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  1. I had a similar issue with recently purchased 650. Was crushing primers 20-30% of the time. Adjusted indexer block and last 1000 rounds have not had an issue.
  2. Under Armour Tac enduro. Best fitting pants i own. A little pricey but worth it.
  3. CGW hammer, ext firing pin and test out main springs 11 or 13 will make a huge difference.
  4. Springer on both my SP01's. Have worked well for last 1.5 years. Just be careful fitting and don't remove too much material. Seems not all CZ dovetails are the same.
  5. Switching to decocker from safety had none impact on trigger pull. Changing main spring, comp hammer has way more impact in trigger pull
  6. Shot a local IDPA match 4-5 years ago with a blind stage. My run was ok but there were 2 targets that took most people extra time to find. After my run there was an issue with scoring, targets were missed and I would need to reshoot. Cut my initial time in half, won the stage by over 20 seconds and ended up winning the match. I had no business winning that match. Blind stages sound fun and interesting but no way to make it fair for all competitors..
  7. Left index finger blocking firing pin and roll out. Has worked 100%. First used pinch method, had hammer slip out of fingers in practice on humid day. Which ever way you use if you make conscious effort and don't rush u will be fine.
  8. Any updates when it will be available? Video said June but it's now June. Looking forward to trying as well.
  9. What gun, division are you planning on shooting? The kit from Ben Stoeger Pro shop is pretty good and you will not be at any disadvantage as you progress. Depending on how much you want to spend ghost pouches work well on cheaper side, DAA pouches will run the gaumet on price points and are very good. Holster choice will most likely be determined by division, kydex vs race holster. I personally like kydex for CO, Prod and limited. Fraction of cost vs race holster and don't feel any slower on draws.
  10. All things equal guy who shoots fastest and most accurate wins. Point I think Ben Stoeger was making is bigger gains will be made by working on shooting improvements, reloads, splits, transitions etc. I definitely agree being in better shape helps match performance but isn't guaranteed to have huge impact in match results. Me personally, I am working on cardio, weights, eliminating sugar. This allows me to enjoy a long day at range vs. being in pain all day. Enjoyment is through the roof, match performance....not so much.
  11. I think we sometimes get to results oriented and that takes joy away from what we are doing. Focus on the process, learning a different gun, preparing for major match. After you start having fun again evaluate where you are with new gun/division and what you want your new goals to be.
  12. Try some different weight bullets and see what works best for your set up. I like a lighter bullet for CO, snappier recoil seems to get dot back on target quicker. Heavier bullet gives less felt recoil but gives more muzzle rise and feels like it takes longer for dot to get back on target.
  13. I always find these situations interesting. My struggle is defining what is an advantage or significant advantage. Ask 10 RO's you will get 10 different answers. Subjectivity and variation of interpretation by RO causes most issues in these situations and is not the same for all shooters.
  14. I agree on cost factor for myself. Production gets harder as you get older speed and vision wise. Limited us appealing due to mag capacity. Carry Optics seems to bridge both. See alot of local guys going CK open gun route, some decent used deals in $3k range. Feeling of Nice 2011 trigger does have an allure.
  15. +1 on bladetech holster. Have a couple RHT holsters and agree seems to be alot of movent of fun in holster. Like boss hanger vs. bladetech offset. Bladetech angles grip away from my side but feels like barrel is pointed right into my thigh.
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