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  1. My order placed on July 24th just shipped 147's 9mm I wonder how many orders they received
  2. Not 125 but I weighed 10 of their 150’s 151.1 -151.7 very consistent.
  3. Nice my only concern is 22 my son is going through 300 rounds a week Ha at that rate my cmp surplus will run out in 2 years. If I would have known I’d have bought more 99.00 for 5,000 rounds, and I literally bought a truck load.
  4. July 24 order still waiting Just hoping with all the rush QC doesn’t go out the window!
  5. Must resist my kids and wife need to eat they don’t understand sacrifice ha! maybe skip food every other day
  6. Same here ! These shortages are on a 4 year cycle hint hint ! Been reloading for 30 years I remember the mid 90’s
  7. That’s what I’m thinking rotating between open and steel challenge.
  8. Reading through the Honchos thread got me thinking about that route, my son is hooked on steel challenge I like the idea of just a barrel swap.
  9. That's not bad cant remember how long it took me to do 600 on a dillion swage must have mentally blocked it out!
  10. Nice looking set up! It seems Co division is growing fast.
  11. When the wife walks into the reloading room with a handful of bullets out of the wash machine.
  12. Ha that's funny coming from someone who's stepped on a few!
  13. I shot tight group some but during a long practice session running several bill drills back to back my fiber optic front sight would get to hot and fly off lol .N320 is the cleanest powder I've used.
  14. Ok I'll check the serial number this evening,gun is 8 years old about 10,000 rounds through it.
  15. Take things one at a time and have fun. One thing that helped me was I made a list of what needed the most work check one off go to the next.
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