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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am brand new to reloading and looking for some recommendations and and load data to use for 147gr FP Black Bullet International (BBI) and 147gr blue bullets both RN and FP. I have Ramshot Silhouette and Accurate #7 powders, losing mixed brass with CCI 500 primers. Intended for 9mm minor for USPSA. I called BBI and asked their recommendations and he said those powders would not get best results and recommend a shotgun powder. Just looking for a little guidance if anyone has good load recipe with what I have or a powder they would recommend for those bullets. Thanks!
  2. Hey Folks, not sure if this should be here or the glock section. Long story short, I had a out of battery discharge on my Glock 34 gen 3 last week. Gun mostly survived, except the trigger and mag release broke, and my extractor shot out and was lost. I had a local shop check it out, and everything looks straight. I figured i would replace the barrel as it takes the brunt of the force (it looks fine) just to be on the safe side. I ordered a Double diamond barrel from the glock store and it arrived today. I grabbed a few of my reloads and tried to plunk test them, and they all failed. I have 2 loads and they both failed. 1: 125g RN Blue bullets 3.5 TG with OAL of 1.125 2: 127g RN Blue Bullets 3.1 TG with OAL of 1.135 using my Hornady LNL AP i do get some variance, but non of the rounds were over 1.142 and I have a few thousand of each so i would prefer to not have to break them all down. Neither of these fit. I grabbed the press and worked out the Max oal to be 1.120. That seams pretty short as the max allowable, and given human and mechanical variations, i assume i would have to load to a max of 1.175 or so I chatted with GS but they were unsure of the max OAL for that barrel and offerered to send me a replacement to see if that's any better. Has anyone else had this issue? Is this and issue? I am hoping the replacement barrel accepts my reloads. If it doesn't do you have any suggestions, can i load that short? How much would i have to adjust my load. Thank you for the help
  3. So I usually get .355 125gr rn from the blue bullets. My barrel slugs at .3555 and accuracy is acceptable. I'd like to try out some .356 since the general consensus is to shoot lead that a thousandth larger than what your barrel slugs at and see if they do any better. As the blue bullets don't offer a .356 (aside from bulk special order profiles) I'm curious as to where you guys & gals get your poly coated bullets at. Hi-tek coatings smoke too much for my liking so I'd like to stay away from them if at all possible. Much appreciated guys
  4. Question for those experienced with loading these, the best prices for projectiles seem to be from either Blue bullets or leatherhead bullets which along with good reviews is why I am primarily looking at loading those brands. Only Blue bullets has a 135 grain offering, is there a big difference in felt recoil from 125 to 135? is this just a personal preference? Should I just grab some trial packs and start experimenting? Loading these for a G17 currently and i am shopping around for some variety of CZ if i want to start competing if that matters. Thanks
  5. I recently moved to 165gr Blue Bullets and looking at my powders I have 10lbs of be-86 that just wants to get used. does anybody have any load data either major or minor pf for the above combination? thanks DN.
  6. I'm back playing around with 9mm loads, this time for USPSA production division. I did some chrono runs yesterday using two Gen 3 Glock 34 pistols. Both with stock barrels. Loads tested where Blue Bullets 125g with 3.5g of E3 @ 1.130 and Blue Bullets 147g with 3.0g of E3 at the same 1.130 OAL. I usually run a little longer at 1.135 but found the shorter OAL works better when case gauging in the hundo case gauge. Ten rounds were fired over the chrono with each load and gun combo. I didn't do any kind of accuracy testing because I picked up a Gen 4 Glock 17 today and want to do testing with that gun as well. Mixed headstamp brass and mixture of CCI and winchester primers. G34 - Z (Mine) Blue 125g Avg Velocity - 1040.6 Std Dev - 20.2 Extreme Spread - 66 AVG PF 130 which is exactly where I want it. G34 - T (Son) Blue 125g Avg Velocity - 1059.9 Std Dev - 10.6 Extreme Spread - 36 Avg PF 132 (Not sure why his is running faster than mine) G34 - Z Blue 147 Avg Velocity - 919 Std Dev - 13.2 Extreme Spread - 45 Avg PF - 135 (I could possibly scale back on the powder but my hands can't tell the difference between a 130 PF and 135 PF so I'll leave it at 3.0g. G34 - T Blue 147 Avg Velocity 935.5 Std Dev - 10.9 Extreme Spread - 38 Avg PF 137 Hope this helps someone looking for e3 loads.
