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  1. Looking at the ghost can u email me more pics, usmc3531@hotmail.com thanks rob

  2. this is what I do , nice to pull the muffs off in summer
  3. My natural point of aim dictates my stance, left foot about four inches in front of my right. I'm right handed and I shoot strong, weak and freestyle the same way. Kinda keeps everything in the same "groove".
  4. I've run 115 gr JHP MG out to 1.175" and have heard others load them a little longer but the bullets aren't in the case very far:( Now I load 124 JHP to 1.16" - leaves a lot of room for the WAC and have more case wrapped around the bullet:) Jack you've run that long in a tan witness? I am talking about tan not sti
  5. no I'm happy with my hardy. just messin around. You cant have to many toys.
  6. when I had a v12 , I used vit n105 with 115's. Still the flattest shooting gun/load combo I've shot. Since vit is so pricey I used imr 4756 for practice. Pretty close but not as flat, and it;s cheap
  7. So since they finally got 9 running, I was thinking about building a 9 major open pistol. There are a few questions I have. What is the max OAL I can run in 9. Guess I'll ask the other questions as they arise
  8. I just need to know if its something I can do or not. If its turning a screw I'm good. I'm not taking down the bottom end cause everything I screw with turns to sh_t !
  9. 1/4 to 3/8 inch. hard to judge
  10. Trust me if it doesn't reset then you aren't breaking another shot, known as trigger freeze. Well to me trigger freeze is the shooter's fault, I may be wrong. But if the trigger reset was were it should be I would not get trigger freeze. At least I know I'm not slapping the trigger.So back to the question, how or what determines how short the reset is?
  11. 1/4 inch ? When I do fast splits I'm not letting it reset before breaking second shot (or trying anyway)
  12. How do you adjust the point at which your trigger resets? Mine does'nt reset till the trigger is almost all the way out.
  13. I loved my v12 38sc.flattest shooting gun I've shot. I just got tired of picking up brass so I went sti 9 major
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