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  1. I would think so, but it is my understanding Angus and crew designed them and the spring to work with the 30 round tubes. I woild think the spring length would keep you from getting 40 using the 20 round tube without removing coils?. I saw a post somewhere where Angus tried one on a 10rd tube. The mag would not clear the release although it did seem to fit on a bullet button equipped model
  2. Just ordered 2 of them yesterday!! +20 rounds for the 30 round tubes!!
  3. Ok sorry to sound stupid but I gotta ask. so to get a 14 rd tube figuring the factory capacity is 8, I need a +6 tube kit? or do I need to buy a 8 & a 6 plus a coupler?
  4. Simple question. Is ANYONE running one of these C-More ? Very curious about it. Looked at it at my LGS and the glass seemed pretty good. I like the reticle too, though I have read the some think it is too busy. Any input would be helpful
  5. For all the Scorpion shooters out there, we NEED someone to make us some +10 basepads so we can run 40+1 like everyone else!!
  6. I am wanting to play around in 3 gun. To not have to go out and buy a new pistol/rig/mags etc and keep the initial costs down (every pistol I have is Open division), I would like to turn my FN SLP MK 1 into a open division shotgun. It has a 22" barrel. What is the largest mag tube I can safely run on it? Any other tips would be appreciated. I do not have the $2k+ to invest in a box fed shotgun at this time, but could see one in my future Thanks
  7. I was afraid of that. It seems OK for now, but definitely not right (no pun intended)
  8. I am having a weird issue. I zero'd my open gun this afternoon with a RTS2 V4 on it. It is on a Doubletap mount, as it is replacing a slideride with the same style mount. The issue is, while I was able to achieve zero at 25 yards, I am totally out of adjustment to the right. Not sure if I installed wrong or there is something with the spacers on the mount that could be causing it to cant to one side (I would think left if I am out of right?). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. I run 7.3 grains of CFE under a Montana Gold 121 ifp projectile loaded to 1.225 OAL. Makes 173PF put of my EMG Customs open gun (Trubor barrel with 2 popple holes). Super nice shooting load!
  10. I like both. I run MG 121's in my open gun. For 124's I use PD. If PD made 121's, I would use nothing but
  11. I cracked a STI slide at @ 70k rounds on my open gun. I have heard of some cracking sooner. Had a older SV with over 100k on it and it was fine, just starting to get loose
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