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  1. Hi, I have Dawson ice magwell black with white inserts. Used couple of months. $55 shipped.

  2. Alan,

    Saw your comment on the CasePro that sold back in Oct. I am interested in ordering one, but the numbers listed on the website are disconnected. Did you say you have current contact info? Thanks.


  3. who makes that CMore Mount ... I love it It's called a *barry* mount and you can search to find more info... Alan
  4. Very nice JL gun you have there... rumor has it that he's building again... I should seem him next week and hope to confirm... Alan
  5. Paul, I wanted to try that mag concept as well, but ran into a problem. Curious how you solved it. a) I have Tripp *system* mags, these are the 10mm 10 round mags that he cuts down to fit the box, nice thing is they will still hold 10 rounds of 40 ... but the basepads are the tripp ones that have the extension for a gapped magwell. So how did you solve this for a gapless one? I tried an aluminum basepad from Dawson, but found the other problem, they are for mags that the basepad provides the stop so you can't over insert them, but with the *system* mags, they are longer than the magwell, so you can still over insert them.... I suppose I could get some aluminum or plastic basepads from Tripp and take a little off the extension until they fit or stopped with the gapless magwell, but for now, I'm just running the S&A and the mags as is... Let me know how you solved the gapless magwell to basepad issue with tripp mags...
  6. Guess I should defend myself, it's Jojo's own design, he actually welds on an extension then lines it and grinds it and then buffs it out... works good... Alan
  7. I would recommend that you stay away from 3n37, 3n38 ok, but 3n37 is very HOT (temp wise) and has caused premature barrel wear as a result. YMMV, but there are much better options - Autocomp, hs6, 3n38, silhouette, etc. IMHO. Alan
  8. Ran a bunch more tests today... SP2 HS6 2 Sil loads with 115 and 124 3n38 True Blue and my stand by Autocomp load. Got a new victor after further testing, for both dot track *and* feel... 3 way tie at the moment. SP2 3n38 True blue Leaning towards the True Blue load. Both the SP2 and the 3N38 load were so similar that I couldn't tell any difference. The True Blue load however was noticeably better than either the Silhouette load I had been shooting recently (my new favorite at the time) or my standby Autocomp load. Now to load up a lbs of 3n38 and true blue and do a further test... I do have a bunch of SP2 as well, but it's only for match use if I go to that powder... it really might not be necessary after todays testing however... and NO it's not for sale! Alan
  9. I haven't run that many rounds through a chrono to note the ES, etc. But it will be hard to be my prior AutoComp load, it was always in the single to small double digits numbers. However I'll assume it's similar. Shot the match today, obviously the timing on the gun was a little different and I've got close to 3K rounds of my other load in the last 6-9 months. It took me a stage or 2 to settle down with the gun, but when I did, I actually felt pretty good with it. I went 1 for one, in a rather quick time on a start and this is the first time I decided to try to shoot it in the zig-zag pattern instead of just waiting for the next plate to come to you down one side... Even activators that were pretty quick with static paper between it the swinger or drop turner or clamshell went off with out a hitch. I *would* have shot a great classifier, but didn't call a Mike on the *draw to* target, but the time was excellent. I'm not willing to throw out my original load with the bathwater just yet, but this definitely has potential. If it wasn't for that fine yellow sand like matter that is inside the slide after shooting, it was pretty clean, even the comp was pretty decent for over 150-175 rounds shot - sorry, I've become one of those anal souls that cleans there comp after every time I shoot it... I let it go one time to 1000 rounds... NEVER again. Anyway, I want to do some more spring, etc testing, but this is a noticeable improvement..... and in the right direction.
  10. Tried some Silhouette today... Not bad... I had been using Autocomp in a 9Major load (7.1-7.14g behind a MG 124g JHP @ 1.165 OAL). I've shot probably 3 or 4K of those and it was my go to load, but that may change. I'm a 5" gun with no poppels, running a 9lb recoil spring and Derek's newest version of his 9mm Comp (3 port, no sides). I decided to try a 7.76gr Silhoutte load with the same had at the same OAL. PF was right where I wanted it. 171-172, just the same as my AC load., but dot track was much better... I couldn't tell any different in *felt* feel, but dot track was less, still up and down, but about 20% less than the AC load. I also decided to try one other Silhouette load... 8.3g behind a 115 MG JHP at 1.165. No noticeable feel difference from the above 2, but the dot track smoothed out even a bit more... NOTE, however, this load only made a 168PF, so It's needs to bump up just a smidge, which might effect it a little. Last notes, my 7.76 with 124 was more tuned to a 9lb spring than the AC load was...It probably needs a 10, double taps at 7yrds - second hit was high and slightly right. Same drill with the 7.76 Sil load was astonishing... while a little right drift, they were exactly same horizontal plane. The right pull could be me and trigger as I was also playing with trigger inserts. Oh, for the record, Zero was the same with the AC load the the 7.76 sil load... it would need to change just a smidge as it was low about a full dot with the 115 head. So tomorrow, I'm going to shoot an entire match with the new Sil 7.76 load... should be interesting ... All in all a good day...I did note one thing that I'm not thrilled about, the 7.76 load seems to leave this fine yellowish sand mixture on the barrel, and it leave the gun feeling a little gritty. the 8.3 didn't seem to be that way, and I've never had that issue with AC. Might be that Sil is a bit dirtier than AC at the 7.76 range, but with the higher pressure with the 115, I didn't notice this problem. I shot regular SPP on the 7.76 load and no pressure signs.... The 8.3 I went to SRP and they as well showed now signs... I'll try a regular SPP at the 8.3 sometime and provide that feedback back. Alan
  11. The above loads were from 7.4 of WW Auto Comp..I never shot at a high elevation with the Auto Comp,so went on the safe side..no primer flow..but Im guessing 7.0-7.1 should do it..its too hot this week..Ill get to the range later in the week and see what gives ..it shot like a super..I have a .38SC IMM also..

