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  1. Just don't forget to replace the primer in the brass you pulled from.
  2. I've only used SNS. Always worked. Good quality and competitively priced. No reason to change. Oh, and no red fingers.
  3. No problem as you'll be loading off the ogive rather than the end of the bullet which is more important imo.
  4. SNS NLG FP over WSF. Being shooting them for a while, they work well, very good quality, - no reason to switch.
  5. They're all good just pick a color.
  6. SNS quality is very good. Love the new red coating and they also have 135gr NLG.
  7. Appreciate the feedback Will continue to shoot my CZ but definitely throwing the VP9 in the mix. Can't see shooting anything better than the CZ but time will tell. VP is sweet. Thanks.
  8. Always have liked my VP9 but opted for a CZ SP-01 for IDPA, until recently. Have gotten pretty excited about the arrival of the new VP9sk so I took my VP9 out of the safe recently. Forgot how well it shoots and what a great trigger it has, for a poly striker-fire. Shot it yesterday for the first time in a year using my go-to 147gr coated SNS over WSF and other than a few flyers, shot it almost as well as my CZ. In anticipation of using the SK for concealed carry(when I find one), planning on shooting the VP9 more, including IDPA. Curious of those who load for the VP9 what seems to work best for you. Other than the SNS 147 gr load, sometimes load PD 124 JHPs and SNS coated 125s over HP-38. Chrono with the 147 SNS was pretty good with the VP9 using 3.8 gr WSF at 1.14" OAL tested back in 2015 . 15 rd avg gave 908 fps with 8.9 SD and 36 ES with good accuracy so not sure how much better I could ask for.
  9. JLeeCZ

    New VP9 compact !!

    Hearing some good things about the VP9sk.
  10. Interesting. Out of the many WSF 9mm loads I've tested, ES never higher than 30s and SD always <10 with a minimum 15 rounds per test.
  11. 4.8gr WSF under 124 PD JHP 1.09" OAL 15rds shot over Pro Digital Chrono 1041 fps avg velocity ES 32 SD 8.2 CZ P07 Personally prefer WSF with 147gr and 231/HP-38 for 124/125 gr
  12. Also use SNS 147 HiTek NLG coated FPs. I can load out to almost 1.16" in all 4 of my CZs so i aim for 1.145" over 3.8gr WSF. Shoots well in all my 9s- Glocks, HK, Sig, STI, and CZs.
  13. Different bullet lengths would affect seating depth variations more so than OAL. It's the stroke.
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