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  1. Does anyone know the fiber optic size for the front sight?
  2. What is the length of the factory 21 round magazine for the p10f?
  3. Wow, if so then thanks Simple fixes are good fixes
  4. Why does the torque of the bolts come to mind first?
  5. As the title says, does anyone else experience FTE/double feeds with the Ruger PC carbine? The malfunction is virtually the same every time with the spent round either being vertical and holding the bolt open preventing the live round from feeding or the spent case gets rammed into the front of the election port mangling the brass. It seems this is not an entirely uncommon problem but what confuses me is that it wasn't present, then came on all of a sudden, then seemed to have gotten better after another 50-100 rounds. This is extremely irritating and does not appear magazine related. I have read on some other forums about people claiming it's related to the ejector, others saying it's the extractor, but I'm not sure what to blame or how to definitively fix the problem without shipping the entire thing to Ruger which I don't want to do....
  6. Maybe try something made for sig? The sig mecgar mags have a very similar body. Looks like Springer makes sig basepads as is
  7. The ghost rocket is my favorite but I've wanted to try the other ghost over travel fit connectors
  8. Ended up getting the XTR and really like it especially for the money (compared to the Vortexes and Mtacs I've seen) Thinking of getting another versus a p4xi so I'm having the same dilemma... Seems the price on the pst II's are dropping too though, as dvor had them for $500 and I'm seeing them in the mid to high 500 range more often
  9. The armalite m15 3 gun is pretty much impossible to beat as a deal Grabagun has them for $1250
  10. I don't think they do much other than look cool
  11. That volquartsen trigger kit is ridiculously expensive The trigger actually seems pretty good out of the box, seems like it just needs a shorter reset/over travel reduction
  12. Do the Glock big sticks still run if you put a +6 extension like an arredondo or tti without a new spring?
  13. I don't do optics anymore so I'm a little rusty on my terminology but in telescope design you want your objective lens to be the limiting lens in your system other wise you end up with problems like vignetting. I Ihink I could sketch this better than I can describe it but this is some geometrical optics stuff. In a nutshell and as others have stated, if you made the objective larger and not changing the radius of curvature or things like that you would at best increase the exit pupil size without increasing brightness- think of it as power per unit area. You get more total power aka light through, but you are also increase the area that is illuminated aka the exit pupil and as a result will just have an exit pupil bigger than your pupil which is not that helpful (might be a bigger "eyebox")
  14. Main ones based on my budget would be p320 x5, Walther q5 polymer frame, canik tp9sfx, and Glock.
  15. Don't have the desire (nor money) for an open build
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