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  1. Paracord has been holding up so far on mine.
  2. Is he still in business? I ordered a holster almost a year ago and still haven't received it. About 6 months ago he quit responding to my emails.Apparently Rick passed away last year and the business was taken over by Steve (pm for last name) with the promise of continued quality, service, yada, yada..Ordered a holster Dec 3rd for a X- mas present, when it didn't arrive by Jan 1st, I called repeatedly and got every excuse under the sun. Was moving the shop, was at SHOT and would check when he got back, USPS damaged during delivery, etc.. I asked for a refund and haven't heard another word. Just check his website and its down.?
  3. ?? Been running them since they came out. DAAELS.jpgDAAELSa.jpg Does that ever come loose? With just the one bolt seems like it might. Kind of sucks to loose some of the adjustments that make the DAA's so good. Has anyone made the race master holster work? No, and I mainly shoot 3gun. Use a heavy duty star washer in between. This is rock solid also...
  4. ?? Been running them since they came out.
  5. I managed to break both off switches on my 812's, a few years out of warranty. Then had a battery meltdown in one, rendering it useless. They charged a flat rate of $79.00, turnaround was a week. Came back cleaned and like new.?
  6. Ran one on a M1 years ago, no problems. Found I just prefer the field of view with the optic closer to my eye.(ie, speedbead) I have that setup in a drawer somewhere if you want to try it.
  7. Depends on your shooting style. I prefer the SPR-E on both the Swaro & Vortex, as I crowd the charging handle also.
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