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  1. You are quite welcome. Glad to help.
  2. The Ready Tactical moon clip holders are not IDPA legal. It appears the holster is. The North Mountain moon clip holders are IDPA legal. Thanks for all the help.
  3. My cylinder arrived today, they machined the cylinder and had it (along with the rest of my order) back in the mail the same day.
  4. That's advice I will take. Thank you. Dibs on one box of .45 brass with large primers.
  5. Todd, Where did this brass come from? Is this once-fired? If it is quality stuff, I'm interested in a box.
  6. Have you seen Deep River Customs in the Vendor Tent? They have a 1911 trigger class coming up.
  7. Ted Murphy helped me out tremendously at Nationals in '07 after the airlines misplaced my luggage.
  8. By "these" do you mean the Ready Tactical moon clip holders? Thanks GmanCdp.
  9. Which holster are you guys using for the 625 in IDPA? Thank you. I’m setting up a 625 for ESR.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one that happens to!
  11. I'm afraid I'm not following you on this.
  12. Thank you for the advice. I hadn't thought of a farm feed store. That's a great idea.
  13. I upgraded from the Dillon 750 tumbler to the big 2001 tumbler. Man that thing is heavy when it is full of brass and media. Has anyone bought corn cob media (pet bedding) from a pet store?
  14. I think that is correct. I believe I paid something like 80 bucks several years ago. I agree. You can't beat the 550.
  15. If you want to learn how to build these pistols, please visit my dealer forum or send me a PM for more details.
  16. I might be wrong on this, but I do think Dillon charges to rebuild a machine. I sent my 550 back after years of use to have it rebuilt, and if my memory is correct, they charged me something.
  17. Yes it does make you wonder. One thing I wanted to add to this thread was that I discovered tourniquets do come in orange. Last weekend, one of the range officials had a tourniquet attached to his range bag. It was a darker color similar in color to his range bag. I got to thinking that in the event of an emergency, it might be better to be able to quickly find the tourniquet. I would think that an orange tourniquet would be easier to quickly find. Just a thought.
  18. I think it is a good idea to practice with one first rather than go live when it really matters. Reminds me of this skit:
  19. Ok....I'll stop complaining about the time the airlines lost my luggage on the way to Nationals. What I went through is nothing compared to this story. Wow!
  20. I had this idea for the ring indexer. If this works, it should slow down how quickly the shell plate moves and potentially remove the snap.
  21. I did have issues with my dies coming loose on the 650, and I cranked those things down tight. The only other issue that drove me nuts was getting upside down primers occasionally.
  22. I did something similar at an IDPA match. One of the targets that was supposed to be engaged at shooting position #2 was visible at position #1. I asked the SO if I could engage that target from position #1. The target was pretty much sideways. The SO said to me, "if you think you can make that shot, go right ahead." Then he kind of smirked as if he was about to witness me butcher that stage. The timer went off and I engaged the target. I put an elliptical/oblong bullet hole through the head.
  23. Me either. And now that I think about it, it does seem rather obvious.
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