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  1. I was looking for info on this last week and the longest I saw was about 8 inches. I can now tell you that 18.5 inches past the barrel with cylinder bore is fine, on my Norinco 870 at least. Not even a graze or nick from the shot on the tube. Video https://www.facebook.com/customglock/videos/342963323220683/
  2. The first open glock I built (1994) was in 40. Its not ideal but its a simple and easy way to get started.
  3. I am looking for a couple BMGL rears, but they have been out of production for years. If you have one you dont want, I am buying. For reference there are the drop in rear that hang about half an inch off the rear of the slide.
  4. Anyone know who might stock VV n320 in the Phoenix area?
  5. I was in the area for a day and I dropped by to shoot some photos. A few I like below, more at the link. http://durkadurka.net/blog/ Matt
  6. A true loss to many communities. My sympathies to the entire Leatham family. Matt Kartozian
  7. A few shots from last weekends Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 gun competition. View them all at http://durkadurka.net
  8. It depends on what front sight you are using. They threads are not all the same.
  9. I can do that. Drop me a line when you get back.
  10. Kamann, the WTS sights are very similar to the Race Cuts. If you want that rear in the parts bin can be converted to Race Cut.
  11. I carry C guns all the time. The blindness is nonsense, choose low flash ammo/powder. They are loader but they also shoot flatter and faster. I the end it is a personal choice.
  12. It is something I am working on
  13. I had a chance to play with them at SHOT and they had a lot of potential. I should be shooting one shortly to see how they handle in the real world. 7 pics of the frames can be seen here http://www.custom-glock.com/day2/target52.html
  14. Nope. You need a .215 tall front for a heinie or .225 is using FO.
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