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  1. Attila

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    A handgun may be approved and added to the USPSA Approved Production Handgun List after the NROI Manufacturer’s Declaration form stating that a minimum of 2000 complete handguns have been manufactured and available to the general public has been submitted and NROI has inspected the handgun for compliance common practice has been that variants of approved versions can be added to the list. The has happened on some models/variants before they have been seen on the market. Another infamous example of getting a gun on the list had the manufacturer declare that 2000 had been build and sold to a law enforcement agency. The only one seen was in the hands of their factory shooter.
  2. Attila

    Competition P320

    most 1911's don't have a firing pin safety.
  3. Attila

    Beretta Elite II vs Wilson Beretta

    Elite 2 has standard trigger guard, grips, mag release and dust cover. It also has front cocking serrations. The Wilson has rounded trigger guard, G10 grips, extended mag release and light rail. No FCS
  4. Attila

    Metal vs plastic experiment

    the trick is to quantify the amount it matters. There are lots of guys that can shoot as fast and accuratly as the top guys. There are other things that separate the top guys for which the gun doesn't matter. How fast you get into and out of position, how well you break down a stage, how well you deal with things after a something went wrong. The gun can make a SMALL difference for many shooters, and it is the on difference maker you can purchase. But for most you would be better off spending your money on ammo and classes.
  5. Attila

    Metal vs plastic experiment

    The the gun does make a difference, but only for shooters with issues. If you have strongly developed trigger control and recoil managment, the specific gun matters less. A quality trigger pull is easier to manipulate without moving the gun. If you have mastered trigger contol, this isn't an issue for the vast majority of shots. Same for recoil control. The goal should be to get good enough so gun selection matters less for you. If you are confident in the Glock, spend money on ammo.
  6. Attila

    The Americans

    I do watch it. It is well written as a drama and I feel it's important to remember it is a drama. I enjoy the entertainment value, I refuse to view the Soviets as "Heroes". I served during the 80s and am incapable of viewing Soviets that way.
  7. What is your definition of "Mecca"? A single range that is awesome or a location that has lots to offer overall? If it is a single facility, the considerations would be number and quality of firing points, club house, amenities, availability of practice ranges, location, etc. For a location, it would be number of matches available per month, availability of year round matches, availability of practice ranges, weather, local talent, big matches in the area and general community quality. The first has been discussed briefly in a thread about the best range. Not a lot of responses. The second has been covered by many threads about the best place to live for practical shooters.
  8. Attila


    SISIG, can you elaborate?
  9. Attila


    I have been told dryfiring with the EG firing pin and lighter FP spring can result in the edges of the firing pin hole being peened and the firing pin sticking in the hole. Is this the case with the Henning FP also? I was thinking since the Henning pin has a step and the end is thinner, maybe this wasn't a concern.
  10. Attila

    Why is Grauffel so good?

    I understand the trend. I don't know what is meant by the part about "needs to be addressed".
  11. To all the critics. The problem has been identified. Now offer a real solution! Remember that the USPSA club does not have the power to change it and the BOD doesn't care if they lose USPSA. Let's hear the proposals.
  12. Attila

    Why is Grauffel so good?

    I was wondering about that as well
  13. This has been an interesting discussion. Would you use this argument to defend a club that... had club bylaws prohibiting muzzles from being oriented over a berm (think "USPSA reload"), violation resulting in DQ/ejection from the property and held USPSA matches and DQd competitors for every "muzzle over the berm orientation" orientation Hey, it's in the club's bylaws, right? And you've quoted a sentence from USPSA bylaws 4.8 that seems to support the practice, right? So it must be fine, right? Are the two arguments similar? Why (or why not)? Respectfully, ac because the club must adhere to USPSA rules. There are clear rules in what is a DQ. There is no rule about what a club can charge. It is accepted practice for some clubs to charge more for non-members. The only thing in question here is the amount being charged for non-members. if the host club ever caps membership and does not allow USPSA members to join, and thus shoot in their matches, then it would be in violation.
  14. I have never heard one of the USPSA members that shoots there has ever support the rule. Bruce, Jeff don't seem to support having it, but are arguing it within the rules/by laws. Bruce has implied the Troy has communicated to him that it is within the rules/by laws. The rule is put there by the host club. The club hosts many other disciplines other than USPSA. The rule applies for all of them. The BOD at the host club is not made up of USPSA shooters. From what I have heard, they don't put a lot of importance on USPSA. The BOD is not on here defending why they have it. Does the rule suck? YES. But why keep arguing about it.
  15. The problem is not for the out of towners that come from 1,000 miles like Sarge. Chances are shooters in that category won't reach the three match limit. I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to your club. When I was shooting more, I would have driven that for matches, but couldn't justify spending the cash to join. That is too far for practice. i think the rule sucks. I do understand your defense of it. If your BOD doesn't care what USPSA, they are fine with USPSA pulling their sanctioning of your club. That means if people raise the issue with USPSA HQ, you could lose your local match. The 50+ shooters you have then lose their local match. That doesn't matter to the people on here who are complaining, they don't shoot there. Everyone that is complaining doesn't have a local match at stake (with few other options). Everyone that has defended it are St Louis area shooters. Unless the club BOD ever gets loaded with USPSA shooters, I don't see it changing.