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  1. I'm kind of shocked at your position on this matter. If a guy steps up to the line to shoot a Stage, it shouldn't matter what's in his hands, only that he's there to participate. Based on your reasoning the league should go down to six divisions ( auto, revolver, rifle ) each in CF and RF. I guess that would make your life alot easier. Also, to answer your question, yes, I do travel alot to shoot and I ask a lot of shooters their opinion on this subject. As you can see, the response is mostly favorable. (Actually, you are the only one that seems to oppose it) an opinion you are entitled to. I'll keep my revolvers out of Area 4 in the future though.
  2. We shoot SC (all 8 stages) once a month at my club. I average 60 guns. Usually, 14 to 18 are revolver shooters. (Other clubs in our area (RI/CT) shoot SC as but 4 to 6 stages averaging 30 to 40 shooters). We started asking around, to see if there was any interest in revolver shooters competing against each other in the rimfire classes and the response was overwhelming. That's what started the post on this forum. I don't think it's a matter of how, I think it's a matter of build it and they will come. Based on the responses to this and the other forums we asked, it may be time to try it out.
  3. All of the revolver shooters I talk to in my area care less about trophies and more about competing against each other in their own division.
  4. Picked up a Marlin 45 Camp Rifle recently in great shape. Changed out the old buffer, spring and scope rail with Power Custom Parts and it runs like a champ. I'm looking to put this rifle to work in the Steel Challenge Matches. Anyone know where I can get a good competition stock for this rifle. Looking for something with an adjustable cheek piece or a high one at the least. Please advise. Manny.
  5. The basic idea is to separate the revolvers from the autos. While I think having two classes would be ideal, again, having the revolvers in a class of their own is what this is about. I know a lot of shooters who are faster with irons than optics.
  6. Upright, especially on the rifle. Use the American Defense Manufacturing quick mount with it and you have the best setup.
  7. 4.5 with optics works best for most, but I see more people going to the 6" with irons.
  8. Most people are going to the Nelson .22 conversion for the 1911. Great product.
  9. 38 Super is allowed in Steel Challenge matches. We shoot it in our revolvers all the time.
  10. Correct. Unless you are a Female, Junior or at least 60 years old, you are classified with the rest of the pack.
  11. Most PCC shooters I've talked to said they developed loads that reliably work the action and are somewhat accurate.
  12. I have three rifles set up for steel plate shooting. All of them have a C More Railway red dot with a 12moa dot .
  13. Yes. I had Kidd make me one of his Super Grade .22 rifles using that stock. It's pre drilled for his removable barrel system and it works well in Steel Challenge.
  14. Volquartsen makes all the pieces you'll need to build your RFRI project.
  15. RTS2 C More ( 6'8'or10moa) LT WT stock from Kahr used on their switchbolt gun and a trigger from Kidd at 1.5 lbs. Any barrel that swings well is good enough.
  16. Get him the youth model Ruger 10/22. You can restock it later if he keeps an interest and wants to upgrade.
  17. I must have gotten lucky with mine. Power Custom did the work on it for me and said the barrel is .355. I shoot 356 38 Super 147 grain from Berrys and the shoot great.
  18. I believe there is some factory ammo available for the 929 that makes PF. You will need to ask others on the Forum about that.
  19. Mine has a .355 bore. I actually had a 38 Super cylinder fitted to it and shoot it as both, depending on what match. I'm going to.
  20. The 9mm 929 will shoot factory ammo all day long. Mine does, and has been since I bought it 3 years ago.
  21. I shoot the CCI Std and decided to try the new Clean (Blue) ammo. Worked the same as the Std. but did not get the same accuracy. Switched back to the Std.
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