  7. Before I post all of the load data (there's a lot of it) I do have a question for those that are more experienced with e3 than I am. What would you consider the max charge for a 115g plated bullet? I'm looking to make 130 - 135 Power Factor to use for a steel challenge open minor gun. The gun is a Gen 4 Glock 17 with KKM barrel and Carver 2-port comp. (Yes I know we don't have a power factor in steel challenge but I still want to make minor for USPSA matches) (Yes #2 - I did search before asking the above question). Here's the chrono results from today. All runs where done with Gen 4 Glock 17, stock barrel. Chrono approximately 10 feet down range. 10-shot strings where used for each run. Mixed brass and e3 used for all of my loads. Today I only tested to see if the load would make minor power factor. Once I have loads that will I'll do group testing. Baseline - Winchester White Box 117g Target Ammo Avg Velocity - 1194.5 Std Dev - 19.7 ES - 66 Avg PF - 137 Bayou 95g with 4.1g @ 1.060 Avg Velocity - 1228.8 Std Dev - 22.9 ES - 77 Avg PF - 116 I knew this wouldn't make minor but I had them loaded so I figured I would test them. These next runs are just tests I did because I had the ammo loaded and on hand. Blue Bullets 115 with 3.5g @ 1.135 Avg Velocity - 1080.5 Std Dev - 9.2 ES - 31 Avg PF - 124 Blue Bullets 125 with 3.5g @ 1.135 Avg Velocity - 1068.2 Std Dev - 15.1 ES - 41 Avg PF - 133 Blue Bullets 147 with 3.0g @ 1.130 Avg Velocity - 923.1 Std Dev - 14 ES - 52 Avg PF - 135 Bayou 135 with 3.5g @ 1.125 Avg Velocity - 1005 Std Dev - 14.7 ES - 48 Avg PF - 135 For the next 3 runs I used Xtreme 115g Xtreme 115 with 3.8g @ 1.135 Avg Velocity - 1037.2 Std Dev - 13.7 ES - 39 Avg PF - 119 Xtreme 115 with 3.9g @ 1.135 Avg Velocity - 1047.1 Std Dev - 11.3 ES - 38 Avg PF - 120 Xtreme 115 with 4.0g @ 1.135 Avg Velocity - 1037.1 Std Dev - 10.2 ES - 35 Avg PF - 123 (it was interesting to see how the numbers closed up as the powder charge increased) My next experiment was to use Xtreme 115 with 4.0g but vary the OAL. 1.140 Avg Velocity - 1076.3 Std Dev - 11.2 ES - 36 Avg PF - 123 1.145 Avg Velocity - 1068.2 Std Dev - 14.2 ES - 39 Avg PF - 122 1.150 Avg Velocity - 1063.9 Std Dev - 12.6 ES - 47 Avg PF - 122 1.155 Avg Velocity - 1066.5 Std Dev - 12.4 ES - 42 Avg PF - 122 Next I moved on to Xtreme 124 and worked up loads from 3.5 to 4.0. OAL was 1.135 for all loads. 3.5g Avg Velocity - 975.2 Std Dev - 10.5 ES - 33 Avg PF - 120 3.6g Avg Velocity - 989.8 Std Dev - 13.1 ES - 33 Avg PF - 122 3.7g Avg Velocity - 1008.8 Std Dev - 9.2 ES - 28 Avg PF - 125 3.8g Avg Velocity - 1013.9 Std Dev - 10.1 ES - 33 Avg PF - 128 3.9g Avg Velocity - 1033.1 Std Dev - 11.4 ES - 31 Avg PF 128 *Every shot made minor 4.0g Avg Velocity - 1044.1 Std Dev - 8.2 ES - 27 Avg PF - 129 *Every shot made minor. This will be my new production load with the Xtreme 124 bullets.
  8. So after so many recommendations to try coated bullets I am thinking of trying .45 200 SWC. I will be shooting them through NY Ruger SR1911 and my Glock 41. So I am concerned about leading in the Glock? So I have it narrowed down to ACME, Blue and Blacks? So what is the most accurate and consistent? Right now I have the following powders: W231, Bullseye, Unique, power pistol.thank you
  9. Wanting some info on blue bullets for production 147 and 124 with tight group out of the CZ 75 sp-01
  10. I've been shooting blue bullet 147 grn. Cz has short chamber. And the 147 RN complicates issues. Some one here mentioned the 147 flat point. I'm thinking I can get a way with longer coal. These bullets have groove at base. What effect does groove have? Has any one shot both 147 RN. And 147 flat. Any difference in feel or accuracy? Any loading issues?
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