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  1. I believe these 1911 mags may be the best on the market right now. We are doing more testing.
  2. This just makes me sick to my stomach. This is a gun I spent 16 days building with Bob Marvel over a course of five months. Look what 43 rounds did to the breech face.
  3. I've been out of shooting for almost ten years. My last match was in 2010.
  4. Thanks Jim. I'll give him a call. I'm also going to file a complaint with Winchester. The erosion that I am seeing happened so quickly it makes me really wonder if I got a bad batch of primers now that Tony mentioned it. I had some mild pitting\erosion in a couple of spots before the match this past weekend. What you are seeing in the photo above literally happened after one day of shooting...maybe 200 rounds. I am also seeing a couple of spots on the breech face on a gun that I built. That gun has barely been shot. It's practically brand new. I test fired the gun a few months ago and it sat in my safe. I shot three stages at the match and put it away after it malfunctioned on me. I had a failure to feed so I got my backup gun out of the trunk of my car. I got that pistol out last night and noticed a couple of areas of pitting on the breech that aren't right. I've compared it to another gun I built at the same time. The erosion I'm seeing is from the match. It's really pissing me off. The first stage was six rounds, the second was 18 rounds and the third stage was 18 rounds(I fired 19 rounds and got a procedural because it was a limited stage) I shot the same ammo in both guns. 43 rounds (plus test firing) on a brand new Nighthawk slide shouldn't cause any problems!
  5. Yes They told me today that it'll be called the XL750. It is being released August 1. I tried to get them to share some info with me and they wouldn't. I almost bought a 650 a few weeks ago. I was so close. I was having trouble with their website. I called...got put on hold...said screw it and hung up.
  6. I just verified this with Dillon. It's true! They are coming out with a new machine, and they will begin shipping August 1st.
  7. I spoke to the guys at Clark Custom. They are unable to repair this slide. It's interesting that you mentioned the problem with the Winchester primers because that is what I have been using. This erosion happened fast. I'm going to switch to something else for now.
  8. I'm not reaming the primer pockets. I didn't realize pistol guys did this. I thought this was a rifle thing.... Should I be doing this? I've never reamed pistol primer pockets, and I've never had these issues before. I'm perplexed. I haven't tried to narrow it down to one specific brand.
  9. I suppose it doesn't matter now since the oil is no longer on the market.
  10. The erosion started when I was using Federal primers. I switched to Winchester and CCI and the problem has continued. I have heard that the steel Les Baer uses is soft. I contacted an excellent welder I know, and he told me the same thing. Might be hard to get in there to weld it up. The cases look like all the brass I've ever shot. I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary. I've e-mailed Clark Custom and asked about having this repaired. Thank you everyone.
  11. This is a Les Baer Premier II that was machined for a 45 firing pin several years ago because of erosion around the firing pin hole. Now I am seeing more prominent erosion of the breech. Should this be repaired? I e-mailed Brenda at Les Baer yesterday and haven't heard back. Can it be welded up? Ignore it and keep shooting? I have sentimental attachment to this gun, and I want to make this problem go away. The gun's name is Larry. He is very special to me. Please help! Thank you.
  12. Thank you rustychev for posting all of this.
  13. I work at a county hospital. It’s a matter of time before someone starts shooting the place up. I’m looking for something light and concealable. Something that will stop a pistol round and/or a rifle round. Knife resistant would be a plus. I’ve had three credible threats in the past 5 years. Hospitals are targets now, and people hate me.
  14. I guess I had assumed that if it would stop a .50 CAL, it would stop a pistol round. I apparently have some learning to do which is why I started this thread. Thank you for that observation.
  15. Take a look at this company. They're called Veteran's Manufacturing https://vetsmfg.com/. I've never seen anything stop a .50 CAL. I'll also bet you'd have a hell of a time punching a knife through it.
  16. TK Custom is a great company. Eli has been very good to me.
  17. Who is making the best body armor these days? I see a lot of different companies out there, but I have no idea how to choose the right one.
  18. I don't distinguish between local or major matches. If the round doesn't pass the case gauge, it goes in the practice ammo bin.
  19. My son is allergic to bee and wasp stings. He carries two epi pens. One of them recently saved his life. He was stung at work and immediately self-administered epinephrine. He went to the Emergency Department and hung out there for several hours before being admitted for overnight observation. It scared the s#!t out of me. This may be a bit of a thread drift, but the most common mistake people with allergies make is not taking their epinephrine soon enough.
  20. This thread is dead to me now.
  21. I don't understand how your instructor didn't hear this squib.
  22. I’m gracefully bowing out of this discussion.
  23. Time for me to remove myself from this discussion.
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