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  1. Yeah, I saw that. Was just wondering if the reverse could be done: G26 upper on a G19 lower. Just wondering and curious since the G19 upper on a G26 lower concept was out there.
  2. I'd long sold my G26 and don't have it to compare. Therefore, hope you guys can help. I'm looking for some info between these two lowers. Looks like the G19 barrel will work in a G26 with some extra length at the end. So the barrel lugs and lowers' locking blocks are pretty much identical. But are the front frame rails in the same spot? I know the G17's front rails are more forward than the G19's rails. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hey partner, I saw your thread on adding lead to the Dawson Glock Mag basepads.  How did that work out function wise?  I plan on doing the same for my carry optics glock setup.  Thanks,


    1. knedrgr


      Hey Tom,

      it'd worked out great. Helped to stabilized the gun, and mags dropped nicely. 


    2. rpm8300


      Great thanks

  4. Finally got a reply back from Troy.
  5. And since you're allow to run 140mm mags in CO, you can load up the extra space. I have fourteen 147gr bullets in the bottom to fill the void. Each is 9.57g, 14 makes them around 133.98 ~ 4.72oz of static weight. Plus guarantee to drop free. LOL
  6. Zev heavy brass insert from their magwell. If the extra brass isn't allow, you can try to shave it to match the frame.
  7. Currently also running that in my frame for the extra 2.82oz.
  8. Maybe it was just the lighting or humidity, but that was an impressive cloud of smoke you were generating. Tightgroup and coated bullets? You are correct in your assessment: TG and coated bullets. LOL
  9. Sorry, you're right. 43oz is for Single Stack.
  10. The weight for CO is now 43oz with empty mag and optic. This pretty much brings the weight limit toward the SP01 with an optic. So, if you're gun has a plastic frame, you're GTG.
  11. Finally was able to run PCC today. Here's a stage at the first match with my G17 SBR This stage, the designer thought he'd gotten everyone with forcing a mag change, due to round limitation. Total round required was 36. Then here I come with a Glock 33-round mag and Dawson extended pad for a total of 37 rounds. LOL
  12. I have both FF3 and RMR06. If it's just a range/comp gun. I would save the money and go with the FF3. Mines holding zero perfectly. RMR is if you're going to think about potentially using it in a carry gun. No need to turn off for battery life.
  13. So the contour comp will match the stock profile of the stock G22 slide?
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