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  1. Not even sure where this belongs, so I will try here. I shoot limited and I know magnets are an option. Just thinking for table starts for quick mag storing, which I know doesn't happen very often, or for unload and make ready. How many of you use them? And if you do, do you have a preference between the one that mounts on the belt or the one that mounts on your mag pouch? I use Double Alpha X and I can put one on my or mag pouch or they also make one that mounts on the belt. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. So I got my new dies yesterday. Got a Redding competition seating die and trying a Lee FCD. Problem seems to be gone. In fact when I ran the previous rounds that wouldn’t chamber back through the LFCD, they chamber checked perfect. I’ll still probably use them for practice ammo. That was with my current Bayou .401 Bullets. Then I tried my sample pack of Blue bullets .400. I didn’t have to bell as much. They all chamber checked perfect. I loaded 50, gonna try and go test and chrono them tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the help
  3. I just ordered a 250 sample pack of Blue 180 gr .400.
  4. Thanks for all the helpful info. I tried the suggestions here and have come to believe it’s a concentric issue and crimp. The bullets gauge perfect upside down up to the end of the case. I ordered a Lee Factory crimp die and also a new seating die, the Redding competition micro. I was using the Hornady seater/taper crimp die, but only using it as a seating die. I don’t know how to explain it, but the case only goes in so far then gets stuck on the sleeve of the die. I believe the case is then being crushed a little by the die when the seating is being done. See pic below. That’s why I’m biting the bullet and getting a new seating die, and the LFC die was only a couple bucks so why not try it. The Hornady die had 2 seating stems. I was using the one with concave tip. I tried the flat ended stem but that didn’t seem to help the concentric issue.
  5. OK, I just took the 25 that I ran through the U-die and now ran them fully through the press. I had 5 that would not chamber check. It is going in until the last third, it looks like I am creating bulge near the rim. Am I over crimping?
  6. Hmmmm... I just ran 25 through just the U-Die and they all dropped right in the Hundo. OK, so now what, I am intrigued? What else am I doing wrong?
  7. Started reloading 40 back in July when I started shooting 40 in Limited.
  8. Mixed range brass from matches mostly. A buddy gave me a bunch that he shot mostly with a Glock. Yes, the press does cam over at the end of the stroke.
  9. Before I go and buy a GRX or Lee bulge buster, am I missing something? I’m using a LNL AP press, EGW U-die which is adjusted as low as it can go. I’m using the Hornady nitride taper crimp die and loading Bayou 180gr. I’m getting close to 20% failure on the Hundo XL. The failures go into practice ammo, but even a couple of those won’t even chamber in my CK Arms. Am I missing something or is a push through really ticket?
  10. Thats an interesting take. Is your grip plastic or steel? I have a double undercut steel grip as well on my CK, I would never imagine that breaking from holster use.
  11. I’m a big fan of Master Tac for my IDPA setup. Quality of the holster is outstanding. http://master-tac.com/
  12. Thanks for posting, I was going to do a similar post myself today as I am curious. I have a DAA Alpha X myself with the muzzle support. I’m shooting a CK Arms Thunder Limited with 5.5” barrel. At a local match in December I had an issue with the gun going into holster smoothly so I took the muzzle support off and finished the match without it. I don’t know if it was a placebo effect but my mind was saying it felt faster without the support. In dry fire when I try it with and without it doesn’t seem much different. From all my reading on here, the people that prefer them with the support seem to do so because of seated stages and not bumping the muzzle on the chair and knocking it out of the holster while getting up.
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