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Found 28 results

  1. I'm 22 years old and I started shooting 3 gun about a year ago and in that time I have shot about 15 local matches. I'm at the point where I'm itching to go do something bigger and better in a big national multigun match, but I don't know which matches to look at. For example I feel that I shouldn't show up at the USPSA mulitgun Nationals and take last place on every stage and slow people down who are serious and trying to win. But, I do know of matches such as the Rock Castle Pro/Am which sounds perfect to me (I plan on going to that match in 2019). What matches would you recommend for me to do to move to the next level in 3 gun? Please note I'm located in central Indiana. (Sorry if this is the wrong fourm for this post, I wasn't sure where it should go!)
  2. Registration for the 2018 Vortex Shooters Source 3 Gun is open. Link: https://practiscore.com/2018-vortex-shooters-source-3-gun/register It will take place April 20-22 at Triple C Range in Cresson, Texas. 10 Stages Round Count (Goal): Rifle inside of 200: 160 Rifle outside of 200: 50 Pistol: 180 Birdshot: 170 Slug: 21 We will be having a Saturday evening dinner party at the range that will include adult beverages, grilling, games, give aways and more. It is free of charge to all shooters, their family and staff. We are seeking a sponsor for the dinner party, so if you have a sponsor or know someone that may be interested, please have them email jeremy@northtexasmultigun.com. We will be selling mulligans again this year on your first stage of the match. All money collected for mulligans will go to We Defy Foundation (wedefyfoundation.org) Any questions, please feel free to post below or visit this link: http://northtexasmultigun.com/vortex-shooters-source-3-gun/ Thanks! Jeremy
  3. Shotgun only match. Walked into the start box, "load and make ready" "shooter ready?" "stand by" BEEP! blast my first four targets, reach down for the first four (plan was load 4 while moving) out of my Taccom vest...air. I only had 12 on my belt in weak hand caddies, so I was done early. There were 26 targets on the stage. 9+12 does not equal 26 in case you were wondering, especially when you are pysched out and miss a couple. I won't forget to put my vest on again.
  4. WHAT: The Palmetto Sniper Challenge at Clinton House is a 3-day, ruck-style sniper match that will test the fitness, marksmanship, and determination of 2-man sniper teams in 3 different divisions. Teams may enter in a division where they; ruck and camp, just ruck, or ride to the stages. It is the most realistic sniper match in the country. A team of carefully selected Subject Matter Experts have lent their experience and expertise to build a sniper match that is unparalleled. Several have taken part in the setup or competed in the annual USASOC International Sniper competition. The SMEs are comprised of warfighters, LEOs, and competitive marksmen from elite military units and law enforcement agencies from around the country. Represented are: 3rd, 5th, and 7th Special Forces Groups of the US Army, JSOC, MARSOC, Force Recon Marines, FBI, CIA, Durham NC SWAT, and Minneapolis SWAT. The 12 stages will be divided into two categories. Roughly half the stages will be based on historical engagements from conflicts around the world or law enforcement engagements around the US. The other half will require the teams to successfully demonstrate the skills necessary to complete the curriculums of the toughest sniper schools in the nation. WHERE: The match will take place on 2000 wooded acres in the rolling hills of upstate South Carolina. The Clinton House Plantation near Clinton, SC will host the match. It is a world class hunting and shooting facility and frequently home to national level Sporting Clays and 3Gun and Long-Range competitions. Full banquet facilities, a lodge, and onsite competitor housing are just a few of the amenities that The Clinton House Plantation has to offer. WHEN: Friday February 16th through Sunday February 18th, 2018 WHY: The Palmetto Sniper Challenge is a competition to test the skill of Military and Law Enforcement sniper teams and competitive marksmen. It will test their Fitness, Marksmanship, Patience, Determination, and Resourcefulness. It is a thinker's match. It is also as much of a "conference" as it is a competition. Teams from elite federal agencies and combat units around the country will gather to collaborate, network, and share fellowship, training techniques, experiences, and equipment. SPECIAL AWARDS: will be presented to the high Military and high Law Enforcement teams in the LRRP DIVISION. The Match Director and a representative of the Title Sponsor, Presenting Sponsor and the LRRP DIVISION sponsor (if they so choose) will present those team’s Commanding officer with a floating cup similar to the Stanley Cup or America’s Cup. The trophy will be engraved with the winning team members names and kept at the winning team’s unit until the next match. The trophies will be returned to the match to be presented to next years winner. Palmetto Sniper Challenge is on FB ...... https://www.facebook.com/Palmetto-Sniper-Challenge-at-Clinton-House-FEB-16-18-2018-695397270644764/ And registration is open on Practiscore...... https://practiscore.com/palmetto-sniper-challenge-at-the-clinton-house/register Hope to see you in February. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. Very Respectfully, Joe Burdick Rs3matchdesign@gmail.com 910-730-8033
