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  1. My Legion felt less than accurate with the stock trigger. After installing the GG competition kit (with the heavier return spring) and Amory Craft trigger, my groups have been one ragged hole at 7 yards fast firing. The spongy feeling stock trigger was the culprit, for me at least, leading to bad groups, not the gun itself.
  2. I noticed an "m" on my P320 Legion. Do they offer a larger frame? If so that would be great. I just took off the mag well to get ready to shoot Carry Optics and the pistol no longer fits my hand well (I have kinda large hands), wish the stock grip was a little longer.
  3. Thanks! Yeah I need to take the mag well off. I did check the mag length with a 3d printed USPSA Mag measuring tool and they pass (just). I am using stock 17 round Sig mags with the Taran Tactical +5 base plates.
  4. Well, I finally have everything all together to start competing in Carry Optics division. I went with a Sig Legion for the pistol and I am glad I did. It is one of the nicest shooting pistols I have ever owned. I installed a GG competition kit and an Armory Craft trigger, now trigger pull is excellent and crisp (not 1911 crisp, but very good). Yesterday I loaded up some test rounds with some 135 gr cast bullets I made (dropped at 140 grain) and went to the gun range to run them over the chrono. I settled for Titegroup for a 135 power factor at 980 fps with a 5 fps standard deviation. Then last night I got busy reloading. Loaded up 500 rounds and called it a night. Now I just need to practice a little before I sign up for my first match. This is going to be fun! (obligatory pistol photo - I haven't removed the magwell just yet)
  5. Yes, I used to powder coat my bullets. It works great and is MUCH nicer than lubricating/sizing. I don't powdercoat anymore though, I now use a product called HiTech Bullet Coatings. It is a wet process that is similar to tumble powder coating, but the Hitech coating applies a little easier and works better in high power applications (rifle speeds).
  6. Well, I got my yellow card last night! Bristlecone are good people. The instructor was VERY thorough and now I can't wait for my first match. Thanks again everyone for the pointers!
  7. I just looked and it looks like Bristlecone is holding a USPSA class tonight! Thanks for the heads up. Going to call them when they open, they have one more spot left.
  8. Thanks! I am in Loveland, Colorado, so pretty central to a lot of the matches on the front range it looks like. I have my rig all set up now, so I am going to do a little practicing, then attend one of the matches just to get a feel for everything before signing up for one.
  9. Thank you for all the information! I looked at the Eastern Colorado USPSA site, it looks like there are plenty of matches to compete in. It looks like they make you go through an orientation/practice class before you can go to your first competition. This is exactly what I was looking for. Now I just need to find what club has those classes and sign up to one. I will probably also go watch a match before I join one as you said. It will show me what I am getting into and helpfully let me learn a little bit so I don't make a total fool of myself the first time
  10. Howdy folks. This is my first post here. I recently signed up since I am getting interested in starting to compete in USPSA matches. Here in Colorado, it looks like there is a match nearly every weekend. I am a long time shooter, but never really shot in many competitions. I DID shoot in a few bowling pin matches and did pretty well, and had a lot of fun. I am going to be using a Sig P320 Legion and will shortly have my belt, holster and mag pouches set up. I am not sure what USPSA division I want to start in, though it will probably be either production or Carry Optics. Now I just need to figure out what how to go about getting into my first USPSA match. Kinda wish there was some practice sessions instead of jumping in with no idea of what to expect, but I am sure I am going to have a lot of fun either way.
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