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  1. Good advice from the above posters. You also might want to lube the ram and contact points on the press to facilitate better primer seating. Do not overdue the lube on the ram or you can have a mess. Michael
  2. Ditto on the above regarding Redding dies. I use them for all pistol calibers I reload for on my Dillon 550. I leave the spring in the Redding micrometer seating die. I believe that it helps to align the bullet for straighter seating from the beginning of the process. It made a huge difference in accuracy for reloading lead semi wadcutters for .45 caliber. The groups tightened and the fliers came back into the group. I keep a RamRodz "q-tip" of the same caliber handy with some case lube on it to periodically swab out the micrometer crimp die through the top. Good luck and stay safe. Michael
  3. VV N-110 works great for high velocities and VV 3N37 for less than full bore magnum loads. I use Federal magnum pistol primers for the N-110.
  4. Decot is top notch. I have used their glasses for rifle, pistol and shotgun. Be open to their suggestions as to the color and tint. For pistol I have bifocals with the bifocal lens at the top instead of the bottom, making it easier to pick up the front sight from a more aggressive stance. I had them make the color a very light green which Robert recommended. They are great. Good luck. Mike
  5. I load to 1.200" for Montana Gold or Hornady HAP bullets. I have gone as far 1.215". Not a feeding problem with either length in 10 different SVI mags for 4 different SVI pistols. If you are loading longer and the nose diving rounds still occur on occasion, you might want to install a new mag spring or put a slight bend in the top coil. Good luck. Mike
  6. Large Dillon - I will second the recommendation. Also get the case/media separator.
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