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  1. I'm having the same problem, even after polishing the die to within an inch of it's life. The dropper tube will still fail to drop every 10th bullet or so, and the bullets that do drop won't fall into the case mouth reliably. The funnel seems to be adjusted properly. It's getting pretty frustrating.
  2. I had one with a bad MBF die (they had a bad run). It was machined badly on the inside and wouldn't allow bullets to drop down from the dropper assembly. Call DAA and ask them to replace it.
  3. Are we talking IPSC or USPSA? For USPSA, see Gary's post above.
  4. The hits in hardcover don't "count" as anything. They basically don't exist. You're scored with either one or two misses ("Mikes") for the brown scoring target if there aren't two scorable hits on it.
  5. I have one with 40k (circa 2015), no problems. I've never heard of any splitting. Where did this happen?
  6. 80% is common, so that would be $1800. A good starting point for discussion.
  7. Yeah, the "continual breakages" will do them right in.
  8. Super Senior Emeritus? (if you're here after 80 you deserve cudos just for showing up!)
  9. I have a 3M Peltor TacticalPro Communications Headset MT15H7F SV, from Amazon. It *says* NRR 26, but it's the best NR headset I've ever had on. The silicone ear pads (additional) add to the NRR. Handles Open all day, including under cover, and the electronics let me hear conversations. Sarge put me onto these; he ROs quite a bit and might want to chime in.
  10. Is that because everybody got on the Open bandwagon?
  11. I'm getting the same message. Why, I wonder?
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