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  1. Looking for a light 20 load for reloading
  2. Just shot my today and love it used fed 550 and cheap target ammo did not miss one beat
  3. Who ever has one of these can you share you're thoughts about this handgun
  4. Do you prefer the pinky ext or the 2+ or the glock 2+ ext on you're 26 and why . Need advise on which one to choose
  5. bodene 5

    Gen4 26

    Cana anyone tell me the recoil spring number on the upgraded spring mine is 018 also do you prefer the pinky ext or the one that adds 2 rounds. Just picked up a 26 and I must say its a nice shooting piece very pleased and it's very accurate I was amazed
  6. bodene 5

    40 to 9

    Rounds would not go into battery ?
  7. bodene 5

    40 to 9

    I fellow wants to trade a gen. 4 27 for my gen4 30 anyone do the 40 to 9 thing with good results
  8. bodene 5

    Guide rod

    Who uses the stainless steel and why you prefer it
  9. My gen3 21 did not like them either I tried everything oal bump the load etc hoping my gem 4 21 will run them
  10. Anyone try these out of a glock 30 G4 with any luck they would not run well in my gem 3 21 but they were very accurate
  11. bodene 5

    Gen 4 30

    Well I finally shot my gen 4 30 with ranger t 147 factory , bayou. 230 rn , and 230 fmj hand loads this thing is really accurate with all 3 a hair more flip than my gen4 21 but. not to bad I kinda like this 30
  12. bodene 5

    Gen 4 30

    Interesting that's what I have heard curious if anyone has first hand knowledge of this
  13. bodene 5

    Gen 4 30

    Just picked one up who can shed some light on its accuracy compared to the 21
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