  5. Looking for critics...helpful ones that is. I have stepped up to help out our local club for the next 3 gun match we will have. I have been given free rein except for including 2 mandatory classifiers and have a pretty good selection of targets to pull from. I attached my first drafts and looking for thoughts on the designs. BURN EM' DOWN.docx Not Too Fast.docx
  6. Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championships We are very excited to announce Mike Sexton as the new Match Director for the 2017 Rockcastle Pro Am 3 Gun Championships. Mike is sure to bring a different perspective to this major 3 Gun championship. Once again, Linda Chico will be in charge of registration and the match headquarters and we are thankful that Ken Nelson, Russell Armstrong and the PractiScore team will be on site managing all scoring. We have an incredible match planned for you. We are working on some awesome side matches and some amazing after hour social events at the Rockcastle Lodge. The 2017 Rockcastle Pro Am will be one for the ages. Looking forward to seeing everyone @Shoot_The_Rock in August. Amateur Registration Will Open on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017 at 9:30 PM Eastern Time. The sign in process (to get a registration code for the Amateur match application) will be Wednesday, February 15th at 9:30 PM Eastern Time. If you cannot personally be online at the designated time of February 15th, get some else to complete the sign in for you. Note that I will not accept any official sign-in on the on-line list before9:30 PM on February 15, 2017. There is an official clock on the page. Don't hit the submit button on February 15th before 9:30:00 on the clock. On February 15th, get to the web page a few minutes early, so that you can fill in the information correctly, and only click on the "submit" button once the time is correct. I will email you a code after you successfully submit the information to me after 9:30 PM February 15th. The application link for the Amateur match will be sent with the Registration Code. Pro Match Shooter Registration will be open on PractiScore starting February 16, 2017. The Pro Match application will NOT require a registration code & will open like any other 3 Gun Match on Practiscore. The link to the Pro Match application will be public and available on PractiScore, the match website & the Brian Enos Forum. Every year we get people who are not sure if they should shoot Pro or Am. Am & Pro really have little to do with skill level. They are about the kind of match you want to shoot. Am – random draw prize table, easier stages, closer targets, low entry fee ($150), fewer stages. Pro – prize table in order of finish, complex stages, longer distance targets, higher entry fee ($250) & more stages (more rounds overall). Match Website is www.Rock3gun.com. We look forward to seeing you in August!! Nick and Nate Noble Rockcastle Shooting Center Click here to Reply, Reply to all, or Forward
  7. TLDR~WGaS notes; My NEW general shooting Diary and Shot Mile High Showdown Funny how things go full circle. So I've been going back and forth for the past month about deciding if I wanted to restart a online Diary, this really came about when I finally renewed my USPSA membership. I've been real bad about keeping written accountability about my shooting for the past several years, but after RM3G last year (2nd year in a roll where I messed up my match) I decided enough was enough, I needed to keep some sort of accountability of how I'm shooting. That was also the tipping point of me starting in a new division in 3gun and going with it, and luckily finding great success in not only my ability to shoot this new division better then I have then any other division I took seriously, but also learning new things about myself as a shooter. The more serious I do take this the more I realize how much I've been slacking too. This was apparent after SM3G when it came to my pistol handling, I've been so use to "3gun" pistol target presentations of open paper targets at 10-15 yards shoot fast and hope you either got 1A/B or at least 2 hits it never really dawn on me how much my fundamental pistol skills deteriorated. The tight shots of partials wrapped around No-shoots at SM3G made me very timed and wasn't able to shoot what I thought was my potential. But the more I thought about it, the more I realize what I thought my full potential wasn't even close of where it should be and I've been mistakenly confusing it as 'Just good enough' pistol shooting. Looking back on a older thread here on the forum I debated if I should just post on my old thread that I created in Diaries section, but after a brief pause, I feel it is better to allow it to fade out and start a new. One of the things the things I really tried to push hard in the past thread was to make