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  1. Has anyone tried the new extreme s trigger group yet?
  2. Has anyone got the seekins havak bravo? It seems like a close competitor to the Patriot valley JH rifle
  3. For the money you cannot beat the miculek. I don't know if you can beat it period for a non-adjustable brake. The armalite brake is very customizable
  4. I am not sure if that would help the way my hand sits and it would probably make it so I could no longer depress the lever with my strong hand In production I use it
  5. In the past I would accidentally ride the extended slide release that Glock includes on its "competition models" and switched these to the regular, more flat, slide releases. Now, I have gotten to the point where I have my grip so high that the base of my support hand thumb is against the slide release and is either keeping it from moving or actively keeping it down making it so the slide doesn't lock open on empty about half the time. Does anyone have suggestions on changing grip or other clever solutions to make this not happen? I tried moving my support hand rearward behind the slide releas
  6. It seems the Ruger PCC is very sensitive to ejector angle. Call Ruger and see if they can help because you're not the only one that has had fte with it and it seems they know this is a common problem with ejectors that get bent out of spec.
  7. I'd get the 92x and my reasons (without having to own a 92x) are: -adjustable fiber sights -brigadier slide -steel frame -trigger upgrades
  8. What is the actual difference I find it a tough pill to swallow to switch Wilson trigger bars to langdons
  9. Does the regular 92x have the trigger changes?
  10. I want one regardless. When I do uspsa matches I do them for fun and to be able to move while shooting which most ranges don't normally allow, not to be the big fish at the local match. I split my time between shooting and other hobbies to the extent that I don't think I'll ever hit M class shooting (though that would be cool) and struggle to stay at a B class level as I practice very casually.
  11. Is there an ETA on the staccato L/staccato P 5"? And will it come in .40 S&W? If the price is $2000 I could be interested...
  12. Wanting to get a new 9mm for fun at the range and possibly some competition use but being competitive in a division isn't as important to me as having fun (I'd be totally okay with limited minor with the staccato). What do you like more and what seems to cause the least headaches? Even with customization it seems the shadow 2 will be hundreds cheaper than the staccato but I don't want that to be the only reason for choosing one over the other.
  13. I'm very happy with my Burris xtr II 1-5x scopes, I got each for about $425 after shipping and tax from Natchez. If you're really never going past 50 yards I'd maybe go red dot or holographic.
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