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  1. That’s my next intention. I was just hoping that someone would know off the top of their head what the correct size is and save myself some hunting. I figure somewhere in this immense pool of tribal Dillon knowledge, someone would have the answer. If not, then once I figure it out, then I’ll share it.
  2. Mornin all! I recently picked up a 2nd RT1500 so I don't have to switch back and forth between .308 and .223 for case processing. I went with the "motor only" option since I didn't need a 2nd switch assembly, but failed to notice the fact that it didn't come with a cutter blade. I ordered a blade, but for some odd reason, it didn't come with a screw. I *really* don't want to disassemble my .308 trimming motor just to get the screw dimensions, so I'm hoping one of y'all happens to know what size that little screw needs to be. Exhaustive google searching has revealed nothing. Thanks in advance!
  3. Generally, I try to make 2 local 3-gun matches a month plus live-fire practice twice a week.
  4. There's 2 different dot drills being discussed here. There's "Dot Torture" which is a 50-shot drill starting at 5 yards and working your way back as you improve. http://pistol-training.com/drills/dot-torture Then, there's the Ben Stoeger's "The Dots" drill which is 2 rows of 3 2" dots. The drill there is 6 shots INSIDE the dot in 5 seconds from a draw at 7 yards. http://www.benstoeger.com/index.php/gallery/23-second-category/90-the-dots Dot torture focuses on accuracy with no time pressure (unless you add it yourself) and exercises multiple scenarios. The Stoeger drill is meant to be "to not shoot misses."
  5. 100 yards on a steel D-zone with a Glock 19 and BigDot sights. Not sure how many shots it took (4-5 IIRC), but I eventually nailed it. Next furthest was a c-zone at ~75 yards on a down-slope at FB3G 2014 with my Edge. Nailed it first shot.
  6. I started with the Troy Alpha 13" rail on my gun. Nice and lightweight with a good tactile feel to it. I've since switched to the Samson Evolution 15" mostly because it fits over the Adams Arms XLP gas block (and I had a coupon code for a hefty discount @ AA.) I like the Samson; its light, has a good feel, and is plenty long. As a side-note, Samson is located in my home-town of Keene, NH, so I feel it necessary to support them whenever possible especially given all the support they give to the game of 3-gun.
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