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  1. Although it seemed a little odd at first (wanted to do the usual pair at each target) it turned out to be a lot of fun, especially timing the bobbers. One big transition drill, lots of focus. Great match overall!
  2. Well, the rules seem to be somewhat "fluid"...
  3. Steel Challenge rules 5.1.3. Due to the unique nature of the Steel Challenge, drawing from concealment or from inside the waist band is not allowed.
  4. That's how you know. You check the rulebook...
  5. Can anybody tell us any more about this? Can't find it on the M7 site, nor any instructions for removing/replacing the top plate.
  6. No problem. I shoot thousands of the 147 FPs and have never noticed chips in the coating. Either way, at Minor velocities I'm not going to worry about leading. Happy shooting!
  7. Amen to this. From the original description the stage had a shoot-through, as constructed, and somebody probably missed it. That made the stage (probably) illegal, and there are fixes for that, including correcting it and (possibly) having previous competitors re-shoot it to dumping the stage. Both would be inconvenient, but this is how we learn, yes?
  8. Blue Bullets seems to have taken the time to assess your situation and respond. They said to go ahead and use certain ones and to pitch others, and they said why. I wouldn't think of their response as "unconcerned". Stuff happens...
  9. This ^^. Jeff Cooper's four rules, plus the safety rules of our our respective sports, are what keep us safe. Not "well, nobody got hurt when I did that" or "no problem, it wasn't loaded". (We hear too much of those last two, and folks who utter them are voicing a disregard for the reality of what we're doing, not to mention the laws of physics and Murphy's Law )
  10. We've seen this before, many times. Someone comes in to BE, poses a question that's related to an issue they had in a match or on the range, doesn't get the answer they want, and attacks those who responded honestly to what they actually read. It seemed like a fair question, at first, but much drama has ensued because of the directness of some of the answers and from escalating name-calling (drama queens? Really?). Please give some credit for the time that the members took to respond and the fact that many of them are very serious about both the sport and the safety of everyone
  11. Some folks seem to be dead set against dovetail mounts (reasons unclear), but I can't figure out why they'd not be viable. I've been shooting two guns with these for more than a year (one CZ Custom, one Henning), and both are running great. I can't see how cuts would make the gun (or me) a better shooter. Don't just toss this option off.
  12. That's okay. He won't be around long.
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