master from C class in production, that goal never did happen, I wasn't terribly crushed when I didn't do it at the time either as in that year I changed over to Open, and at the end of that year I took 3 Gun Seriously and it took all my attention away from USPSA pistol matches, so much in fact that I let my membership lapse the past 2 years and was completely ok with it. The more I think of it now the more I came to the realization that it was never about "earning" the M on my card but to get a point where I just wanted to be at a Master shooting Mentality. So I decided to go head first renew my membership and get back into the USPSA pistol scene, 3gun/multigun will always be my main discipline and thus take most of my time but I feel and know the stuff I learn from shooting USPSA translate very well into the 3gun seen. (ie mental preparedness, and stage break down, etc etc.) As much I want to jump back in Open I realize since now I'm shooting a iron sight class, shooting a reddot isn't going to help me out in the short run. and reality is I want to get back into production and just be Baller status, so as of now I'll be receiving my new Production pistol in several months, but I needed to shoot something till then, so I looked into the gun room and dusted my 6y/o 40 edge, since it was closer to my 9mm STI I use for 3gun, and go shoot limited for a while. I'd probably would have stayed in limited if it wasn't for the issue... Recoil ! Anyways we had a Level 2 match come up and I was able to get with Cha-lee too see if I could get on the waiting list as my membership was pending to get turn on active, while waiting I started constructive Dry-firing to improve on skills I felt I was lacking (like lack of finding a front sight). in case I would be able to shoot the match I didn't want to be to unprepared, luckily I was able to get in and was able to shoot this match. ------------------- So this past weekend I shot the Mile High Showdown. When I signed up for this match I only had one goal in mind, to find out where the hell I am at with my shooting. I dusted off my .40 Edge two weeks prior and shot one local match and 2 Night matches to see what rust I need to knock off and what I needed to focus on dry-fire before the match. The first night match was needed just to see if the gun would run correctly with Factory ammo, since i didn't have my .40 dies setup on my 550 and to see if they make PF, (WWB came out to be a little over 175PF in my gun, little spicy) Everything went well and the grouping with WWB was surprisingly tight at 25 yards, so that's when I realized not to mess with it and just go with WWB till after the Mile High. (This kind of made shooting this match a bit expensive ) knowing that I wasn't going to use any of this ammo for live fire practice, I put a large emphasis on dry-fire. The Weekend Prior I shot the Local USPSA match to kind of gauge who I need to shoot against who I felt was at my level of shooting, which I did based on % of how they finished at the match compared to the winning GM score. Monday night match following was when I put everything together from Dry-fire and where I wanted to push a little to see where I need to refine my skills at. Ended up placing 2nd that night behind Charlie.... like 71% behind Charlie lol. Besides that I did get a lot of intel on what I should work on prior to the match. Day 1 of the Mile High Showdown; I did have the "butterflies" going on as this has been the first big pistol match only I've shot in a few years, and on stage one you could tell it. Stage 1 was a wide open field course where shooting on the move can net you a good HF. I flow through the stage quite well but didn't do as much Shooting on the move as I would like. I opted to shoot the stage from 3 shooting positions instead but keep light on my feet so I can transition to the next spot seamlessly. My focus on my front sight was good on the first shot of every target, but the combination of nerves and the little voice in the back of my head yelling to speed up, made me break with less the optimal follow up shots, but with that being said I never lost sight of the front blade through the whole time, I ended up pulling the trigger on my follow up shot just as the front sight as it got within the rear sight. I believe the first 9 targets I shot at where A/C, with throwing a A/D in the mix, by the time I got to my ending shooting position I was a little more settle down and was able to see what my front sight was doing, which was great as the end part of the stage required a little more focus due to partial no-shoots. I ended up 4th on this stage behind the 3 GM's that where shooting in the Division, which I was quite happy with. Stage 2; Nothing fancy or out of the norm on my part, I did end up having a Jam after the 7th shot which I needed to cycle the gun real quick, that did cause me to completely stop all movement due to how the target where arranged, and I ended up doing a unplanned early reload because of this. My mags being unturned only are reloadable at 17rnds ( I can get a 18+1 start). I ended up reloading one target to early which caused me to slow way down on the steel as I plan to only