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  1. Yes, That is the version I'm using.
  2. I'm not too sure about the ALS but I have been using the GLS, so I know that fits.
  3. I heard that you just call them and ask. If they say no you just keep asking. Then eventually they say ok.
  4. I just picked up my X5 and if I do any serious competing I will definitely buy the gauge. Thank you for letting me know where and the price.
  5. I have read the answer to be yes, but before you compete to check each mag.
  6. I'll have to give it a shot without the hanger, I have been using the aandabooks one since I bought the holster. Do you use a QLS clip or slide the holster through the belt?
  7. I'm new but I like the Safariland ALS holster. I find the retention easy to disengage. Plus I like that it is somewhat universal.
  8. I just picked mine up this weekend and took it to the trap range. Didn't realize they had a FPS limit of 1200. Ran 5 boxes of Walmart Winchester low brass with no hiccups. The only thing I did was clean everything and lubricate it. Going to start working on my quad loads.
  9. Glad you didn't DQ, I've had difficultly reloading shotgun too.
  10. Have mine ordered, excited to get it in!!
  11. Thank you for the reminder, I had a case of Remington .38spl that had a few bullets that were over seated. They sent me a shipping label and sent me a check for the price of the case of ammo. I was pretty surprised that something like that could get past them.
  12. I didn't even know metal Glock mags existed, but can't say I've had any trouble with the factory ones. Maybe if I end up getting into PCC, otherwise I do like cheap mags too.
  13. I've only shot a Gen 3 and it was a nice shooter without any reported problems.
  14. I have seen a lot of positive post on that bag and a few other. Right now the current bag I have seems to work ok if I actually load it up. I will probably start looking at the end of the season when I have a better idea of what I am looking for.
  15. That's a good idea to load the bag the way I unload at the match. Thank you for the tip.
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