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  1. Rats. Wish I'd seen this before I ordered something today.
  2. I think he was referring to the sv-4, like I said call the seller prior to ordering though. That's the one item I am still having an issue getting even though Amazon showed it was in stock. No, I am talking about the Strike Eagle Do you have the product link? The closest I get on my searches is a StrikeFire scope.
  3. Are you talking about the Strike Eagle or something else? Can't seem to find the Strike Eagle on Amazon.
  4. Is any milling done to the slide to assemble the slide? If the sights require milling to install them, that would also knock the LS-P out of SSP under the same reasoning as the Accu-Shadow.
  5. Mostly, I'm trying to gauge the necessity of a Shadow upper. Living in California, we can't buy any Shadows directly as none of them are on the roster. We'd either have to buy an on-roster base gun and send it to CZC to build it up to match our desired Shadow model, buy a Shadow upper and DIY, or not bother with the Shadow upper at all. Sounds like the difference may be very minor and it may be more expedient/cost-effective to do the other upgrades without worrying about the firing pin block.
  6. Elsewhere on this forum I read that there might be a 1mm difference in the rese between an upper with ( or without (Shadow) the firing pin blockt, but is that all? Are there any other benefits to not having the firing pin block? For the sake of argument, let's say that CZCustom did exactly the same work on both guns (or even the same gun) with the only difference being the regular vs the Shadow upper. What would be the actual difference when shooting?
  7. I read it wrong. You're right. It is approved.
  8. Fitted match barrel. Fixed sights instead of adjustable ones. Not approved for USPSA Production. Can't say whether or not that's worth it for the extra money for you.
  9. I want one so badly, but even importation to the US isn't going to help me.
  10. If it's legal for SSP, it's also legal for ESP and CDP, so the SP-01 is okay with its dust cover >3.25" up until you get to a model with a modification that knocks it out of of SSP. For example, the SP-01 Accu-Shadow and SP-01 Shadow Target. The Accu-Shadow Lite is fine because its dust cover is short enough to qualify for ESP.
  11. Here's what I got back from KRISS: It's positive that some parts may be available, but there's not timeline, so it could be next week or next year.
  12. In the ESP section, trigger position is mentioned explicitly as a permitted modification: Aftermarket triggers and trigger work that result in the trigger being forward or rearward from the stock trigger position. However, it isn't mentioned in the SSP section, so that seems to imply it's not allowed. (Permitted) Magazine releases, slide stops, safety levers, de-cocking levers, hammers, and triggers, that are stock on one SSP legal firearm may be used on another SSP legal firearm from the same manufacturer provided they are drop in replacements. Parts in this list must come factory installed on standard production firearms. Special parts that are available installed only from a factory custom shop are not eligible in SSP. (Excluded) Externally visible modifications other than those listed in the Permitted Modifications section. My interpretation, then, is that a stock 97B would be fine for SSP, ESP and CDP, but a 97B with an alteration that deviates from the stock position of the trigger (e.g.: CGW Reach Reduction Kit) is illegal for SSP and therefore doesn't qualify for the rules quoted above. Am I reading this wrong? I thought a modification that's not explicitly allowed is prohibited by default.
  13. As I read it, the stock configuration would legal at all levels of USPSA, but only be legal in IDPA SSP and not ESP or CDP, on account of the dust cover exceeding 3.25". Is that correct? If I get CGW E Package, it would drop out of legality for IDPA SSP due to an externally visible modification (i.e.: Reach Reduction Kit changes trigger position). Would it also drop it out of USPSA Production? The rules don't specifically allow a trigger position change, so it's therefore prohibited, isn't it? (Not that I'd want to shoot 45 in Production...) Sounds like the only reasonable divisions for the 97B would be Open, Limited-10 and CDP (if the dust cover is cut down)?
  14. 9mm Shadow has a smaller hole and therefore more metal in the slide?
  15. CZ-USA lists the 97B at 2.54 lbs (40.64 oz).
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