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  1. Wait...what? Did I just read that right? You’re being serious?
  2. Thanks for this post. I've been looking for an IDPA legal cylinder release, and now I've found it.
  3. The RO is responsible for maintaining the safety of the range. Your annoyance, or mine for that matter, doesn't factor into that equation. Some people need to be babysat because some peoples brain flies off after the timer goes off. BTW, you can still have a round in the chamber and still not go bang when the hammer is dropped. Multiple fail safes is a good idea on a gun range with 100+ competitors chasing targets for speed.
  4. Years ago I was at a local match hosted by a club run by guys I knew very well. After the match was over, I was standing by the safe area when a competitor removed his gun from his holster. He racked the slide and a round popped out. If he had just finished a stage, he certainly would have had to unload and show clear. So how could this have happened? I don't know the answer to this question, but clearly something happened that should not have. As the RO it is their responsibility to make sure the range is really clear before everyone heads downrange to paste targets and set steel. If the RO isn't comfortable with what he/she just saw, stop the shooter and make them go through it again.
  5. I can't disagree with this statement, but I personally prefer to eliminate speed at the unload and show clear command. I see no reason to unload and holster a firearm quickly.
  6. The pistol is in my right hand. I just extend my index and middle fingers outwards. Ring finger, pinky finger and thumb are holding the gun. This may not work for those with smaller hands.
  7. I open my right hand to the side of the ejection port and use my left hand on the front cocking serrations to carefully pull the slide back. The round gently drops right in my hand.
  8. Of the two choices you listed, I'd go with Slip 2000.
  9. I just ran into this Extreme brass in a batch of brass I bought off of this forum. Is this stuff any good? I've never heard of it before.
  10. +1 on what Sarge said. I picked up a pair of Racing Reds when I was on the Rudy Team. It is a fantastic combo.
  11. I believe if both parts are titanium, there should be no issue.
  12. Full disclosure....my 17# spring may have been worn out. My concern with a titanium hammer strut is it chewing up the MS cap.
  13. I think the 17# hammer spring will work fine with soft primers. Since I have Les Baers in my arsenal, I can't shoot Federal primers because I ran into problems with breech face erosion. I had to switch to Winchester and CCIs and started getting light strikes with the 17# spring. I changed to a 19#er and have had no issues with these guns.
  14. This is brilliant in its simplicity. I love it!
  15. I had interesting conversation with a guy that used to work in the ballistics lab at Hornady and wrote one of their manuals. He told me that years ago Hornady wanted to save some money on production costs so they started making their bullets with a thinner shell of copper. By pure chance, those bullets ended up being more accurate.
  16. If you are talking about a rifle match, I have no opinion on this. In IDPA I absolutely HATE blind stages. There is no way to create an even playing field. People will help their buddies that haven't shot it yet. The staff that are also competing for a trophy will have an advantage if they helped set the stage up. 14 years ago I shot an IDPA match in Texas. One of the competitors beat me on that stage by 20 seconds. There is no way he did that to me without help. If you insist on doing a blind stage to make it more realistic, then set an obtainable par time and just add penalties to the time. There is also a safety concern for me. I have personally witnessed a competitor downrange pasting targets when the next shooter was about to be given the start signal. There is also a video floating around of a USPSA stage being run while someone is downrange pasting targets. Multiple targets were engaged with someone in harms way. When I am the next shooter, I like to personally verify the range is clear before I go hot. If I shoot someone accidentally, it's my fault. I'm the guy that is going to be held accountable. As much as I want to trust the match staff to verify a clear range, I trust myself more. I'm of the opinion that range safety is just something many people pretend to care about.
  17. I’ve been throwing ten charges and taking an average. I like the idea of doing thirty better.
  18. I liked what you said in your podcast Brian, "Attention is error free."
  19. Joe Chambers posted on a thread regarding 9mm reaming. Here is the link: This should be a good place to start.
  20. I am selling 8 DVDs with over 15 hours of instruction.
  21. I had a Power Custom fixture but didn't like it. EGW makes good stuff. My vote is for the 19# mainspring.
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