shoot 16 rounds out of my last mag to finish the stage. I needed to hit the two mini poppers with the first shot or I would had been in trouble. In retrospect I had plenty opportunity to load into a 3rd mag before I reached the window but I didn't plan on it so I never gave myself the opportunity to think that I had it on my belt. Stage 3; Was Front sight bias and had 2 swingers that to me seem turbo'd charged. Even activating them early and shooting them last they were moving pretty good to the point where I even know I couldn't engage them with 2 shots on one passing, So I placed a great amount of energy in my walk through on how I would engage them with one shot per pass. I ended up doing well on the stage finishing 4th. Stage 4; Required a heavy front sight ususage, and was a partial memory stage with 8 targets either at 25 yards or beyond. For me I could best see array of 6 targets from one position with a little bit of hunting and shoot the last 2 targets from another spot in the shooting box. I'm not sure if it was the best way to shoot it but did end up 5th on that stage. Stage 5; was a 32 round stage with one shot per paper target score'd and lots of steel. Issue, you started with gun unloaded and on barrel with all magazines on belt. So that means I was only going to get 17rnds in my first mag, but I planned accordingly, before my first reload I would get at least 16 targets, and finish off the last 18 targets from one shooting position, if I happen to miss any targets I would throw a 3rd reload and engage some of targets a little further back that way I would have extra rounds on my 3rd mag by the time I got to my final shooting position in case I needed them. I thought I had everything worked out, but I didn't plan on murphy. Moving from my first shooting position to my second spot, I got in tight and fast on the stop, problem is when i did that the force dislogged one of the mags from my belt and sent it airborne to the side berm... Great.. Can't miss one shot, got it. I approached the top of the shooting area hit my final position and my only my only reload. From this position I they're 18 targets and I only had 18 rounds (17 in the mag 1 in the chamber) and at least half those targets were steel, as I aimed at my last target I was clean, I pulled the trigger and... click, sadface. I thought to myself I only loaded 16rnds in the mag I need to do a better count next time, I went to unload and show clear and guess what a round popped out, dead primer.... damn. Stage was scored 31 A's 1M 1FTE. This stage also cost me 4th place in the match itself as it was damn close between me and the guy I wanted to race. Stage 6; was a standards stages with weakhand and stronghand shooting with shooting freestyle being the last two strings, only kicker was the targets where spread out enough that you had to move in order to engage them. You could ether try to shoot on the move or get into a good spot and engage as many targets as you can and hit another spot, I did the later. Stage 7; was a repeat of stage 1 minus two steel targets, the difference is you started at the front of the stage, retreating backwards to targets. This stage went well for me and ended up finishing 5th Stage 8; was a repeat from stage 2 starting at the shooting window and the stage cut in half, I shot this stage maybe a little on concretively and didn't do as well as I wanted, thinking of it right now I just didn't shoot it as aggressive as I would like. Day 2: Stage 9; This stage is a mirror copy of stage 3, I basically did the same thing in reverse and shot it well placed 4th. Stage 10; was stage 4 but the memory portion removed a second shooting area put in, creating a mad dash to run up to the 25yard targets for a 8 target 3yard engagement between snow barriers that were considered walls. This where my first legit miss of the match came from. I got to the second shooting box and just went target focus as best as I could and just started to go as fast as I could moving left to right. Some how at 3 yards I yanked a shot . never did call it, never saw a front sight lol. Stage 11; was stage 5, with all steel removed, and loaded pistol start. This was also another stage that having only 17rnd mags sucked, I ended up having to change my plan from others and engaging two paper targets from a longer distance, just so I would have enough rounds to finish with only one reload, it cost me some time but not to much. Stage 12; was stage 6 with the standards removed, it basically 30 rounds as fast as you can with minimal movement with 3 shots per target, I ended up with a 13.5HF but only good enough for a 6th place finish. (Recoil sucks ) All in all the match went well for me and I ended up finishing 5th limited in the match, being just a little over 1.5% behind the shooter I wanted to chase to beat. The 3 GM's in the division shot phenomenal and couldn't be catch by at least 20%. I feel this has re-invigorate me a little to start taking USPSA pistol matches a little more seriously and I cannot wait to get my new production gun here a in a few months. ~EDIT: I'll Correct some grammar errors, when I have time. This took me a minute to type all out...
