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  1. With all due respect....no, I've seen every single blue color/ civil servant/ father of five/ whatever who really wanted one...like REALLY wanted one...put together the cash and buy one. Maybe not right away. Maybe not the full custom with the Tin barrel and the custom serial number, but they bought a 2011 that improved their shooting and enjoyment of the game. When I was in retail selling guns, the guys who said they couldn't afford them were always the guys bought cheap guns from me monthly and never bought a single box of ammo. So in my experience, the only people who can't afford them are people who like buying guns more than they like shooting guns.
  2. No, it does not weigh 8lbs. I think its advantages far outweigh its mass.
  3. Tac-Mod... Fully adjustable on all axis, limbsaver recoil pad and best cheek piece in the business. [mic drop]
  4. HD stands for High Density glass...which is a thing but the industry has not objectively defined what it means yet. I imagine they found a way to bring a high quality image to the line at a price point they wanted just like we did. Then more dense the glass is, the less refraction of light as it passes through the lens. You can absolutely tell the difference. There is a good scope from someone in pretty much every price point, if this one doesn't match your budget.
  5. I had a customer have one that was shooting "low"...It wasn't a 6:00 hold, but it wasn't any lower than my nighthawk or and glock or M&P. Swapping the front sight is your best option.
  6. Devils advocate, when you roll the gun, you have a more aggressive hand position on the fire control as far as recoil goes. As pertains to recoil your hand is at the 45 instead of the 90 to control the energy leaving. I have to believe at best it would only be a subtle difference.
  7. We get this all the time at Vortex, it sounds like the same issue here and I'm sure my colleagues at Trijicon and Leupold get this too (because our travel specs are pretty much the same). For pistol applications, the combination of height over bore (ESPECIALLY on saddle mounts) and the really close distances guys are trying to zero at will max or exceed the travel. This is because the bullet has to rise sometimes a inch or more to cross your line of sight, and even if you can zero at this distance sometimes you are at a such an early part of the ballistic arc that your zero may not work very well for other distances. We recommend zeroing at 25 yards keeping in mind that you are still going to be a touch low up close. To zero at 7, 10, or 15 you more than likely need to use a shim or a canted base. Remember in the world of carbines a conventional zero, point of impact is 1.5-2" low at close ranges due to height over bore. The same concept applies here.
  8. By the numbers I believe our window is smaller than the C-more, but I don't have much time behind a C-more.
  9. I care not. Having a one off is over rated and...frankly petty unless you have a specific reason.
  10. Aaron Cowan did a pretty comprehensive review of them.
  11. I have many talents, but more exclusive these days.
  12. To be fair, most "issues" with open guns are tinkering induced..
  13. I didn't either until it was pointed out to me. Game changer.
  14. Is anything about a JP necessary? Seriously. Its all necessary enhanced. None of it imperative, but every little bit helps depending upon what you are trying to accomplish. The break in stuff is the same old thing that has been handed generation to generation and nobody believes. In the words of the great John Noveske "Unless you get it hot enough to brand cattle, you ain't going to hurt that barrel." their stuff is no polished from the get go though...they don't need a break in IMO. I mounted an optic and went off to the races with mine.
  15. Aside from the obvious division difference. You aren't really at a disadvantage at that distance, you WILL have better luck if you sight in for a 6:00 hold on your red dot so you can hold low on all the targets. This way you can see the dot AND the target in relation to each other.
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