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  1. Glad to hear this. The NXS is on my Wishlist for a mid /long gun I’m currently building.
  2. I used to have the same thoughts than in I just decided I wanted to see where i stood with the so called “pro’s”. Truth be told, I was no where near there speed or accuracy but I really enjoyed my first big match. It was also a great opportunity for me to see other gear being ran by other shooters other than my local squad. In the end, you are there to compete at your level and with being safe and having fun you have already paid your due diligence by paying the match fee and attending. Everyone has to start somewhere. Get out there and shoot as many matches as you can!
  3. Hurley, Thank you, I’m stationed here at Benning so i have the gate access covered. Not sure where the ranges are yet so that’s on my to-do list for tomorrow. Going to recon the ranges and try to do a walk through of all the stages. Unfortunately, I have 24hr duty tomorrow into Friday so Friday morning will be interesting. I have packed everything so that I can just pick everything up once i get off Friday morning and head straight to the match. Will be fun!!
  4. Only a couple days away! Pretty excited to be shooting this match! Any pointers from past shooters that you might willing to share?
  5. I picked up a Eberlestock 3-gun set up with the shotgun and rifle cases around April but have yet to try it out. At first sight it seems like a great set up for 3 gun. I did pack everything I normally carry including ammo for a local match this past summer and everything seem to pack nicely. Unfortunately, I was unable able to attend the match and the bag went into boxes due to relocating accross the country. I’m debating using it this weekend for the Fort Benning Multi gun match in lieu of the gun stroller. I’ll pack it tomorrow night and see how everything looks and will try to remember to snap some pictures for you guys.
  6. Going to try and make it. I live there on Sill from 2012-2015. Glad to see 3 gun starting to pick up there. Sounds like it is coming together nicely!
  7. What stock is that on the 1301?
  8. The bolt release is an M3 screw. The factory is too short. Find an M3x6mm button head screw and buy 5 or 6. My True Value had them at about 30 cents each. Use LocTite Small Screw thread locker. Pat Thanks for the help guys, running to Ace Hardware today after work to find a screw. Another question, I have 21" 1301 with a +4 and added a +1 to that. I am now looking at chokes for it. Noticed that most of them are either flush, extended + 3/4'' and a 2''. Is there a difference in performance in going with a 2'' instead of a 3/4". Only reason why I'm leaning with the 2" is so they magazine tube wont look so long. FYI, Beretta is running a 25% off sitewide at their online store.
  9. So this weekend while cleaning the 1301 I decided to pull some blue loctite and apply it to the rear bead and to the bolt release. While putting the screw back on the bolt release I ended up stripping it. I feel extrememly dumb and mad at myself. Where can I order a replacement, or could I just head to Home depot/Lowes and try to find a similar one in size? Not sure if it is the screw of the thing that holds the screw.
  10. Turnaround time for my lifter from crums was about 10 days total from the day I shipped it. Very pleased with how it turned out.
  11. Mine does the same. I have crums welded lifter and wondered if that was the problem.
  12. 973 is a good price for a new one. I lucked out and got mine for 800 hardly used last year from a guy who wanted a ruger red labe.l
  13. I ordered the same. Got an instant notification as well. Really hard to beat those prices. They also have a buy one, get one free if your total purchase is over $47 I believe. Coupon code is BOGO. Also listed on their website.
  14. So on their website it says for standard nordic. Will it fit the MXT tube? Thanks, HT
  15. Who had thay deal? Is it still available? You guys find all the good deals!!!
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