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  1. My trojan is in .45 but a guy I shoot with is going to lend me some so I'll report my findings on here.
  2. So I emailed Speedshooter.com (who I bought my base pads from), and also Dawson Precision, and both of them have no idea if their magazines will fit Mec Gar mags. I have emailed Mec Gar as well but have not received a reply.
  3. I'd also like to know if anyone has any info? Also, thanks for the info about the mags I think I'll go with them and spend the savings on some bling for my trojan
  4. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has used Mec Gar magazines in their 1911 in competition? Their price seems to good to be true but I can't find anyone I know, nor any forum posts about people using them in competition.
  5. Yea mate chilling in Australia with my 10 round mags and no suppressors Profile updated though so thanks for the heads up. So I'm going to very slowly take some steel off the DA wing of the interruptor, and check the angle on the inside curve.
  6. I'm not sure what the finish is on them but it is very slick against the polished trigger bar. I might just polish it again anyway because it can't hurt
  7. The trigger bar lifter comes polished as it's an Xtreme part however I lubed it's spring and contact areas as well.
  8. Unfortunately the Patriot springs aren't allowed in IPSC Production but the Xtreme spring is quite good. There is a lot of pre-travel but I can put up with that for the first shot of a course of fire, I just want the break to be a bit cleaner on the DA. But the Bolo page has shown me where I need to work. Also I didn't check the trigger bar to see how well it had been polished in the grooves where the disruptor makes contact so I'll give that a look.
  9. Unfortunately the Bolo isn't IPSC Production legal so that's a no-go for me. However it did show me exactly where I can dremmel my Xtreme interruptor to improve the DA break.
  10. I already have the Titan Hammer etc installed and I have polished everything with a dremmel that wasn't already polished as the Xtreme parts all come polished. What does the Bolo disconnector do that the Xtreme disconnector doesn't do? And that link you posted was my guide for all of this so great minds etc haha. I was thinking the "wings" on the disconnector are what is making the trigger not break cleanly so maybe they need another rub sandpaper?
  11. Hi All, I am posting this problem I'm having in this thread and not in "General Gunsmithing" as it is specific to my Stock 3 and not my other guns. I recently bought a used Stock 3 and the DA trigger pull had this mushy feeling before it would release the hammer, with a trigger pull of 11lb. I have since dropped in all of the Xtreme parts available and the trigger pull has dropped from 11lb to just over 5lb which I'm very happy with. However the DA pull still has a lack of a crisp break and has the mushy feeling just before it breaks, but it is not as bad as it was. When I take the slide off and run the trigger the break is a bit better so I'm not sure why the addition of the slide makes it revert back. Also when the hammer drops it has sort of a twang type of feeling. It's hard to put into words so essentially I'd like to know how to make the trigger more crisp when it breaks, and also how to shorten the SA reset. I have tried 3 different hammer springs so I think it has something to do with the trigger bar/sear/hammer combination. I'm very handy so any and all help will be implemented. Thanks In Advance
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