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  1. Sig CS just told me that the Romeo3Max not only will not fit my X5, but will not fit any Sig pistol. As I understand it, Max designed it for his X5, what's the logic behind Sig producing this and not fitting any of their guns? The CS guy told me I'd have to buy a Springer adapter plate to install it on my gun.
  2. After Sig CS told me the grip weight was tungsten, I decided to find out for myself and I checked the weight with a magnet, that grip weight in the TSG is NOT steel!
  3. I talked with Sig CS today and they said the TSG grip module has a tungsten grip weight in it. My X5 with TSG grip and magazine weighs 45.6 ounces.
  4. Just got back from the range, Amazing how it handles muzzle flip, front sight barely moves.
  5. Yes, it certainly does!
  6. Ordered from Osage County Monday, got it yesterday. What an improvement, it feels like a steel grip, the gun now weighs 41.9 ounces, heading to the range now to shoot it.
  7. bomadera

    X5 grip weight

    Has anybody tried a tungsten grip weight for the X5, if so how do you like it?
  8. What is the recommended jacketed bullet diameter for 9mm to get the best accuracy, .355 or .356? Thanks
  9. What is the recommended jacketed bullet diameter for 9mm to get the best accuracy, .355 or .356? Thanks
  10. bomadera


    I've tried the plunk test but I keep going back to the short 1.060 because of the accuracy. BTW my load is 5.4 of Power Pistol @ 1.060 gets me over 1100fps
  11. bomadera


    What is the ideal o.a.l. for a 9mm 124 JHP (Hornady XTP)? I have been loading this per Hornady's recommendation (most accurate load tested) of 1.060 with excellent results. Yet Federal, Speer, and Sig all load longer 1.100-1.130 What have all of you found to be the ideal o.a.l?
  12. Shipped my 320's 12-19, got a notice they shipped today. Pretty fast turn around.
  13. bomadera

    320 X-5 accuracy

    Just how accurate is the 320 X-5? My X-5 seems to me to be extremely accurate, however my eyes are old and I really can't shoot tiny groups anymore. To those of you with young eyes, just how accurate is the X-5? How does it compare with the new P210?
  14. Mixing powder is never a good thing, rather than take a chance on blowing up an expensive gun (it does happen) to save a $28 (a # of N320), I tossed the whole #. Thanks for the input.
  15. I inadvertently mixed some ClayDot (Clays copy) with some VV N320, Clays and N320 are 31 & 32 on the burn chart. I'm loading 9mm, should I toss it or try the mixed?
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