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  1. The type 3 is the very oversized version that needs to be hand fitted to Non-FPB CZ's. Type 2 is "drop in" for FPB equipped CZ's. Type 1 is the "drop in" for non-FPB CZ's. If you have a 75B I would go Type 1 or 2. But, i would get a SRS-1 or 2 kit first and see how that works to shorten the reset enough. Also, if you hand fit a disco and then change the hammer you might need to get another disco and hand fit that. I have a P-01 that i ran a stock hammer and had to had fit a Type 2 disco in. I eventually upgraded to a CGW decocker hammer and had a huge long reset after install with the Type 2 that i had to hand fit. I eventually bought a new Type 1 and hand fit it and now all is good again. YMMV, but that was my experience.
  2. bigmatt

    P-09 Tuning Info

    A quick question for zhunter. How many rounds through your P-09? I just installed a pile of CGW parts in my P-09 and polished up the trigger and am getting 7#/3# trigger pulls with the 13# hammer spring. I know on my SP-01 after a year plus of shooting it lost almost a full pound DA and 1/2 a pound in SA after I first upgraded it. I guessing my P-09 should do the same after some time and more rounds down range.
  3. bigmatt

    P-09 Tuning Info

    SP-01 factory mags will work in a P-09, but not with the stock base pads. You need to swap to a thin base pad (i.e.: CZ rubber, thin metal, etc.). They lock in, feed fine, and lock the slide back on empty. The fit is a little loose so I would only use them for range use.
  4. If I had to do it all again and pick a CZ to use in production (or SSP) I would get a Shadow SP-01. I started with a regular FPB safety equipped SP-01 and upgraded the crap out of it with CZC and CGW parts. The trigger is great now after all the upgrades, but would be better without the FPB. It also would have been cheaper for me to start with a basic Shadow and then do a few upgrades to that. I mostly shoot IDPA locally so some of the really fancy Shadows I wouldn't be able to legally use anyway. I also have a Compact D that is upgraded similar to the SP-01. The DA is about a pound heavier and the SA about 6 ounces heavier compared to my SP-01. The SA is nice and crisp with a short reset (I hand fitted the disconnectors on both pistols), but the DA has never felt anywhere as good to me. I also accidentally engage the decocker occasionally when firing it. I've had to change my grip up a little to stop that from happening. To me I prefer the safety models. The easier detail strip is a big bonus. It is even easier on a Shadow or Pre-B. The decocker sear cage on the other hand is the devil. When hand fitting the disco I had to stop and take a few breaks before it was all finished because it does get frustrating very quickly. After some practice manually lowering the hammer is second nature and no big deal. The safety equipped models give you the option to start DA or SA. A decocker your only option is decocked to the half cock.
  5. bigmatt

    Carry Optic P09

    The listed weight on a CZ 75 is 34.3 oz so milling the slide and some choice diet parts might get it under 35 oz limit. The aluminum framed compacts would be able to make weight most likely.
  6. Gander Mountain is the home of $700 Glocks. But, Actually I was very surprised that the prices were reasonable. Most of the pre B's were $300-350, but many did not come with a magazine. I was told about how they got them from a store an hour away from my home. I was in the area and heard on another forum about them. That store was the one that did the deal so I think they cherry picked some of the nicer ones. All the CZ's they had were $400 plus tax, but all much nicer and all had magazines. They had one 75B, pre B 85, 85B, and the Compact D with rail I bought. The real FN Hi Power I bought was $350. The pre B pictured above was $300+tax but didn't have a magazine. The CZ83's were $220-250. I thought a number of the real Hi Powers and clones were priced a bit high considering condition, but overall not to bad IMHO.
  7. Where do you find these? I would love to run into a pair or 8 of them. Move to Michigan then! The Michigan Gander Mountain's bought 300 Israeli surplus pistols from a distributor in KY, and then spread them around to the local stores. They have had a bunch of pre B's, Hi Powers, HP clones, SIG P226, CZ83, and a few other CZ's. I've seen two 85's and a Compact D with rail (that I bought!). Of the 300 I ended up buying 3 of them: Pre B above, Compact D w/rail, and a FN Hi Power.
  8. bigmatt