  8. Will periodically post updates. This was posted to the facebook page last month. https://www.facebook.com/BenningMultiGun/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Update #1.pdf
  9. So at the last major 3 gun match I had some trouble knocking down poppers at 25 yds with my pistol, this have caused me to reconsider the load im shooting. So i ran my current loads over the chrono and they are quit a bit slower than expected, currently im shooting X-treme 147s at about 800 fps, which puts me at a power factor just above 115 anyone here loading for 3 gun? if so what are you shooting? since I dont have to meet an actual PF any recommendations for what I should run to knock everything down? Edit to add: im running a M&P pro with the 5" factory barrel
  10. Hello everyone, My name is Michael and I am the director of 3GUN4VETS. This is a non-profit organization designed to provide deserving combat veterans with a free 2 day 3gun clinic. Clinic includes instruction with top notch instructors from all over the U.S. weapons, ammo and equipment free of charge. We are hosting the first annual charity match to raise funds to cover shipping costs for the equipment as it travels all over the U.S. . Please come out and show your support for our veterans and this great cause. Match will have 6 stages, fee is $85 which will include T-shirt,dinner & beer after the match. There will also be a raffle for guns,bags,glasses,cases and other cool swag tickets are $5 or 5 for $20. Please sign up ASAP as I can only accommodate 72 shooters for this one day event. Match details and sign up are on 3gun4vets.com. We can also be found on Facebook and practiscore, help spread the word like the page and contact vets you think are deserving of this amazing opportunity. I hope to see you on the range!!! Match will be held in DOTHAN,AL @ the DOTHAN GUN CLUB 21/NOV/15 V/R Mike 3GUN4VETS-Director
  11. The Utah Peace Officers Association (UPOA) is hosting the 3rd annual Multigun Championship on February 17th, 2016 at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range (same range as last years USPSA Handgun Nationals) in St. George, UT. This match is limited to Law Enforcement; active, retired, federal, state, local, military police, and jail/prison. There is a non LEO match held on the following Saturday, February 20th. The match fee is $30 and it includes a shirt. Last year there was over 20 sponsors for the match. There was over $8k in product on the prize table including 4 guns and a suppressor. The match is limited to 100 competitors per day, the LEO match only has 4 slots left at this time. The non-LEO match has quite a few slots left. There will be a Law Enforcement Multigun National Championship in Fall 2016 at this same range. Expect 250-300 LEO shooters from across the country and an epic prize table. Send me a message if you are interested or have any questions. Jeremy Dunn aka "Jeremy Law" on Facebook Here are the links to register for the UPOA Multigun: https://practiscore.com/2016-upoa-multigun-championship/register https://practiscore.com/2016-upoa-multigun-championship-civilian/register
  12. The Utah Peace Officers Association (UPOA) is hosting the 3rd annual Multigun Championship on February 17th, 2016 at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range (same range as last years USPSA Handgun Nationals) in St. George, UT. This match is limited to Law Enforcement; active, retired, federal, state, local, military police, and jail/prison. There is a non LEO match held on the following Saturday, February 20th. The match fee is $30 and it includes a shirt. Last year there was over 20 sponsors for the match. There was over $8k in product on the prize table including 4 guns and a suppressor. The match is limited to 100 competitors per day, the LEO match only has 4 slots left at this time. The non-LEO match has quite a few slots left. There will be a Law Enforcement Multigun National Championship in Fall 2016 at this same range. Expect 250-300 LEO shooters from across the country and an epic prize table. Send me a message if you are interested or have any questions. Jeremy Dunn aka "Jeremy Law" on Facebook Here are the links to register for the UPOA Multigun: https://practiscore.com/2016-upoa-multigun-championship/register https://practiscore.com/2016-upoa-multigun-championship-civilian/register
  13. Guys ive been reloading for a while as well as shooting precision rifle and USPSA competitions casually for a year now. I have a .40 minor load that I have used in USPSA with good success for the last year and am curious if I should continue to use that same load or drop a 9mm conversion barrel in my glock and run 9mm? I have all the dies/brass/shellholders for 9mm already, my only real expense will be mags & barrel. So will I be at a disadvantage shooting a minor 40 load in the tac ops division?
  14. Okay guys, I'm an experienced reloader and have loaded 223 for AR's before. Just need to get some advice to direct me to step one. First off I will be loading for a rifle with an adj gas block/ JP captured spring w/ a 1-8" twist barrel so I will be able to tune the gun once I find a load. 1) Is it cost effective to reload your 55gr practice ammo? Looked at prices and it seems close 2) Do yall use different loads for practice and match? 55 & 69gr? 3) DO you develop a load first then tune your rifle to it or tune the rifle then find the load it likes? 4) Are yall loading for max power, power factor, or softest round possible? Thanks for the help guys
