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  1. I use the mighty armory universal de capping die just in case
  2. Wow glad your ok I have a pile of stuff that needs to be pulled and have been hesitant to do so it’s off to scrap now not even going to bother
  3. I was actually just at the Mark 7 factory this past week and they are definitely stepping up there game and trying to jump in front of issues instead of trying to chase them which is great to see!! Misty is and always has been a great help for sure. All that said I still love my ammobot and the support they have.
  4. Also the original maker of the mbf makes a plate I to adapt to 3/4 pipe I think it was 15/20 shipped
  5. Matt is an awesome guy and builder.And as far as quality and support hands down best I’ve seen
  6. Long story short I was pretty let down by technical assistance with an issue I had. Support with the ammobot is and has been awesome
  7. I agree spend the extra few dollars and get the rev 3 I’ve had a mark 7 and couldn’t be happier with my decision to switch to the ammobot
  8. Thank you that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking
  9. Lmao would be great if he was in trouble though lol
  10. Unfortunately bench space is limited
  11. Absolutely nothing I’m leaning toward selling it due to the ammo not being able to used manually for my son to hand load/ process just to get the feel of loading
  12. Yes I believe actually feeling and hands on is way better than watching. Feeling problems I believe helps find them later on. Stuck primers wrong cases etc. granted I’m there with him just weighting out options.
  13. I would be more comfortable with my 14 year old processing and possibly loading with it manually. There really isn’t a good way to run a mark 7 manually
  14. So I’m considering selling my 1050x that used mostly for processing and switching to a rev 3. Main reason is I like the handle feature. Any real life pro or cons??
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