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  1. I'm loading 38 super for major in an open gun .....is there really a difference between regular and +p hulls? I have loaded both and really don't notice the difference. Thanks
  2. I can run the coated bullets pretty fast....major pf velocities....
  3. Has anyone tried coating there own bullets.....I came across a deal on 10k lead 9 .355...... thought about trying some bayou coat and using the bullets for practice out of my open gun..... was hoping I could avoid resizing them this gun prefers .356 does anyone know how much it adds? Thanks
  4. I am using 38 super 124 fmj pd with WAC 1.25 I have shot 7.6 it was about 1375 7.9 was 1425 8.2 was 1500 the higher end stuff was very accurate no signs of op .... The gun is a dvc open.
  5. The open gun I bought is the only open one I have ever fired so I appreciate all the help. My question is I have developed numerous loads in trying to find a nice flat one....but How flat is Flat since I do not have anything to compare it to. How much dot movement should there be cause I know there has to be some. Thanks for the help.
  6. Ok got another question...... Testing loads got to a 176.7 pf.....suddenly the gun was shooting the same point of aim at 15 yds and 25 yds. Previously I had signed in at 15 and 25 was high. No signs of op ....my question is is this where I want to be. I am assuming this is what yall meant by shooting flat.. Thanks for all the help.
  7. How hot do yall think I should go..... the 7.6 are at about 1375 which is 170 I ran some 8 wac today they clock 1430..... the dot seemed to jump less but its hard to tell since I am new and I could see a little presure on the primers. thanks
  8. Just picked up my 1st open gun used . Loaded 124 precision delta with 7.6 each wsr running abut 1375...my question is this to get the most out of the comp should I speed up a little or slow down. Thanks
  9. I meant how do they do for shooting major .....sorry I should have been clearer.
  10. Can you use plated bullets in an open gun with a comp. I have heard both ways . Just starting out loading for this gun I have plenty of bayou 124. But was wondering what I should try 1st. Thanks
  11. rmj339

    Open gun

    Found a nice used open gun in 38 super ..... my question is many people use this it 3 gun or stick with a limited gun....thanks
  12. rmj339

    Open gun

    Found a nice used open gun in 38 super ..... my question is many people use this it 3 gun or stick with a limited gun....thanks
  13. For 3 gun ar what is probably the longest you can effectively use a red dot......I debating on it or. 1.5x5 for my next match farthest targets are probably 300.....thanks
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