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  1. Would you want to get out in front of *any* gun?
  2. I use the older style double springs. It's reliable and has a pretty small variance, throw to throw.
  3. Mine wasn't better. Still using the Dillon measure.
  4. Amen to this. Getting one that works can be hit and miss.
  5. That's why the primer magazine is armored. For safety, just in case. The best way to protect yourself is to follow standard safety procedures.
  6. My KKM (9 major) barrel is 2 PF faster than my SVI barrel. Both have no difficulty feeding anything I use (124 PD, MG, coated) and don't require any "special" ammo or cases. The KKM chamber isn't any tighter than the SVI.
  7. Because that'll keep the discussion going longer. (Translated: No good reason at all. )
  8. Well, rhe information seemed useful for a while there, but those last comments kinda lost the audience.
  9. Actually, I think that's just one story, repeated many times. Nobody I know has ever seen the "melted/black" front sight rod in a TG gun. I've loaded and shot tens of thousands of TG rounds in 9mm and .40, in CZs and 2011s, and it hasn't happened to me. TG also isn't "the dirtiest powder out there"; it's a fast powder and it leaves residue, like all the others. Gotta clean your gun periodically is all.
  10. I'm sorry, but that made no sense to me whatsoever. Could you clarify?
  11. teros135


    This was a Level II, yes?
  12. teros135


    Reloading on the 180 is always risky. Your attention is on the magwell, less on where the 180 is. We BE readers weren't there, and we don't have enough info to make a good call. We shouldn't be trying to help second-guess the RO. The fact that this was posted here suggests that even the shooter may not be sure. The others here called it right. It's the RO's call and, yeah, it hurts but we gotta live with it, practice the skills involved, and move on.
  13. Here, the USPSA app starts loading the competition rules but freezes after the first page. I've tried it several times. Not very useful.
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