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  1. Nope. Shot a USPSA match with it last weekend and an outlaw PCC match the week before. When I buy one it will be the SC version as I prefer the Mlok handguard for attaching crap and its smaller diameter. The lighter weight too.
  2. I have one of the prototypes and its the Steel Challenge model. To be clear, its not mine, JP loaned it to me because I am writing a review of it for GunsAmerica. I have to send it back in a couple weeks. So far it is fantastic. Worlds better than a blowback PCC. It had more push than an MPX but it does not really disturb the sights and its way way lighter than an MPX and more reliable from what I have seen so far. So far it has shot 18 stages, many testing sessions, roughly 800-900 rounds with no problems.
  3. Flawless. Picked up from my FFL Wed afternoon, found a load with MG 124 JHP that worked well at 154ish PF. Shot Cactus Thurs night (my first PCC match) then onto the AZ PCC match Sat and Sun. Worked perfectly, no jams of any kind. Won a stage in Open and finished 5th Open. The JP5 is outstanding! I've been collecting parts to build a blow back PCC for awhile and will sell them all soon. Going to be doing some side by side testing against an MPX soon as well.
  4. I'll be shooting a JP5 this weekend at the AZ PCC match and doing a review on GunsAmerica. I am very excited since I love the recoil of my MP5 but hate the trigger and reloading it.
  5. Is the Hi Point carbine good? Well, it is good enough to make Steel Challenge Grand Master.Read the review and how I did it at the link. Hi Point Yeet Canon XL
  6. About the only way to increase the mechanical accuracy of a Glock is with barrel fit. If you buy a drop in aftermarket barrel you are throwing away accuracy. If you are going to do it, do it right. Get a fitted barrel from Bar-sto
  7. Jagerwerks is only $125 for anyone off the street. Top notch quality.
  8. The industry needs 2 standardized footprints. Full size and Mini.
  9. I have 407k's on a couple of slides that were cut by Jagerwerks. Best mini dot on the market in my opinion. The 6MOA dot is a big 6 as well which I like. Id say its closer to the old AImpoint 7s.
  10. What was your OAL for that MG95 load?
  11. Saw an old post where you loaded a MG 95 with 5.7 of 320.  Can you tell me what your OAL was?


  12. Hell Yes! I've been shooting 10s for 20 years and love them.
  13. I was looking for info on this last week and the longest I saw was about 8 inches. I can now tell you that 18.5 inches past the barrel with cylinder bore is fine, on my Norinco 870 at least. Not even a graze or nick from the shot on the tube. Video https://www.facebook.com/customglock/videos/342963323220683/
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