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  1. Chris Spiess

    Speer primer pockets smaller?

    It's from some variety of 'clean fire' ammunition. The lead free primers only come in small pistol sizes. Still perfectly usable, but a PITA unless you have a whole bunch of it.
  2. Chris Spiess

    180gr moly with 4.9 solo 1000

    I use 185gr. Precision Bullets molys. 4.2 grains game me 168PF out my old Para 5" barrel. I had to increase to 4.3/4.4 to get roughly the same PF out of a 4.75" Tanfoglio. OAL is consistent at 1.150
  3. Chris Spiess

    Hornady Lock-N-Load AP

    The conversion kit is $30...here The previous consensus was that the machine shop sets up and runs all the shell plates they have about every 6 weeks, then they stack up again for 6 weeks. So depending on when in the cycle you send them to Hornady, it could be the full six weeks or as little as a week or so.
  4. Chris Spiess

    Hornady lock-n-load

    +1 The conversionis only $30. The time involved in trying to DIY this is worth more than that, to me at least.
  5. Chris Spiess

    Which 1-4x scope

    Yes, I've done a search and done some poking around already. I'm trying to decide on a low cost 1-4x tactical scope for my AR. If money were no object I'd probably throw a Valdada or US Optics and be done with it, but it is. A Burris or a Vortex is more in line with my budget. Thoughts on selecting between these two, or possibly other options in the $500-$600 range.
  6. Chris Spiess

    Hornady L-N-L Powderfunnel?

    I used Lyman expanders for a long while and was really happy with that setup. However, if you want to go with a bullet feeder you have to combine your expander in with the powder drop. Frankly, I think the Hornady PXTs work ok as long as: A: not using a U-die to resize and; B: you're using jacketed or plated bullets.
  7. Chris Spiess

    Para P14 frame

    I don't think frames only are available. I did some finagling and got a couple frames off some warranty returns or something. They are a bit of a mixed bag: one was a .45 I think, one was a .38 Super - one is cut for a nowlin ramp, the other for a para/clark ramp. Got a good deal on them for undefined future projects. I've still got them for said undefined future projects, but am willing to part with them.
  8. Chris Spiess

    Para P14 frame

    I have a couple Armscor hi-cap frames that I picked up a while back. They are para copies. I'm willing to part with one or both, shoot me a PM.
  9. Chris Spiess

    need to resize new brass?

    Yes, and decap them too. I've seen a couple new cases w/o flash holes. Your decapping pin won't create the flash hole, but at least you'll find it before you put a primer in the case.
  10. Chris Spiess

    Fusion kit in 40S&W

    You have a Tanfoglio already, so you're aware of the difference in feel between it and the 1911/2011 platform. I recently switched over from STI and Para open and limited guns to Tanfoglio. I like the higher grip and overall feel a bit better, although I am still a big 1911 fan. Hop over into the EAA/Tanfoglio forum or Henning's forum and post this question up, you'll get some good responses.
  11. Chris Spiess

    Tripp, Wilson or Other 9MM Magazines for Spartan?

    I recently finished a 9mm commander for my son. I have both Tripp and Wilson mags for the gun. I prefer the follower and the lips on the CobraMags. The release from the CobraMags seems more controlled and consistent. I will be purchasing more of the Tripp mags for this gun.
  12. Chris Spiess

    My new EAA Witness Limited is ready to rumble

    Did you have it TIG'd or MIG'd? I assume the former. The cost of the welding from Canyon Creek isn't so much the issue as is the shipping cost to and from IMO.
  13. Chris Spiess

    Tanfoglio Slide Rackers

    Yipe! Me too. It certainly looks sweet, but I would lose the top of my thumb for sure! There's not enough mass to worry about.
  14. Chris Spiess

    Tripp Cobra 1911 9mm 10rd mag problem

    I've got a couple 10rd Cobra mags for the 9mm I built for my son. I have not seen this happen at all. I am loading MG 124s to 1.110.
  15. Chris Spiess

    9mm 1911 - Sluggish recoil, what to do?

    I've got a Para P18-9 and it cycles very slowly with ~132PF as well. 132PF and a full-length, full-weight steel 1911 slide is going to make for a slow combination. Try a lighter recoil spring. I've gone as low as 9# in mine, i believe it's currently running a 10#, but even with that the brass lands at my feet. Your best option is going to be bumping up the load until it's more to your liking.