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  1. I remember reading in multiple threads on hammer follow that the grip screws on these wide bodies can cause an issue. There are several hammer follow threads full of good information on things you can look for. The one thing I didn't see mentioned very often was the hammer spring. Another idea was to place a piece of masking tape on the sear spring to snug up the contact between the sear spring and the MSH. Check your hammer hook depth with a feller gauge and make sure it is at least 18 thousandths. The sear should make equal contact with the hooks. You might try adding more pressure the the sear leg(left) of the sear spring. Check to make sure the hammer hooks are square. You may also be getting trigger bounce. Also, check the mainspring cap. Sometimes the strut can chew it up and I have read here that-that can cause an issue. There a lots of things that can cause hammer follow, and there are several threads on this topic that are very helpful. Good luck.
  2. Best way to check is mark with dykem or a sharpie marker, reassemble and cycle the gun. That’ll tell you where things are hitting.
  3. I think what Diver123 is saying is that it is an absolute fact that he was told by an instructor that you can't get DQed for muzzling yourself at the safe table. I agree with Sarge that others may have a different opinion and take a different course of action.
  4. Sarge, I was unaware that Redding sold a die without the micrometer. Just curious.....why not use the micrometer? I love mine.
  5. I've always thought requiring only 50 posts is very generous of Brian. If it were my call, I'd make it much more. If someone's sole intention is just to come here and use this forum to sell things, maybe they shouldn't be here to begin with. This forum isn't about selling things. It's a luxury that should be earned.
  6. I would tend to agree with this, but I do think the USPSA rules are open to interpretation on this. 10.5.5 isn't clear to me, and I think it could be argued either way. Since the course of fire is over and the pistol has been verified to be clear, I would argue that it isn't sweeping under the rules. However, I could see some an RO having a different interpretation if he/she saw your hand in front of the barrel. My Les Baer with a 16# recoil spring won't finish 10 stages without at least one trip to the safe area for a gentle cleaning with q-tips and a bore snake. Doing it this way has resulted in 100% reliability.
  7. I'm not 100% on what the best sizing die is for 9mm because I am currently struggling with my Dillon sizing die, but I am certain the Redding Competition seating die and the LFCD are the way to go. I have been reading here that others are happy with their Mighty Armory dies. https://www.mightyarmory.com/ In addition to your setup, I'd highly recommend a case gauge if you don't have one already.
  8. I’m still trying to figure this one out too. 10.5.5 doesn’t say what happens after the course of fire is over.
  9. I agree with this. Yes, Mike's research focused on the buckle and strap tourniquets. I agree this research should not be used to make purchase decisions on all tourniquets. I have no opinoin on windlass tourniquets. I can't argue with that logic. Spend the extra 20 bucks.
  10. Your powder measure isn't lined up right correctly. Rotate the powder measure clockwise until the rod lines up straight with the shoulder washer. The powder bar should also return smoothly. http://dillonhelp.com/Dillon Manual PDFs/Dillon-RL550B-September-2010.pdf I clip the wings off the blue stripper wing nut. I set the wing nut and secure with two nuts sandwiched between a lock washer.
  11. ClayBuster, Can you post a photo of the brace you made?
  12. Here is a link for more information: https://www.bleedingcontrol.org/
  13. Strong mount, roller handle, carbide size die, Redding competition seat die and Lee Factory crimp die.
  14. Joe, A tourniquet is used to save someone from bleeding to death. Whether or not to say it is a last ditch effort would depend on the person and their background. There are situations where I would feel very comfortable attempting to control bleeding without a tourniquet. Others may not or probably won't be able to control bleeding without a tourniquet. I don't believe a tourniquet means they will automatically lose a limb. Timing is a factor. Getting someone to the hospital will become a top priority after a tourniquet is applied. Yes, the link to the tactical tourniquet is the one to get. When I was in my surgical training, we did not use tourniquets. There has been a paradigm shift in recent years. "Playing it safe" is valid argument for using a tourniquet in my opinion.
  15. Listening right now! Thanks for sharing Brian.
  16. Did Les say why he thought the 9mm was more reliable?
  17. Just so I'm understanding this correctly, are you saying there are "toy" tourniquet replicas used in airsoft role play?
  18. Did I read this right? There are actually counterfeit tourniquets being sold? I'm not sure I'm following you on the "airsoft replicas" comment.
  19. The Generation 7 CAT Tourniquet is Dr. Valliere's third recommendation. You will be fine with this one. My two initial thoughts on all of this are: 1)will the tourniquet work and 2)how easy is it to use? If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to quickly use a device like this, how successful will you be at getting the bleeding stopped? The SWAT is reportedly very easy to use. It comes with very straightforward instructions, however, I did start to wonder if the SWAT would be difficult to handle if your hands are bloody. In other words will you or someone else have trouble getting a good grip on it with wet/bloody hands. I don't have an answer to that question yet, but I am looking into this.
  20. I'm posting this for anyone looking to buy a tourniquet for themselves or for the range. As some of you know, I am a surgeon with an extensive background in trauma. I am a member of the teaching faculty at Iowa Methodist in Des Moines, Iowa (also known as Unity Point). One of our Chief Residents, Dr. Mike Valliere, has done extensive research on tourniquets. Recently, he won a National Championship for his research. ( https://www.journalacs.org/article/S1072-7515(18)30434-4/abstract ). I have spoken with Mike at length about his recommendations. Basically, there are two tourniquets that he recommends. The easiest tourniquet (also the cheapest) for people to use is called the SWAT tourniquet (https://www.buyemp.com/product/swat-tourniquet/3442-EACH?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvtrasdPD4gIVFLbACh3qsQGkEAQYASABEgIREfD_BwE). It's only about 12 dollars and is very easy for the lay person to use. It is also reusable. The second tourniquet he personally carries and recommends is called the Tactical RMT tourniquet (https://www.chinookmed.com/item/05182/m2-inc.-tactical-ratcheting-medical-tourniquet-rmt/1.html?source=froogle&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlpH62dPD4gIVBtbACh2jbwYDEAQYASABEgIVMvD_BwE). It's around 40 bucks. It is reuseable as well, however, he recommends that if the tourniquet becomes soiled with blood, it should not be reused. His research focused mainly on the straps and buckles, and he discovered that not all tourniquets generate enough force to stop an arterial bleed. Some of the buckles are not smooth and therefore generate a lot of friction on the strap preventing enough force from being able to be applied to stop an arterial bleed. Be careful what you buy. Not all of the tourniquets on the market will get the job done. Thanks! Chris Martin
  21. Share your Challenge Coins and the story behind them. I just finished the Citizen's Police Academy and was given this coin by the Chief of Police.
  22. Yes, the barrel bushing absolutely affects accuracy. I agree with bigboy69 and use EGW bushings on my builds. Fitting it properly is an entirely new topic. The inside diameter, outside diameter and amount of barrel contact are all factors I address when building a pistol.
  23. You've made some valid points and have me thinking..... The issue I had at an airport was flying with my ammo in the blue plastic containers. The airline staff didn't want to let me through, but when I showed them their regulations, they conceded.
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