    11.5 Main Spring

    In regards to te pencil test how far is good enough? I have three CZ's running the 11.5lb main spring: Regular SP-01, Compact D, and a SAO converted Pre B. Both of the firing pin block equipped guns the pencil jumps a few inches clear of the barrel. On the Pre B since it doesn't have a retaining pin stopping the firing pin the pencil jumps out over 12" out of the barrel.
  9. Bought another surplus CZ75 Pre-B:
  10. bigmatt

    11.5 Main Spring

    In my SP-01 with CGW extended firing pin and 11.5 hammer spring the Freedom Munitions 124 gr New is the only ammo I have light strikes with. After a recent install of a hand fitted Type 1 disco I headed to the back yard with 2 full mags: one FM124 and the other loaded with PMC 115gr. PMC was flawless. I had 4-5 light strikes with FM and one took a third trigger pull to ignite. It has caused me to move the Freedom to range use only.
  11. There is a thread here in the CZ section on page two basically saying many people have broken adjustable sights and often just went back to a fixed rear. If you got a fixed rear/fiber front you might need to do a little tweaking to zero, but once done you are done provided you don't change up the load you shoot.
  12. Looks like I get to take the Compact D apart at least one more time. In DA I'm getting some widely variable trigger pull measurements (just under 6lbs all the way up to 8.5lbs) so something isn't quite right in there. I would expect maybe a few ounces to half a pound, but 2 plus pound difference? I might reinstall the stock disco to see if it is my fitted Type 2 disco or not. I'm hoping to get to the range with both tomorrow or Thursday before work to test out the new mods.
  13. I just have to say thanks to kneelingatlas for starting this highly informative thread and all posters along the way. My CGW parts arrived and I installed the Type 1 disco in my SP-01 and its Type 2 disco into my Compact D. I would have not attempted to fit a part if it wasn't for this thread. The SP-01 went easy enough after fitting and getting it to reset correctly. The Type 2 installed into the Compact D had to be fitted for reset in SA and DA. But, with all the info on this thread I was able to diagnose and fix the hick ups along the way. In the end I learned the decocker cage is slightly evil, but I got pretty good taking it in and out so many times. The little easy to loose FPB lifter spring is completely the DEVIL on the other hand! It went flying twice and somehow I found it both times only to destroy it installing the sear cage pin. I had spares so no big deal. The SP-01 now has a shorter reset which is what I wanted. The Compact D has a much shorter reset as well, and really surprised me at how well it turned out in the end. A decocker CZ with a 6.5 lb DA and under 3 lb SA using the stock hammer exceeded my expectations.
  14. My SDP Compact DA trigger pull was way to heavy for my tastes. Mine was over 11 lbs DA and 5.5 lbs SA and I even bought it used. A CGW spring kit fixed that easily to 8.25/4.5 lbs now. The full size SDP is listed as the same trigger pull weights as the Compact so I would assume trigger pulls would be similar, but easily fixed with different springs. The Production model though lists 6.1/3.3 lbs trigger pulls!
  15. I bought a surplus Compact D and was impressed by how nice the trigger was when I got it. But, even then there is still a few changes I wanted to make. The ribbed trigger I didn't like at all. So yesterday I tore it down and while apart smoothed and polished the usual parts. When reassembling it I installed the smooth trigger from my transitional pre B I converted to SAO. After reassembly I was surprised that my reset was noticably shorter than before! Anyone have any ideas on how that happened? I compared the old and even older triggers and they looked identical to me. I have a type 1 disco coming that I plan to fit to my SP01 to get the shortest reset possible. After that the type 2 from the SP01 is going to get installed into the Compact along with a CGW SRS-2 to hopefully improve the reset even more. The one thing I didn't like about the Compact D other than the trigger was the long reset. These upgrades should hopefully reduce that.
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