  15. 2015 WILD WEST SHOOTING EVENT & DEVIL OF RAMADI SNIPER CHALLENGE TITLE SPONSOR: FREEDOM MUNITIONS & X-TREME BULLETS EVENT INFO: E.T.T.S., Waxahachie, TX. June 20/21 2015 A charity event benefiting: CHRIS KYLE'S AMERICAN VALOR FOUNDATION ORG. (501c3) www.americanvalorfoundation.org "It is our duty to serve those who serve us" Chris Kyle Due to the overwhelming popularity of AMERICAN SNIPER (book & movie) we anticipate a large response to the announcement of this event this week. We have partnered directly with the Kyle Family to create this event to raise money in support of our heroic returning vets & Gold Star Families! This is a unique two day shooting event. Saturday June 20th - 2015 WILD WEST MULTI GUN 7 STAGE NATIONAL MULTI-GUN MATCH: (MAX of 175 competitors) $2,500 cash for 1st place Challenging three gun stages, (including at least one moving vehicle stage) FREE Limited run match T-Shirts (Why would you EVER have to pay for these?) FREE Texas BBQ for competitors and sponsors (SMOKED ON SITE), National Sponsor / Vendor demo bays including shooting events for the entire family & an amazing prize table. We expect over 600 in attendance each day! Sat. June 20th & Sun. June 21st 0800 to 1800 (Both days) THE DEVIL OF RAMADI SNIPER CHALLENGE: UP TO $20,000 IN CASH PAYOUTS DURING THIS 2 DAY SNIPER EVENT, UP TO 300 COMPETITORS WILL EACH HAVE 2 MINUTES TO TAKE A SINGLE COLD BORE SHOT AT A 4 INCH TARGET AT 1,000 YARDS FROM A REALISTIC AFGHAN ROOF TOP HIDE! THOSE WHO HIT THE TARGET WILL PROCEED TO A LAST MAN STANDING SHOOT OFF! IN THE SHOOT OFF, THE SHOOTER WHO HITS CLOSEST TO THE TARGET WILL WIN $10,000, $7,500 for 2nd place, $2,500 for 3rd place! Only those who hit the target will be eligible for the initial cash prizes but ALL competitors will be eligible for the random draw prize table. If no one hits the target or if there is no shoot off needed because only one competitor hits the target in the initial competition then the 2nd place prize ($5000) goes onto the prize table for the random drawing! Each competitor who does not receive a cash pay out will be eligible to walk the random draw prize table. FREE Limited run sniper match T-Shirts inc. (Why would you EVER have to pay for these?) FREE Texas BBQ for competitors and sponsors (SMOKED ON SITE), Sunday June 21st – SUNDAY FUNDAY! Carnival style pay to play per stage event: Texas BBQ, drawings and auctions for firearms, optics, ammo & gear. Sunday Funday IS NOT A COMPETITION. It’s a fun way to allow you to engage your customers / attendees and demo your products in a safe & fun specialty themed event. Our event attendees will be able to show up with only eye / ear protection (or use ours) and partake in the following events. All weapons,ammo and needed equipment will be provided by sponsors and our charity partners! Firearm enthusiasts of all ages will have the option to choose to take part in single or multiple events with deeply discounted rates for event multi play packs! Sunday Funday Attendee entertainment options: · AERIAL GUNNERY BY HELIGUNNER.COM (Attendees shooting sponsor provided, suppressed AR-15's mid air from authentic MD-500 Little Bird Helicopters) all equipment provided by facility. SPONSORSHIP AVAILABLE · Various fun stages utilizing house provided weapons and ammo including MANY various makes of Suppressed, S.B.R., semi auto / Full Auto AR’s, AK’s, variants & long distance platforms & even exploding targets! · Grenade Launcher accuracy side match · Possible Minigun side match · Bounce Houses · Kids BB gun & .22LR mini competitions · Silent Auction (rifles, handguns, optics & gift certificates) · Raffles (firearms & optics) · Door prizes http://www.lonestarmultigun.com/
  16. As a reminder, the dates for the 2015 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun have been set for March 27-29, 2015. We are in the process of finalizing the registration process that will be used this year. We are dedicated to constantly improving the process so that everyone has an equal chance of getting into our match. Like last year, we are planning to begin the registration process in late October in order to give everyone plenty of time for travel plans. Please follow this topic so that you can remain informed. Expect that the registration details will be published very soon. Thanks for your continued interest in our match. SMM3G - STAFF
  17. USPSA Area 6 Multi Gun Championship March 6-8, 2015 Universal Shooting Academy, Frostproof, FL Sponsor Relations Package Universal Shooting Academy is proud to bring back the Area 6 Multi Gun Championship. The match will be held March 6-8, 2015 in Frostproof, FL. We would like to offer your Company an opportunity to help us bring an outstanding match to our competitors. We have many levels of sponsorship available and sincerely appreciate your consideration for support. Match Sponsor – Three (3) Available - $2000 in Retail Merchandise or Cash Your provided banner will be displayed around the range. Your company logo will be included on staff shirts and competitor shirts. Logo on awards and trophies. Logo and link on match website. Promotion on social media and forums. You will be entitled to two (2) tables in the vendor area if desired. You will receive two (2) complimentary slots to compete in the match. Stage Sponsor – Four (4) available - $1500 in Retail Merchandise or Cash Your supplied banners placed on your stage. Location will be best to be captured in video and photos of the stage. Logo and link on match website. Promotion on social media and forums. You will be entitled to two (2) tables in the vendor area if desired. You will receive one (1) complimentary slot to compete in the match. Event Sponsor – Unlimited available - $500 in Retail Merchandise or Cash Logo and link on match website. Promotion on social media and forums. You will be entitled to one (1) table in the vendor area if desired. Deadlines and Contact Information We are sure that you will be pleased with the advertising you will receive as a sponsor and we would be happy to work with you to ensure your satisfaction. We are committed to seeing that our sponsors are repeat supporters each year. In order to give our sponsors exceptional coverage, we need all sponsorship commitments by no later than Feburary 15th. You may ship donations and display material to: Sig Sauer Area 6 Multi Gun Championship C/O Shannon Smith – SmittyFL@Gmail.com Universal Shooting Academy 4330 C. R. 630 East Frostproof, Florida 33843 USA Please contact me or Shannon Smith with questions or to sponsor. Thank you Sponsor Relations Coordinator: Chris Thomas - (636)-222-3629 - chris@christopherfthomas.com Match Director: Shannon Smith – SmittyFL@Gmail.com We look forward to hearing from you. Or you can return this page and indicate your sponsor level. Sign Me UP! ____ Match Sponsor: $2,000.00 Merchandise or Cash - Number of Slots Requested* _____ (Up to 2) ____ Stage Sponsor: $1,500.00 Merchandise or Cash - Number of Slots Requested* _____ (Up to 1) ____ Event Sponsor: $500.00 Merchandise or Cash Sponsor Company Name: __________________________________________________________________ Sponsor Company Address: ________________________________________________________________ Contact Name: ________________________________________ E-mail: ____________________________ Telephone: ________________________ Email to: chris@christopherfthomas.com and/or SmittyFL@Gmail.com Thank you very much!
