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  1. I've had 3 or 4 fibers fall out and I'm thinking about just replacing the front sight post with a slightly narrower one from Dawson. I didn't see any damage or anything on the front sight but the fibers just don't want to stay in.
  2. Thanks, I just ordered extras of all of these from Cajun gunworks. But, for this weekend I'm just going to take all the parts I have and then bring my M&P 5in that I shot before I got the CZ as a backup gun. I really wish I would have thought about ordering extra parts before this week lol
  3. I'm shooting my first level 2 USPSA match this weekend, the SNS 400, and I'm starting to think about what I would do if my gun broke on the first stage. I'm shooting a Shadow 2 with the full cajun upgrade kit and I'm wondering what parts I should keep in my gun bag while at a competition. Are any pins or springs known to break easily or anything that I should get extras of? At the moment all I have is spare front sight fibers and a lighter since I've had a few fall out.
  4. Yeah, I can top that! There was a stage that had backward movement and I broke the 180 and got DQ'd from my first match. It was a great time regardless and now I'm addicted.
  5. I got a spot in the Pro-Am. I'm really looking forward to shooting it!
  6. That is perfect other than the fact they cost $3000. As a college student that's just a touch out of my price range. I'll have to take another look at those in a few years.
  7. I'm trying to find some either earplugs or earphones that have a good dB rating and ideally have Bluetooth connectivity to my phone for audio. I have collected several pairs of Howard Leight electronic earphones and some surefire plugs but, I'd really like to add something that I can listen to podcasts through while shooting. Also, under $200 would be good. Does anyone know of anything on the market that might be good to take a look at?
  8. Well the consensus seems to be that I should just go to the matches. Looks like I'll be sigining up for every major match I can find within driving range of me next year! Thanksfor the help!
  9. I'm 22 years old and I started shooting 3 gun about a year ago and in that time I have shot about 15 local matches. I'm at the point where I'm itching to go do something bigger and better in a big national multigun match, but I don't know which matches to look at. For example I feel that I shouldn't show up at the USPSA mulitgun Nationals and take last place on every stage and slow people down who are serious and trying to win. But, I do know of matches such as the Rock Castle Pro/Am which sounds perfect to me (I plan on going to that match in 2019). What matches would you recomme
  10. I shoot steel at 7 yards regularly with 7 1/2 shot. I get less splatter off with the 12 gauge than I do with 9mm at that distance.
  11. Do you have any companies or specific springs that you know are good?
  12. I'll check it out! Thanks
  13. I am shooting 9mm in minor power factor. But, I'm more worried about it in 3 gun where all I need is to be able to knock down steel. Do you have any recommendations other than ammo? I'm wanting to make some modifications to my gun.
  14. I am shooting an M&P 2.0 5in for primarily 3 gun and also a little USPSA production to practice for 3 gun. What should I change on my gun to shoot flatter and recoil softer while staying legal in production and still able to reliabily shoot factory ammo. Tungsten guide rod, lighter recoil spring, something else? Please note that I wont be loading lighter ammo since I can't reload where I currently live.
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