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  1. I tried the 8-10-12-14-16. I like the 14#.
  2. Awesome. I hope u post the results and the 158 load recipe.
  3. Has anyone tried Campro 158 grain plated .355 bullets in the Shadow2 ? Any thoughts or recipes to share ? I currently have V V 320 and titegroup on hand.
  4. hal1955

    Which Shadow 2

    Got my new Shadow2 optic ready two days ago. Of course I had to take it apart right away before I shot it. D/A trigger pull was about 12 pounds, S/A was about 4.5 pounds on my scale. The internals looked great so I decided to do nothing to it. I did my bend tweak to the factory trigger return spring, rummaged thru a box of springs left over from the thrilling days of yesteryear and found one hammer spring labelled 15# minus 5 coils and installed that. Also found a recoil spring labelled 10#, probably a Wolff. I oiled all the parts as I put it together. Got a 5.5# da pull and 2.5# sa pull. Nice and crisp, i can make the trigger creep a wee bit if I try real hard but at match or practice speed no noticeable creep at all. Reset is quite nice. Installed the Vortex Venom and went to the range today. Only brought 50 rounds. They all went bang, no misfires, primer hits look fine with Federal primers. Sighted in the Venom at 10 yards, then moved to 15 yards Did a three shot one hole group at 15. Supported of course. No, I didnt miss. Got a one inch group at 20 yds. Shadow2 is a helluva gun. Who the hell needs a Shadow Target or a Bull Shadow? My load was 3.4 grains of V V320, Federal primers, 147 grain Campro plated bullet @1.110. Empties landed about 6 feet away. The gun flips up, dips down, then resettles at about the starting point. Just loaded another 300 rounds and will be off to the range tomorrow. I will try and tune the recoil spring.Cheers.
  5. hal1955


    what makes a cz75 or 75 clone stack (tighten up) towards the end of the d/a trigger pull ?
  6. What is the point of this gun ? What can it do that other guns can not do ?
  7. Your elevation screw probably sheared off....I had the same problem, luckily i found all the parts.I put a dab of silicone under the sight to prevent bouncing when the slide recoils back and forth. It acts as a shock absorber and the screw will not shear off. I also put a dab of silicone in the windage screw hole to prevent movement.
  8. Also......... the 941 extractor channel in cut through into the firing pin channel. The firing pin spring is too long and gets “snaky” around the firing pin and the sping can protrude into the extractor channel and rub on the little knob on the back of the extractor and cause light strikes by slowing down the firing pin. I grind down the little knob on the extractor and shorten the firing pin spring.
  9. i forgot to mention i lowered the hammer hooks on mine. I measured the hooks on my Shadow and lowered the 941 hooks to the same height. Federal primers only and it was 100% reliable. I also polished the under side of the sear, the factory finish was quite rough.
  10. Did u polish the under side of the trigger bar where it contacts the trigger bar lifter ? And the sides of the trigger bar? The trigger bar can also be lightened to reduce weight on the underside where the mag passes thru it. The trigger bar lifter spring is a KEY part. U can reduce the weight of the spring by chucking a round hobby file in a dremel and reducing the weight of the spring by 25%. That should get u under 6 pounds d/a. Cheers.
  11. Some EAA, Tanfo, and Witness sights will fit. They are “generation specific”, so measure the dovetail cut. I have a 5 year old 941 and I found some Tanfo adjustable sight that fit.
  12. Try smoothing or rounding off the bottom edges on the disconnector ears. Easy does it, just break the sharp edges.
  13. Does anyone know what comps will fit the G19 factory threaded barrel? KKM, Jagr, LWD ? I am partial to the Jagr.....
  14. hal1955

    Cz75 stove pipes

    An extractor can be worn out even if not chipped. Ask me how I know......
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