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  1. Does anyone know if this is IDPA legal or not. I know disconnecting or modifying a safety is not allowed but if you replace a part with a part? I’m not sure.
  2. I pulled the factory trigger out of mine and noticed what appeared to be an additional disconnector spring drilled and placed in the front of the trigger. This applies lots of extra pull weight to over come all the springs. It had about a 9 lb pull. I replace the springs with JP spring kit and removed the extra spring. Seemed to do ok and didn't have an issue. Trigger was still a little creepy. I finally put a POF drop in Trigger in mine and haven't had any problems so far, and have about 500 rounds thru the gun. I called and talked to Freedom Ordinance about the trigger situation. They indicated that "some" people were reporting doubling with other triggers or modifications, possibly due to bump fires or hammer follow. They recommend following the guidance on their web site - no light triggers or if you do keep you factory one close at hand. I bought a cheaper ambi safety that had reversible pads on it and it seemed to have a lot of play side to side. maybe a 1/16 of inch or little more. It worked fine but I didn't like the look or feel that much. Being right handed I really didn't need it so I put the factory one back in the gun. Only issue I had was at the one and only club match I shot where I had a piece of brass separate in the chamber. Certainly not the guns fault. I really like the gun and it's a ball to shoot. But man can I shoot up a bunch of ammo with them 33 round sticks.
  3. Get ahold of Matt Cheely,, Cheely Custom Guns. I have sent him 2 barrels over the years. One on my STI open gun and one was my SP-01 Shadow. Always sent a dummy round - no primer and no powder with the bullet of choice seated to the overall length of choice. He will throat the barrel and give you a little bit more. Use his web site to get ahold of him. He gets back to you fast and he is fast doing the work. He turned both barrels around the same day he got them.
  4. I believe they are listed as 18 but I have heard some say they get 19 in them. So either way just wondering if the longer shadow mags in the gun will fit the box. Sounds like they do. Thanks for the comments.
  5. Can anyone tell me if the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow with the factory extended 19 round mags fit in the IDPA box? Just wondering if you needed to get the shorter 16 round flush mags to fit the box.
  6. shotgunone

    CZ Grip Weight

    Thanks for the info. It's a pretty heavy pistol and I only have an ounce or so to spare on changing things out. Didn't want to spend the money and find out they were heavier. Kells81 did you convert your shadow to single action only? What parts did you use to get it done? Not real fond of the DA/SA trigger and usually only shoot ESP anyway. Thanks
  7. shotgunone

    CZ Grip Weight

    I have a new CZ shadow on the way for IDPA. It is supposed to make weight being under 43 oz. I was wanting to change the grips to VZ diamondbacks from the rubber grips. Does anybody know how much difference the VZ's are going to make? Are they lighter or heavier than the rubber grips? Thanks
  8. I had the same problem with these and I had over crimped them cut the plating. Pull some and see. Crimp will be really rough or broken exposing the lead. A very light crimp is all that is needed. Just barely leave a ring from the crimp.
  9. shooterclay classifieds are in the Miscellaneous section. Should be able to see them if your logged in. Takes 50 posts to sell there, I believe.
  10. Heat gun will loosen the red locktite.
  11. With the slide off. Insert a magazine and push up firmly on the magazine to see if the magazine is contacting the ejector. It's pretty easy to see. If it is or you install a new eject you need to check this anyway. Sometimes when you slam the mag home it will hit the bottom of the ejector. It can easily put a ding or slightly bend in the roll pin which is hollow causing the ejector to be a little loose. If there is just a slight wobble in the ejector a new roll pin may fix it. If the magazine is able to hit the ejector you have a couple of options. Dawson makes a mag release that prevents over insertion of the magazine. Or you can file the underside of the ejector until you get clearance. Or you can file the back of the magazine on the one side under the ejector. Be careful as you only need to remove a couple of thousands to create the clearance if the mag is hitting the ejector. A gunsmith is lots cheaper than messing up the frame and/or a new ejector. I wouldn't recommend sending this to STI because it may take them months to get your gun fixed and returned.
  12. Sometime a new roll pin will tighten it up some. If it's STI you could call them and see if they would send you a new ejector and pin under their lifetime warranty. If so you will need a left twist drill to drill the notch in the ejector. Also might want to see why it was loose. Do you have magazines hitting it when you insert them?
  13. Standard book loads on hodgdon's web site for tite group and a 180 or 165 will make 165+PF pretty easy. Chrono is a good idea but I don't think it will be hard to make major with factory 40. If you can find some HS-6 you can get to 180 PF with 165 gr or 180 gr bullets. This ain't as hard as loading 9 major. But loading 9 major in a limited serves no purpose.
  14. Thanks for all the input. What dot sizes are you all running on your RTS2's? Are they larger, same, or smaller than when you used the c-more rail mounted sites?
  15. Dan Wesson use to make a 5" inch in 40 s&W called the PM7 or SSC or something like that. I think you can still get one from their custom shop.
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