 to loading .45acp (single stack USPSA) and bought a 1050 for my 9s. Good machines backed up by a good company.
  2. US1

    With Winning In Mind

    First time I hear of it - bought it. Thanks,
  3. US1

    Focus: Sights or Target

    I have to focus on the front sight - that's what allows me to call my shots. As you get used to it, you will be able to shoot better faster - if you have to take head shots, you will not need to slow down as much to be more accurate. That's what works for me.
  4. Here are some pictures from Handgun 1 (Fundamentals of marksmanship): http://tylerfirearmsinstruction.net/Gallery-Handgun-1.aspx Looking forward to Handgun 3 (Fundamentals of movement)
  5. I took my second class (Handgun 2) with Keith Tyler two days ago (Sunday) - it was great - so was the first. Keith started teaching again. He has been praised in several posts on this forum for his shooting and teaching ability (http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23836&hl=keith+tyler#entry430305) His prices are very reasonable and his ability to pass on his knowledge is impressive. If you are in the Portland, OR metro area and you're looking for some solid training contact Keith Tyler - his websites is: http://tylerfirearmsinstruction.net/
  6. US1

    Springfield custom comes through big

    Beautiful gun. Enjoy... I love my RO
  7. US1

    Speed is just a number

    Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Focus on proper technique and don't rush it. Good things will start happening to you.
  8. Welcome back to the game indeed. The match director at my club comes up with challenging stages - extreme fun
  9. My primary competition gun is S&W 1911 PC. My primary carry gun is Springfield 1911 Range Officer (or TRP. or SW 1911 E series. Or one of the other 1911s)
  10. US1

    Weak hand grip

    +1 Nimitz Thumbs don't have a role in the proper grip.
  11. US1

    My first DQ last night.

    I got DQ'ed on the first stage of my first IDPA match... After loading the gun (make ready), I holstered it without engaging the safety - RO looks at the gun in my holster and told I was DQ'ed. Never made that mistake again.
  12. US1

    Proper trigger reach?

    Honeybooboo, While there are common guidelines, this is something that works different for different shooters. The best way to find out the combination of position on the trigger and the part of your finger is to find a spot on a wall, stand about 10 feet away and pull the trigger. Your goal is for the hammer/striker to drop without moving the sights. If the sights move, change the finger location on the trigger until you find the spot that works consistently – this is YOUR spot.
  13. US1

    Transition Drills

    +1 Also, snapping my head to the next target, then bring my sights to my line of vision speeds up my transitions.
  14. US1

    the secret to recoil control?

    Recoil control is one of the results of a proper grip. The two factors in the grip that allow for great recoil control are a strong "week hand" grip AND canting the week hand wrist forward.
  15. US1

    "Bullets out" magazine set ups

    I had the same issue - I switched back to bullets forward