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  1. Another good one is the little old lady that shows up with a S&W Airweight and a box of +p ammo that the gun shop sold her. Most of the time they don't even have the hand strength to fire it DA, and when you show them how to fire it SA it kicks the crap out of them. I live in a rural area so I also get a lot of farmers with single action .22s or rusty old .38s. Not to mention the previously mentioned High-Points, Lorcens, ect. I have yet to see a High-point make it through a entire mag without a malfunction. I always have Buckmark and a couple of 9mm Glocks on hand as loaners so they
  2. Try teaching CCW classes, you would be amazed at what people bring in intending to use as a carry gun.
  3. Drop holsters are ok if you are wearing armor, especially if you take it off and put it on very often. You have to get a good one though, those $20 gun show thigh holsters don't cut it in the real world. Those of us that were issued M9s used them quite a bit in Iraq. Honestly, they suck even in that application, they just suck a little less then the alternatives. Anybody wearing one as a EDC holster is most likely just a SEAL/Delta/SOG/If-I-Tell-You-I-Have-To-Kill-You wannabe.
  4. As does "Hold my beer" Those phrases seem to go together more often than not.
  5. Never whack the throttle wide open from a stoplight on a 150hp sport-touring bike because your wife is revving hers like she wants to race. 700lb shaft-drive touring bikes are not meant to wheelie. I had to throw those underwear away. Make sure you tell your wife your steel gong isn't rifle rated BEFORE she tries out your buddies new AR loaded with surplus M855 Ball. It was a nice shot though. I could go on all day with stupid things we did while I was in the Army. It's a wonder I wasn't killed or court-martialed. Never go on a 12 mile road march wearing brand new jump boots. It was ei
  6. TW would probably make a pretty interesting thread on it's own.Do you have contact info for Vance? there is a shooter on here that works at Vance's in Columbus. Shoot him a PM. Goes by shooter995 Thanks. I didn't realize they were the same Vance.
  7. TW would probably make a pretty interesting thread on it's own. Do you have contact info for Vance?
  8. TW by chance?Yes it was. I seldom go in there anymore, too many bad experiences, they are about the only place around that carries cast lead bullets though.I bought the M&P at the place in Blue Ash, they seem like a good bunch.
  9. My wife got started in USPSA last season using my Glock 17, but it doesn't fit her hand real well. We were in a gun store and range in northern Cincinnati area and while I browsed around she was checking out a few different models so see if there was something she liked better. She told the clerk it was going to be both a Production gun and a carry piece. When I walked over the clerk was trying hard to sell her a M&P CORE. After looking at a few other guns we asked to see a plain M&P 9mm. As he took it out if the case he dropped it on the floor. I asked if I got a discount since
  10. All main gun rounds have tracers. They are vital to help the crew sense the round and make corrections in case of a miss, especially when firing in degraded mode.
  11. It's been a while, but if I remember the firing tables correctly M829A1 APFSDS-T leaves the muzzle at 5454 fps.
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