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  1. I've had good luck with Atlanta Arms and Fennix Ammo.
  2. Sorry for positing what might be a stupid question, but does my USPSA membership automatically make me a member of Steel Challenge? I'm interested in trying out some SC but not sure how the membership works. Thanks in advance for your response!
  3. This will hold you back in the long run. Cocking the hammer on the draw is just too slow. To the OP: Just dry fire the piss out your DA and you will eventually not even think about it. I switched from Glock to CZ myself and had to drill it, but now the DA pull isn't something that even concerns me.
  4. I just got back into shooting since taking a break back in 2015. I was mainly a production shooter then. First match back was back on March 16th. There were several CO guns there. Though they looked fun so I got to researching it. Now I have a 2nd upper for my CZ to run in CO. Talk about easy to get into. All I needed was a 2nd upper, red dot, and mounting plate. Slapped some extensions on a couple mags. All set. Cheapest entry into a new division ever. First match with that will be this weekend. Looking forward to it.
  5. So, how aggressive are the bogies? I had a set of VZ diamondbacks back in the day and they were too much. Currently running thin aluminum grips with skate tape on them, so looking for something to replace that. The skate tape always eventually looses its adhesion...and always at the worst time!
  6. Just what I wanted to know. Thanks!
  7. As the title says...are slide rackers ok in CO? More specifically, I'm wondering if the red dot plates from CZ custom would be allowed. They have small "wings" on them to act as a slide racker. See the pic for more detail. Thanks in advance for your response!
  8. W_Buck

    SP01 Shadow Slide

    Thanks! I'll do that!
  9. W_Buck

    Ammo for CZ LSP

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah I figured I could just buy bulk form one of the many online dealers. Just curious if there are any companies out there making ammo tailored to USPSA? I never bought ammo for matches before, so I never bothered to research what all was out there.
  10. W_Buck

    SP01 Shadow Slide

    Anybody know of a good place to buy a Shadow slide? I know CZ Custom has the complete uppers for sale, which is exactly what I want, but they are currently out of stock. If all else fails, I'll just post up a WTB in the classifieds. Thanks for any help!
  11. W_Buck

    Ammo for CZ LSP

    Just starting to get back into the sport after a 4-year break. Got rid of all my reloading equipment, so now I'll have buy my ammo. Not planning to get back into reloading, so hoping to get some suggestions for some good match 9mm ammo to run in my LSP for production. Thanks for the suggestions!
  12. Sign me up. A67923. Production 82.06%
  13. W_Buck

    11.5 Main Spring

    Another practice session today. Around 250 rounds. 11.5 spring still has no light strikes. That's 550 rounds with CCI primers and all have went bang the first time. Things are looking good so far. I just hope it doesn't decide to start acting up at the match next weekend.
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