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  1. The only thing I dislike about the DPP, and the better word would be HATE, is that the body is so tall. The window ends up being way too high above the slide. I know we're probably talking about only an extra millimeter taller than the Romeo1 body, but it feels really tall. The window size is perfect, though!
  2. It looks to be, from SHOT 2019, that there will NOT be a Romeo1T. They are now calling it the Romeo1Pro. Do y'all remember the DeltaPoint 2 (the first gen DP with a metal shroud)? I hopped on the DeltaPoint train before there ever was a DP Pro. Once the Pro was announced, the DP2 just disappeared, never to actually be produced.
  3. There is always volume left over when you pack the shot and that is the space filled by the epoxy. It seems to me that the only other option is to have loose shot that is bound to become a shakey shakey maraca no matter how tightly one packs the shot. No thanks. Epoxy is worth the loss of a little volume. No, I never got around to weighing it. I'll do that this weekend.
  4. I mixed lead shot (I think 7.5 birdshot) with JBWeld, into a slurry. I had already removed the trigger housing so it wasnt glued in place. I started putting in the slurry like peanut butter using a popsicle stick. At the bottom, I didnt worry about how it looked since I sanded it smooth after it dried, then spray painted the very bottom black. The epoxy oozed out of the back strap hole, which helped solidify the entire structure of lead shot and epoxy into the grip.
  5. Glock weight in CO is pretty limited. Since you can only add internal weight, we're pretty much limited to shot in the grip and a tungsten guide rod. Any other ideas?
  6. CHLChris

    P320 X5 Thread

    I've been trying to get my eyes or ears on SHOT show news around Sig Sauer offerings. Nobody on YouTube I follow has been doing anything about Sig. I'm looking for news on the x-series 320 pistols and on their pistol red dots.
  7. CHLChris

    X5 Rumor?

    Oh, it was on an open gun with an SJC mount, not on an X5. I was just talking about the reticles. On my X5 I started with the 3moa Romeo1 and switched to the 6moa Romeo1 as soon as I heard about it being available.
  8. That is a really good point! If a cut is open enough for a DPP, then a Romeo1 won't have the same amount of support on the front for the forces in recoil.
  9. I had typed Romeo3 from memory. That's a really big optic so it doesn't surprise me that I was wrong. Romeo 2, huh? And what is the Romeo1T?
  10. @Rich406 Major oops! I was thinking of my 9lb. recoil spring on my 9mm 1911. I run a 14lb. spring on my X5! Good catch!!
  11. Well, I can hope... I haven't bought an X-Carry yet, but since they are the same price as an X5 these days I'm debating which one to go with for a gun that will be my backup, but also live in a quick-access safe for home defense.
  12. Then, if you go with a tungsten guide rod, perhaps you should go with closer to a factory weight spring. What is that? 14lbs? Something like that. I run a 9lb 1911 recoil spring on my X5 with good results, but then my 125gr ammo is only getting 130 power factor. Factory 115 ammo can be over 140 and 124gr factory ammo is sometimes a lot hotter than that.
  13. I searched here on BE, no easily found answer. On the Sig site I noticed the new X-Compact clearly indicates that the slide cut will accommodate the Romeo1 and 3 and the DP Pro. And we know the X-Five won't fit the DPP without modification. How about the X-Carry? Does it sport the same footprint of the rear plate as the X5 or as the X-Compact?
  14. I am another vote for the tungsten guide rod and 1911 recoil springs. This change fulfills two goals: heavier weight out front under the barrel and a way to reduce the factory spring for competition loads. Although the OP didnt say if he reloads for minimum power.
  15. CHLChris

    X5 Rumor?

    I have run a DPPro, a gen1 DP, a Romeo1 3moa, and a Romeo1 6moa. In the Romeo line the 6moa is a lot more effective for me, especially in bright daylight. However, the delta reticle is FAR superior for me. It is huge and easy to acquire, but has that amazing triangle tip for fine aiming. If there is actually a hope for a larger cut to fit a DPPro, waiting may be worth it. On the other hand, if that change from Sig is not in the cards, the Romeo1 6moa is still pretty good and is what is on my CO X5 right now.
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