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  1. Thanks MemphisMechanic for relaying that and Joe for responding. At this time I'm squirreling away pennies to buy a house so my fun projects are on hold for a few months. But it's great to know it can be done! Thanks again Joe @ Patriot Defense for reaching out!!
  2. Hey guys, unfortunately Patriot Defense didn't pan out. The office lady said they could do it but wasn't familiar with the Grand Power line, unfortunately she never sent me a work order. She seemed pretty busy and in a rush on the phone and said she would check if it could be done but never called me back. I called again a month later about something else and got the same answer. I figure if a company doesn't follow up with a potential customer I don't really want to hound them for answers or send an expensive part to. I put my Shield RMS on a Glock 19 MOS instead and am very happy with it for now. (Still interested in getting my K100 or X-Cal milled for a Shield RMS, so if anyone else finds someone who will actually do it that would be great. Kind of a bummer that no one will do it! )
  3. Hey Qbert thank you for the references, I contacted all of the companies and Patriot Defense was the only one who said they would do it. : ) We'll see how this turns out, I'll be sure to upload some photos if this comes to fruition.
  4. Hey Guys, So I've been trying to locate a gunsmith who can/will mill out my Grand Power X-cal or K100 slide for a Shield RMS. (Carry Optics) I know there are Eliason style mounts out there (for x-cal) that I have found from reading others posts: http://www.customguns.co.uk/shop-page/4580285375/grand-power-k22-xtrim-minisight-mount/9700063 http://www.egwguns.com/pistol-scope-mounts/optima/jp-mount-for-colt-gold-cup/ But that isn't really the route that I'd like to go. Milling would get the dot lower and would be a more secure mount than the above options. I contacted the company who did the Gold K100 job 2 years ago and was turned down because he said the slide is just not ideal for a red dot. I understand the geometry/lack of material to work on etc so I get that. However after seeing that it's been done successfully, I don't see why it cant be done again. They are such awesome shooters I think it would make them even more fun. So if anyone knows any gunsmiths who are able or willing to do this job please let me know. I'm sure other people are just as interested and I would really appreciate a referral to a professional!
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