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  1. I use the Cooper Grips lava rock textured as well. They are awesome but you have to be careful about not over torquing the grip screws. The texture is the best though and they are cheap ($35) and come in lots of colors.
  2. Cheapest: Polish internals 13# hammer spring next level: Polish internals 11.5# hammer spring extended firing pin and reduced power firing pin spring (need this when you go below 13# hammer spring) Reduced power trigger return spring Best option: Polish internals 11.5# hammer spring (or 8.5# and federals only) extended firing pin and reduced power firing pin spring Reduced power trigger return spring CZC Comp Hammer CGQ adjustible sear
  3. That's funny, Let's see the rest of them.
  4. I don't think they will be able to seat.
  5. Probably a broken trigger return spring
  6. If you are under 2 seconds getting -0, it's probably good. Lots of other thing to practice that have a bigger impact on match results than the draw.
  7. I just got off the phone with a rep at Optics Planet. They have 300 units inbound with an ETA of 9/5/15. I ordered 7/15/15 and she said I would definitely get one of those units.
  8. Optics planet is getting these in and selling them to new customers Instead of shipping them out to the list of people waiting on backorder for months? WTF? I've been waiting like a good boy and OP is selling them rather than fulfilling backorders?
  9. http://www.armadilloconcealment.com/Home_Page.html
  10. if you type G a s P e d a l it changes it to *thumb rest [generic]* G a s P a d a l is a trademark of GoGun USA
  11. North Texas Multigun puts on great matches & they are having a match this weekend in Cresson. You can shoot it either Saturday or Sunday. http://www.northtexasmultigun.com/
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