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  1. Put a thousand rounds thru it. That is all the polishing you will need.
  2. hal1955

    Shadow 2 Jhp question

    I do the plunk and spin test in my Shadow2. Then I back off a hair. I load everything as long as possible. Never had a problem. Tack driver.
  3. Same principle as this. Six minute mark.
  4. Could be all of the above, also could be dirt behind the extractor or the little kanob on the back side of the extractor might be too high.
  5. hal1955

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    6 hours ago, CZFanGrrl said: I’m under the impression that the recoil spring in combination with the amount of powder you’re loading is what determines how the slide cycles. Loading lower power loads for me has translated into less recoil, but is less recoil = to softer recoil? For me, the less recoil meant slower recoil with reduced power loads (loads at the very low end of what will still cycle a slide). ................................. The hammer spring also affects “perceived recoil” to a degree since it has to be compressed to cock the hammer as the slide moves rearward. I dont feel much if any push backwards in recoil but I do notice muzzle jump. i find that heavier bullets seem to have less muzzle jump than lighter bullets.
  6. hal1955

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    I shot S1 for 15ish years. This is my first S2. Bought at Tenda in Sept.when they were on sale for $1140. No problems ever with either except for shot out barrels in S1. Off the top of my head I use 3.7 VV320 seated as long as possible with the plunk test @ 880 fps. I don’t care really about dot jump, what I care about is how stable is the dot when it comes back.No bounce or jiggle. I can get 15-17 splits with a lighter spring but i am happy with 20 cuz the dot is so stable at 20. Brass lands about 6 feet away. I use the factory supplied shock buffs.
  7. hal1955

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    Funny how people prefer different springs. i tested my S2 OR with Venom 6moa with 8-9-10-12-14# springs and a few clipped springs. I was surprised, 14# suits me best. Dot barely moves and settles perfectly for me. 147 grain bullet. Splits are about.20 at 15m with A hits.
  8. hal1955

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    Shadow2 optic ready with the factory plate will put the optic lower on the slide. I like mine. Very sleek and solid.I use the Vortex Venom 6moa.
  9. travel limit screw is irrelevant to trigger pull weight. You can oil the crap out of that gun without hurting anything. Try a lighter hammer spring to reduce trigger pull, or clip a 15# till u get to 5.5# da and use a reduced firing pin spring to prevent light strikes. My S2 uses 15# hammer spring minus 5 coils, my trigger pull is 5.5da/2.25 sa.
  10. All guns are a bit different. Lube wouldn’t hurt but did u install a reduced power trigger return spring?
  11. My S2 trigger is 5.5 d/a and 2.25 s/a. I cut 5 coils off a 15# hammer spring, bent the trigger return spring back as far as the slide stop hole in the frame a few times,and cut 3 coils off the firing pin spring to prevent lite strikes.Put a dab of blue loctite between the firing pin retaining plate and the slide . Ignites CCI primers 100%. Reset from the factory is about 2.5mm. No creep after 1000 rounds.
  12. Same thing happened to me. Twice. Weak or too short firing pin spring. I put a dab of Loctite on the retaining plate now.
  13. Happy with my Shadow 2 OR, happy with the vortex venom, the mounting plate not so much. It fits well and is solid but i wish they had built out the sides a bit and milled in some cocking serrations on the plate. Does anyone know of any aftermarket plates that might have cocking serrations ?
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