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  1. I just finished up loading 1000 147gr nlg fp 9mm from acme yesterday and didnt have a single bullet that had coating flaking off or was deformed
  2. Went out and bought a RPR on friday. Took it out this weekend and put 100 rounds through it and have to say im very impressed my best groups were .52" at 100yds and .76" at 200yds. Also very impressed with the 6.5 creedmoor round its a joy to shoot low recoil and very accurate. Thanks for all the advice guys I appreciate it
  3. Hey guys my wife is wanting to get into long range precision shooting. Ive been researching different rifles and it seems to get a quality rifle your looking at $3k+ before optics. Thats more than im willing to spend for a hobby that im not sure she is going to stick with. So I think Ive decided just to get her a RPR in 6.5 creedmore and if she sticks with it we can always upgrade in the future. So my question is, is the RPR a good rifle for a beginner? Ive read a lot of reviews on them and most of them are good but I have read a few bsd ones. Also what style reticle would you guys
  4. Ok target distance was somewhere around 30 ft im shooting 9mm 147gr coated lead over 3.0grs of TG at 1.140" oal. Out of a cz75 sp-01. I have watched videos on grip and stance the stance I feel Im pretty good with. The grip im still working on I love the feel of the sp-01 rubber grips but they almost feel like they are too small for me I dont feel as though the palm of my off hand has enough room to really get pressure on it which doesnt make sense to me because they are pretty beefy grips and ive never noticed a problem with my grip on my other guns although I havent really shot much else sinc
  5. Thanks for the advice ewuwpew. What other info should I have included? To clarify Im not new to shooting at all ive been shooting since I was old enough to hold a gun til this point it has just been more based on hunting and plinking which ive never seen the need to practice fast follow up shots.
  6. And ive tried increasing pressure with my offhand but it makes it hard to hold steady... I think that part is just practice and conditioning
  7. Havent got a timer yet im using an app on my phone and to keep accuracy with my 2nd shot im at or just above 1sec
  8. Hi everyone, just trying to get started in uspsa production shooting and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for drills. I went out and tried shooting double shots at multiple targets yesterday and the results were pretty bad. Takes me way too long to get my sight picture back and accuracy of my second shot is not very good. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, John
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