  18. We are excited to announce that, for the first time in 3-Gun history, a ladies-only major 3-Gun match will be hosted in 2014! The Brownells Lady 3-Gun Challenge will be hosted by Atlanta 3-Gun at the South River Gun Club near Atlanta, Georgia on October 31 through November 1, 2014. Kay Miculek and I have teamed up as Match Directors and a winning team of match staff Sandra Orvig, Athena Means, Shelley Giddings, Candy Sugarman, and Janna Reeves. After our very busy and productive week at SHOT SHOW we learned how truly amazing the shooting industry is in supporting the growth of Lady Shooters across the nation. With their support we have built a prize table for this match that is beyond any we have seen! Please Share this with every Lady you know and encourage them to sign-up on February 8th. · Brownells is the Title Sponsor · Hosted By Atlanta 3 Gun at South River Gun Club near Atlanta, GA · 9 Stages · 200 Female Only Shooters (approx. 30 Sponsor Slots) · Approximately 35 Match Staff and RO Shooters (men who are RO'ing can shoot the match on Thursday for bragging rights ONLY) · Cost $225 · Registration Opens February 8th · Match Hotel - TBA · We will Operate By 3 Gun Nation Regional Series Rules · Divisions - Competitors will be able to shoot in one of the following divisions: o Tac Optics o Tac-Irons o Open · Match Staff o Lisa Marie Judy- Asst. 3 Gun Nation Pro-Series- Match Director o Kay Miculek- Team Smith & Wesson- Assistant Match Director o Sandra Orvig - Team Black Rain Ordinance, Stats and Banquet Coordinator o Larry Turner- 3 Gun Nation-Stage Designer o Chris Palmer- Owner, Atlanta 3 Gun- Range Master o Janna Reeves- Team Noveske Sponsor Coordinator o Candy Sugarman- Marketing and Social Media o Athena Means-Owner, GunGoddess.com- Sponsor Coordinator o Shelley Giddings, Editor, Gun Up Magazine- Press Releases · The Match will be announced next week at Shot Show · Pro-Am style Venue Breakdown Definitions of Pro & Am will be clarified before registration (Kay is thinking on it so we don't get any Sandbaggers!) · Banquet Location-TBA · There will be 2 half day Babes with Bullets 3 Gun Clinics on Wednesday October 29th Cost will be $50 · Babes with Bullets will provide loaner firearms and equipment
  19. Phoenix Rod & Gun November Rifle Match This Month we will again hold the Rifle match. This month we will be starting at 2 PM after we change the stages up a bit from the morning pistol match. This month the match contains 3-gun style rifle and pistol stages. Meaning -- that you will need to shoot both pistol and rifle on some stages. So don't forget you pistol and holster. This match IS squadded. So show up ready to shoot at 2PM and don't forget to squad yourself. Please also pre-register for that match on this link: Https://clubs.practiscore.com/november-phoenix-rod-and-gun-club-1st-sat-of-the-month-rifle-match/register Pre-Registering is very helpful as is saves me allot of time and helps me to plan for how to best run the match. The continued success of these matches depends on your cooperation with these requests. This month will begin set-up for the match after Thursday night steel is finished around 7pm. In appreciation for your assistance, you can shoot the match for free in addition to cash for gas/lunch. Please email me if you can help.
