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  1. Nothing wrong with an aimpoint, I shot with one for a few years and still have one on my back-up. Then again what daddy wants daddy gets.
  2. Check out those mag pouches.
  3. A conservative plan is a losing plan, I have to go for it.
  4. I can't decide if I hate you or not ... no just a little jealous.
  5. Come on dude google: http://speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?ID=SVRM38170&n=SVI-Replacment-Mag-Tube-17OMM--38/9MM
  6. In my para I used an unmodified SV, and a Grams tuned tube with no problems. I would find a buddy with a SV tube and test it out.
  7. open duh, going to try and talk my brother into slumming with me for a bad boys weekend ...
  8. I'm pretty sure Saul and his crew did NOT follow the limited SS, he bailed after the open match.
  9. I started with 9mm, now I'm shooting supercomp for a whole host of reasons. Oh yeah and I've got a couple of open guns for sale both in 38 supercomp.
  10. FYI there is a membership meeting at nationals every year, but I understand people like to complain shrouded by the anonymity provided by the internet.
  11. What? If I had a choice I'd shoot almost everything out to fifty with a pistol, even that clay.
  12. Jim: There really was no goo way to do what you wanted in these ports, Gary is right the targets were obscured by barrels/props, you had to get in there and nail the position. Thanks to Paul here's how Taran did it: Dave on stage five, the first position on the right had a very similar set up:
  13. The bullet has to stay in the case threw cycling.
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