    Good Luck,


  12. Hi Alan,

    I shot the New mexico Sectional in June..it was mid 90s..elevation at the range was 5K ft..very dry..I shoot a S/V Infinity IMM there are 2 holes in the barrel..3 port comp..I was shooting a Zero 125gr JHP..once fired Remington brass,WWSR primer..OAL was 1.155..average..

    Here were my 5 shots from the chrono

    1.1400 2. 1410 3. 1416 4.1412 5.1424 PF 176.5.going down to...

  13. Usually, I shoot for 171+/- Alan
  14. I've shot both above and wouldn't even waste my time... go to 7.1g of Autocomp at 1.175 with a MG 124 JHP - mixed brass, runs 100% in both my 5" guns (means you might have to go to a bit more powder), very clean and 172PF at A6 this past weekend. 171PF at SC Championships weekend prior. YMMV Alan
  15. Your testing numbers are right in with mine and I agree with almost everything you have stated. The exception is in the soft and flat. I found AA#7 to be a little softer and flatter than AutoComp. I am loading 7.0 AutoComp with 125 @ 1.160 and AA#7 at 10gr @ 1.180 with a 125. Both are right at or just above 170 pf. The MagTech SPP I am using were looking a little flat with the AA#7. You can bet the brass is a little streched but I just leave it for the vultures. Sunday at a match I ran out of my AA#7 loads so I had two mags with mixed up bullets, some AutoComp some AA#7. I shot the mix in the last stage and never noticed any difference. Ronnie, That's really good to know... it could be this gun as well on the felt side... It's a bit heavier than my MCG version, one uses a bull barrel/comp the other a cone comp. And they both have different comp designs.... However, in shooting AC, I find the dot track better in the JV gun than the MCG version, it's pretty much straight up and down while I get a bit of side to side in the MCG version, both with the same AC load - hence all my testing of late is using my Jojo gun.... I'll move back at some point just for a reference. Alan
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