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  1. It was the top one on the frame. I believe it's the one that holds the slide lock spring down I've had the weapon for 3 years now and do a complete strip once a year plus a couple upgrades so maybe 5 times???? Where's the best place to get a new pin fast (taking my cousin to the range for his 13th bday and the glock is his favorite so I'd like to get it fixed ASAP)
  2. I was at the range the other day and realized one of the pins on my 17 was working its self out, and this was on one of my softer loads. I've never had this happen and have sidelined the gun until I can figure out what happened. Anyone experience this before?
  3. I have a Dillon 550b and only load 9mm at this time. I've been shooting my AR a lot more lately and starting to compete soon so i've decided to look into loading it. I know there are a lot more steps involved with case prep but what exactly do I need. I'm just not sure what's out there. I know i can go the Dillon way and buy a super swager, carbide blade trimmer and carbide dies and that will pretty much set me up but what else is out there that isn't as expensive. Most of my brass is from PMC and i believe the primer isn't crimped. Just looking for some suggestions.
  4. thinking of this one http://www.midwayusa.com/product/688064/shooting-chrony-f1-master-chronograph OR http://www.midwayusa.com/product/852429/competition-electronics-prochrono-digital-chronograph
  5. was just told by my uncle that he, his wife and my mom and are all going in on getting me a chronograph for xmas however he wants to make sure i get one that is good and that i will like. I have very little experience and knowledge in this area and is wondering if you guys can give me some suggestions for one that is under $150. They were looking at the RCBS one that looks like a bulllet but i've read a lot of horrifying reviews on that one. I have heard a lot about CED? So if you had around $150 to spend on a chronograph, which one would you get? Thanks Guys
  6. i've been shooting trap with a 1930s Ward's Western Field 12g that i just inherited. i've shot 4 rds with it so far and have gotten 18,20,22,21. I'd say your gun is good lol. I know a lot of 3gun shooters the use the M2.
  7. for my xd9 tactical i'm using berry's 124g round nose with 4.0g of 231 @ 1.135" shoot's nice and soft and gives me a pretty good grouping
  8. Whats the best way to learn how to shoot with both eyes open. I'm right hand, right eye dominant. Shooting with just my right eye open creates tunnel vision which isn't good in competition. Any help would be great.
  9. i'm currently shooting 4.0gr of titegroup at 1.135 COL with berry's 115g RN. Super soft....almost feels like a .22 in my hand
  10. lol whoops yea. army commercial was on the same time i typed it......my bad lol
  11. strongly recommend Brian's "all you can BE" package which includes the strong mount, bullet tray and roller handle. I got the cover just to protect from pet hair getting into it and stuff.
  12. I've done about 500 of my loads and I think i have gotten to the one I like the best so far. I have certainly noticed a huge difference in recoil and accuracy compared to Miwall Reloads and Factory Ammo!! There truely is nothing like shooting your own loads!
  13. Don't see a scale. You do have one? Yea it was on my wall unit next to my primers and bullets.
  14. My reloading bench! Nothing special but it's my first....
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