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  1. Does anyone know if this is IDPA legal or not. I know disconnecting or modifying a safety is not allowed but if you replace a part with a part? I’m not sure.
  2. I pulled the factory trigger out of mine and noticed what appeared to be an additional disconnector spring drilled and placed in the front of the trigger. This applies lots of extra pull weight to over come all the springs. It had about a 9 lb pull. I replace the springs with JP spring kit and removed the extra spring. Seemed to do ok and didn't have an issue. Trigger was still a little creepy. I finally put a POF drop in Trigger in mine and haven't had any problems so far, and have about 500 rounds thru the gun. I called and talked to Freedom Ordinance about the trigger situation. Th
  3. Get ahold of Matt Cheely,, Cheely Custom Guns. I have sent him 2 barrels over the years. One on my STI open gun and one was my SP-01 Shadow. Always sent a dummy round - no primer and no powder with the bullet of choice seated to the overall length of choice. He will throat the barrel and give you a little bit more. Use his web site to get ahold of him. He gets back to you fast and he is fast doing the work. He turned both barrels around the same day he got them.
  4. I was just wondering because APEX website says that you have to have the FSS to use the Flat Face Trigger. So I guess I need to buy the whole kit for $170 and not just the trigger for $70 to get it to work in my stock M&P CORE, is that correct?
  5. So does the M&P CORE pro series have to have the APEX Forward Set Sear upgrade also, or is that the improvement that is in the pro series trigger?
  6. Glock ....... M&P ......... Sorry I couldn't resist. It wouldn't be a 1911 / 2011 without the grip safety. Besides the grip safety adds 1 part - the grip safety held in by the thumb safety.
  7. Thanks for all the info. What caliber are most of you all shooting in open class especially in the Trubor's? I think they come in 9mm and 38 super, right? Probably the best idea I keep hearing you all tell me is to go run what I have at some local matches before I spend lots of money on a new gun and red dot. That's probably the smart thing to do. I just get that gun buying itch, too bad I have a champagne taste on a beer income. haha
  8. If this is your goal, shoot USPSA. Haha - ok sorry I couldn't help myself - it was too easy . I haven't read the rules on USPSA but I take it that they may be a little more "forgiving" than some of IDPA's. I have also learned to be careful as some guys are really into the sport and my wit and humor, as the new guy, is not always welcomed (if you know what I mean).
  9. Thanks guys for all the comments. And you fellow Texans (JPG and Light700) for offering to let me try a few rounds thru your guns. Maybe I'll get that opportunity some day. My main goal lately has been working on avoiding procedurals in IDPA shoots. Several of the guys I shoot with shoot both and they tell me how USPSA is more of a run and gun type sport. I am to old and fat, to be too fast, so mostly I just want to have some fun shooting. So I'm looking at the different pistol sports out their that are close at hand and hope to get to try some of them. Not going to buy anything new rig
  10. Currently shooting IDPA with a 9mm 1911. Located about an hour from Ft Worth and been shooting with club that shoots on the west side of DFW. They hold USPSA matches once a month but I just haven't been able to get off and get to one. With my schedule right now about all I can do is sqeeze in a couple of IDPA matches once a month. Just trying to find a use for the Elite Match since it don't make the weight limit for IDPA. Of course the local guys said it didn't matter to them but if I ever shot upper level matches it would be a problem. Y'all are probably right it would be a good idea t
  11. I'm relatively new to the action shooting sports. It's been 30 years since I competed with a pistol. I'm currently shooting IDPA but I'd like to try some of the other games in town. I was thinking about USPSA Open and maybe some steel. I'm trying to feel my way along so not really wanting to jump off in a 3K custom gun. With my aging eye's the use of a red dot kind of appeals to me. Would a EAA Tanfoglio Elite Witness Match be a good starting point for an open gun for someone new to trying the sport? I have a 9mm and they are relatively inexpensive and pretty dang accurate. I was think
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