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  1. Well, once you have the shell plate full, you get a completed round every time you click it (advance it). 500 clicks, 500 pulls of the handle ... 500 rounds.
  2. teros135

    Frame Choices

    And if you're using a PT Evo grip?
  3. Yeah, pretty much. Kind of like, "Iiiiiiiiiffffff you are finished, unload and show clear"...
  4. And "Range is clear" marks the end of the COF
  5. What is it with "let's change Production"? One of the nice things about USPSA is that there are so many divisions to shoot in. If you don't like the one you're in, shoot in another. If you've worked your way to the top and made M or GM and now you need another challenge, work harder or change equipment and try a new division. Try optics; CO isn't that expensive, and you just might be able to use your current Prod gun, with an optic added.
  6. Okay, we'll bite. Which gun builders? Okay, we're interested. Which gun builders?
  7. (Note to mods deleted - thanks for your help )
  8. I ditched the M7 powder measure and use my Dillon, with double springs and a Uniquetek micrometer. Very reliable, consistent charges. Had the same problem with the M7, plus wide variation in charge weights.
  9. I had a Vibraprime, once upon a time, and I can't imagine doing the whole operation in 20 seconds, much less 10. Could you give us a video?
  10. RF100. Put them in, let it run.
  11. Wilson also suggested a #42 drill bit and drill press: just touch it to the safety to slightly enlarge the detent. You might also want to reshape either or both paddles so there's less material to push up against with the top of your first knuckle. Dremel works here, too. Make the paddle less wide (horizontally) and also less thick (vertically).
  12. I'm having the same problem, even after polishing the die to within an inch of it's life. The dropper tube will still fail to drop every 10th bullet or so, and the bullets that do drop won't fall into the case mouth reliably. The funnel seems to be adjusted properly. It's getting pretty frustrating.
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