  20. I am formally announcing TTS's Club Series Match for March 23rd, at Pacleb Ranch. TTS will be running 5 field course stages, and 2 classifiers. Details will be posted shortly, as we are working on the signup sight today. Come out and play, and be ready for some fast pistol, shotgun / slugs and rifle to 300 yards! This one is going to be a blast! I will have details posted here, on 3GN website as well as on our website hopefully by the end of the day. Any questions, please let me know, and we hope to see you out there!
  21. Just curious what people consider acceptable accuracy from handgun reloads (group size and distance) for USPSA, multigun, and IDPA type matches? Do you try and ring everything you can get out of a load or do you call it good enough at a certain point? I am just starting to reload for use in competition and am trying to maximize my time. Thanks.
  22. Thunder Tactical Shooters is happy to announce our first 3GN Club Series Match, in cooperation with Kidlat Shooters and Pacleb Ranch for September 29th, 2013. The match signup will be handled with www.matchsignup.org and is available now under Thunder Tactical Shooters 3 Gun Nation Match. The match will consist of six (6) classifier stages for ranking within the National Club Series, and the cost is $40.00 for the match, including range and classification fees. We will be limiting the match to 50 shooters, and entries are expected to fill up fast. The match will be held at Pacleb ranch, and full details will be sent out to all competitors after registering for the match. Depending on initial turnout, we may add a scenario stage as well to the match. We will have details posted on our website, www.tts-idpa.net, 3 Gun Nation website, and I can be reached at tts3gn@gmail.com to answer any questions. We will now be holding regular matches 4 times a year (once a quarter) consisting of 8-10 stages with extended range tagets incorporated. We will be scheduling these after our initial match, and hope to see you all out there.
  23. http://www.uspsa.org/EZ-winscore-support-details.php?EzWinScore-Maintenance-Releases-12 What's new in this version: Fixed error in web file that prevented creating an upload file for a rifle only match. (4.11) Fixed error in code that set an incorrect 3-Gun tournament division for Tactical (4.11) Added nine new classifier stages: 13-01 through 13-09. (Infofile 4.04) Retired 7 old classifiers: 99-06, 99-27, 99-36, 99-43, 99-45, 99-52, 99-60 Infofile 4.04) Corrected two misspelled words. (4.11) Added code to delete USPSA expiration date from master database when the prefix is set to nothing. (4.11) Added a line of code to force a data buffer update when entering Time Plus times. (4.11) Added code to solve a particular issue with deleting a competitor from a Time Plus multigun match. (4.11) Added stage winner report for Multi-Gun matches. (4.11) Modified stage winner reports to exclude disqualified competitors. (4.11) Fixed category and class reports for Multi-Gun matches. (4.11) Fixed error of not importing members with FL prefixes in the Registration Import function (4.11) Added note to classifier upload dialog box to let users know that a classifier stage was not designated in the Stage Definition window. (4.11) Fixed bug in registration import for handgun matches where all reentries were charged activity fees. Code now checks to see if the reentered division is the same as an existing record. (4.11) Modified chronograph sheet to better comply with current rules. (4.11)
  24. I desperately could use the Brian Enos members collective experience/knowledge! I am writing an article for the Utah Peace Officers Association (UPOA) magazine. The article is about Multigun/3-gun and what it takes to begin this shooting type. I wanted to have a basic history of Multigun, popularity, and minimum/recommended requirements of equipment. I have only shot 3-gun, USPSA, and IDPA for about 3 years and know there is a vast knowledge above and beyond my own. The UPOA is looking at using Multigun/3GN type shooting to bring a new blood into the firearms program. The UPOA currently uses a slow fire shooting style called Practical Police Combat (PPC) as it's shooting gauge and competition. Please help me obtain good content to motivate, inform, and encourage the Police community through my article. We are looking at holding our first Multigun Match in February 2014 in St. George, UT (Hopefully at the SUPR range, venue of the 2013 Area 1 Match, Purgatory Hard as Hell Multigun, and 2013 Back to Back Nationals). I will be looking into finding sponsors or donations (of time, talent, training, or equipment). Please let me know if you can help with any of the above requests. Thanks! Jeremy Dunn
  25. The newest 3-Gun Nation Print Magazine is ready to ship to your home. In this issue: • Coverage and action photography from the 2013 AR15.com Pro-Am • 3 Gun Rifle Fundamentals and skills to improve your game • Anatomy of a modular Trigger • The 3-Gun Ferarri - a review of the JP15 • How to convert your AR to .22LR • 20 questions with team Stag Arms Pro Kalani Laker • A look inside the world of Surefire • News from the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series and National Club Series And much more. Get it delivered to your door 6 times a year!
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