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  1. The only game where they could shine is 3-gun tactical? Am I missing something here? Like USPSA & IPSC?
  2. Cutting the spring gives you a tradeoff, shorter free length and a higher spring rate (pounds per inch). So, you're compressing it less to the working height but at a higher rate. It sort of balances itself out, but the net change might be a smaller force at the working height, which is what you're looking for. Gotta watch out that you don't overstress the spring, though. (Folks cut recoil springs to get less force, but you have more leeway with those. )
  3. Yep. This has been revealed to be troll, pure and simple. Always comes back to "it's all about me" and "let me tell you what's wrong with you". He'll get this thread closed pretty soon, if history serves, so the OP might just ask the mods to lock it up.
  4. Keep an eye on that 13# CGW hammer spring. My 11.5# spring measures 11.5# at 1.625", but the 13# (blue) spring weighs in at a hefty 16.8#, and it made for a very strong DA pull (8.5#, on a gun that had been about 6# with the 11.5 spring, IIRC).
  5. There's never been anything wrong with a sport having rules. Without structure, we're just a bunch of people running around, doing whatever we want. And there's never been anything wrong with applying the established rules, equitably and equally. Safety, fairness, efficiency.
  6. No ... more likely because he's a competent RO who takes the responsibility seriously and understands the rulebook. Like all us competitors are supposed to, 'y know?
  7. They bored out the breech face and inserted a plug (slightly tapered, press fit, I believe), then refaced it and redrilled the firing pin hole. Very nice work; all you can see is the thin outline of the plug.
  8. teros135


    Sorry if you took my response the wrong way. I'm a CZ fan (and cz custom and Cajun Gun Works) and was trying to answer the question asked.
  9. teros135


    CZ Custom. It's the CZ design, but theyve machined the frame and other critical parts themselves, making for very tight tolerances. Not "made by CZ" but is the CZ design.
  10. Y'all heard this ... where? This sounds like the old Web myth, last debunked in 2013. Any actual data?
  11. Not many. I don't know how long it took before I noticed the putting, but after I had the breech face repaired I mistakenly ran more from the same lot and noticed more erosion within the first couple hundred rounds. Duh.
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