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  1. CHLChris

    Sig has a new pistol red dot

    They look exactly the same, no differences at all except for dot size.
  2. CHLChris

    Sig has a new pistol red dot

    I have a shooter in our area who is rather connected and had a 6moa Romeo 1 on his 320. This was before SHOT Show, even, which is where Sig announced the new model. I ordered one the moment OpticsPlanet had it up on their site. I got it in just a few days ago, but I won't put it on my X5 until I have time to zero it at the range. Then I'll put the 3moa on something else and keep it around as a backup. I still don't trust that they are going to last, but time will tell.
  3. CHLChris

    New Carry Optics Rules

    Slide lightening: 1) I see the benefit from the perspective of making a 45+ ounce gun make weight. 2) I also see the benefit of making a gun COOL 3) Are there any shooting benefits of reducing slide weight? On my Sig 320 X-Five I already had a trigger job, so I don't think these rules will make any difference for my gun unless I were to make the slide lighter for some reason.
  4. CHLChris

    Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

    I hear you, @stick ! Once I have started my visualization process, I just plain don't ask people their plan. The time to ask about other plans is before the process of burning in your plan. Well, an experience like this might change your process in the future...
  5. CHLChris

    What sight is this

    It didn't even occur to me that the shield could be removed. The one in the photo seems to have a label on the side. It would stand to reason that Holosun wouldn't put label UNDER the shield. That is, unless it really was a prototype.
  6. CHLChris

    Which Romeo1 for X5?

    Thanks! I did...and apparently it is mine.
  7. CHLChris

    WTB: Sig Romeo 1 picatinny mount

    Found one. That was fast!
  8. CHLChris

    Your First USPSA Match

    Brassing/Patching "If your name is called..." How many folks here have a club that actually calls out names for what job you may have? The clubs in my area pretty much have the "everybody should help out doing something unless you're really old" policy...or at least culture. We don't have many folks around here who don't at least do a little bit... Sometimes I get caught up in a conversation, but I try my best to stay active in helping reset.
  9. CHLChris

    Can anyone top 9 procedurals?

    It's not IDPA, you can only zero a stage and not go negative. That's a plus... Stick, one question. How many times did you visualize your stage plan? Not just saying in your brain the stage description, but actually closing your eyes and watching yourself move from box to box shooting the correct targets? I do think a solid visualization routine before any stage, especially this sort of memory stage, would more than likely keep you from 9 procedurals.
  10. CHLChris

    Put only full mags on your belt dummy

    It shouldn't take a messed up stage or match to finally start placing used mags in a pocket to be filled before placing back in pouches. Right after you're done shooting, it is expected that the last shooter would go off to the side to mess with mags...perfect opportunity.
  11. CHLChris

    Federal SPP Shortage

    I just got into reloading in the last couple of years and still have NEVER seen Federal SPP's in the wild. Winchester and CCI? All day! But those massive blue Federal primer boxes at Cabela's or Sportman's always say Magnum or Rifle.
  12. CHLChris

    DQ or a WARNING

    OMG!! Was that necessary? I suppose everyone needs a visual reminder sometimes, but wowsers! There is a fellow on the PARAcast podcast whose motto is, "Just don't point the gun at me and I won't DQ you." That attitude goes too far, but a new shooter, muzzling themselves getting an empty gun out of a case during Make Ready, perhaps should be given a warning. Now, muzzling oneself during, say, a prepare for second string, while a gun is actually hot, would be automatic. (I've seen a newbie drop a mag between strings then absentmindedly reach for the mag with a loaded gun in the other hand.)
  13. CHLChris

    Which Romeo1 for X5?

    Did anybody on this thread end up buying the picatinny mount version? And then not end up ever using the mount? I'd be willing to buy it...
  14. CHLChris

    WTB: Sig Romeo 1 picatinny mount

    Did anybody buy the picatinny mount version of the Romeo 1 and then not need the mount? I'd like to buy it...
  15. CHLChris

    X Five Front Sight Hight

    I did, indeed, confirm that my factory front sight height works well enough as a co-witness with the Romeo 1 rear sight notch (if you can call it that...). It is not really a good sight picture to use, but the sight height seems to work POA/POI just fine for my preferences.