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  1. This is a bump firing issue. It is well documented over the last several years that it can happen with this trigger if you don’t have it firmly against and pulled into your shoulder. It happened to me once or twice when I first got the trigger when shooting prone. I didn’t have the gun very tight, so when fired the super short reset on the trigger allowed the gun to fire again. The trigger is NOT faulty. You will have to just hold the gun tighter when shooting it.
  2. AR Comp is what I used for 75gr Hornady match bullets. I believe AR Comp is best for heavier bullets.
  3. The slide stop issue is most likely your support hand being really high on the gun. I have the same issue. I cut my standard slide stop and made it really small.
  4. I have loaded a few thousand of them. I like them. They seem to be consistent with their coating. They load well and shoot well. Matt
  5. I load 75gr Hornady match bullets at 22.1 gr of AR Comp. I am getting about 3/4" groups out of an 18" Noveske 1/7 SS barrel. I was turned into it by a friend using it for 69s. I also plan on loading 6.5 Grendel with it.
  6. The vertical marks are normal. They are from the forming and shaping of the projectile. My 75gr Hornadys have the same marks. The other mark however is caused by the seating stem of your die. There is definitely something causing to much resistance. I size, trim, chamfer, deburr, then load. I don't get any deformation of my projectiles.
  7. That really sucks. Several of my buddies have been wanting for years to shoot ironman, but it was just to expensive. With Ironman east we thought we were finally going to get our chance. It sucks that lack of staff is the problem. I hope everyone that signed up can get their hotels and flights.
  8. I agree it was a great match and one of the better ones out there. The ROs resetting makes it easy for the shooters. I get all of that and like I said I know why they did the five stages, I just didn't care for it. The 5-7 stages a day you are speaking about are on all day formats not on half day formats. Howard and the ROs did an awesome. I throughly enjoyed the match.
  9. This was the best FN match I have shot. The courses were all good and had there own challenges. I will say that I didn't like having to shoot 5 stages the first day. We were rushed by the staff to get though. I understand the reasoning, but we were done by 3pm on Saturday and had nothing to do for 4-5 hour. It would have been better for the competitors shooting Saturday afternoon to just have 3 stages. In the end I enjoyed the match. Thanks
  10. I have found that sorting your brass and removing any CBC, SB, and similar foreign manufacturers. By doing this it has almost eliminated all loading issues. By doing this I have not need for lube and way less downtime fixing stuff during a loading session
  11. I load the same brand, type, weight bullet as the OP listed. I load it to 1.140 with 3.3gr of ETR7. This load is now tumbling out of a Glock barrel. I wonder if there are any pressure signs on the case.
  12. Hi tek coating just like most. They do smell weird if you are in an indoor range.
  13. Well I bought 1000 147gr FPs and the loaded really well and the coating was consistent. I loaded 50 at 3.2gr of ETR7 and 50 with 3.4. Both functioned flawlessly. I did have to bell the cases more than what I did with the xtremes I used to load. I settled on 3.3gr to split the difference or velocity vs recoil. They have great prices on their bullets and the ship free.
  14. Does anyone have any experience with them. They have great prices and free shipping. Any info is appreciated.
  15. Can you take some pictures of the bullet tips from your loaded rounds. Is there a circle at the tip? I was get a variation that I narrowed down to the xtreme plated bullets being deformed slightly by the seating die. The deformation added to the COAL of my rounds.
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